52 Recipes for Soup, Chili or Chowder

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I LOVE SOUP!  Makes a delicious lunch, a full meal in it self or as a starter course for a fancy dinner.

From incredibly easy (and VERY inexpensive) Tomato Soups (I seem to collect different Tomato Soup Recipes... Love em all), to Hearty man foods like Gumbos to a more complicated chowder or Bisque, I can not get enough!

I have plenty of soup posts to get us started and a pledge to add at least two more posts a week this Fall/Winter until I am done.  I have made all of these, provided commentary on how to make these yourself.  I live on a budget, so no complicated, expensive, impossible to find ingredients, all Affordable and all delicious...

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Here we go, in no particular order....
BTW, Click the photos for a direct link to the recipes or, of course, the Blue Underlined Letters are a link as well...

A Chicken in Every Pot...

A step by Step tutorial on how to make fresh Chicken Stock from the bones of a bird. This SIMPLE act will change the way you make soups and braise meat not to mention rice and so many other things.

This has one terrific creamy cheesy potato soup recipe but also a wonderful idea for a party... Make the basic soup and load up with a half dozen (or more) ingredients so your guests can make exactly the soup they want... 

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken Soup

An easy slow cooker recipe that ends up with shredded chicken (Made easy with a store bought rotisserie chicken) and the Asian sweet rustic Teriyaki sauce! A delicious soup!

Chicken Soup Recipe... I Don't Need no Stinking Chicken Soup Recipe

And neither will you once you understand how to make soup with whatever ya got in the fridge and pantry. More of a pin about how soup works and what you can do...

Best Damn Chicken Soup EVER!

 LOADED with Vegetables, Beans, Meat, Spicy Tomatoes and secret spices... FANTASTIC on a cold Fall or Winter Day!  Really and Truly the best EVER! 

LOADED Cajun Sausage and Chicken Potato Chowder

This New Orleans Cajun flavored, Creamy thick LOADED (Andouille Sausage, Chicken, Bell peppers, Onions, Celery, Jalapeno peppers and Corn... Along with Parmesan Cheese) soup has now become my very favorite soup of all time.

Bread Bowl for a Soup from a Bread Machine

Here's the recipe for those wonderful presentation "bowls" perfect for a nice thick soup, stew or as in these photos a chowder.  This recipe creates a bowl that will stay solid, absorb some of the moisture, yet will still retain it;s shape and accent the flavor/texture of the soup without that mushy texture.

Tomato Soups...

Comforting Carrot, Cumin and Tomato Soup

Includes instructions on how to get the romantic heart floating dots as well... LOVE this soup as the extra little kick pf cumin highlights a home made tomato soup... Cheap, easy and oh so tasty!

Farmer's Market Tomato Soup... Um Bisque and a Beauty Tip

More than a tomato soup, LOADED up with extra vegetables, perfect after a visit to a farmer's market!



I LOVE this chili... Simple recipe but about as comforting as it gets.  VERY easy and delicious.  I could eat this everyday (if she cooked for me)!

CHILI - Ernie Banks "Let's Make Two Pots" CHILI

Let's make TWO cause this is so good you'll be sad when it runs out.  LOTS of spices (Adjustable for your taste), and inexpensive ground beef... and BEANS as god intended chili to be!  Feed a crowd for your Tailgating needs! 



A seriously grown up chowder with plenty of spice and sweet corn balance. About as good as it gets!

Soup and Sandwich...
Goes together like Chili and Cornbread...

This recipe uses "America's Favorite" CornBread mix but we do a major upgrade from the recipe on the box to make this a family favorite that pops up at a lot of get togethers, Chili feeds and potluck suppers!

Homemade Tortilla Crisps!

These are my very favorite thing to serve with soup.  I can flavor them as I like, either Taco flavored, Cajun Spiced, Old Bay Spice Mix... Even Savory ranch flavor.  Simple and fast to make... EASY PEASY!

Cheddar Cheese Mustard Swirl Honey Wheat Bread BREAD MACHINE EASY - Photo DIY Essay

 Beautiful stunning swirls of Cheddar Cheese baked right into the bread.  Soft and chewy Wheat bread made easy in a Bread Machine!

Jalapeno CornBread - SECRET INGREDIENT Super-Moist Jiffy Mix Upgrade

 This recipe uses "America's Favorite" CornBread mix but we do a major upgrade from the recipe on the box to make this a family favorite that pops up at a lot of get togethers, Chili feeds and potluck suppers!


A hearty stew, Cajun roots, memories of New Orleans and just about the tastiest Gumbo you have ever had. Perfect as the weather turns colder!

Chicken Soup Recipe...
I Don't Need No Stinkin' Chicken Soup Recipe

Shhhh... Keep it secret, you really do not need a recipe for chicken soup... Take a look, easy as can be.

GARLIC GARLIC Chicken and Dumplings

So FILLED with garlic i named it twice... Includes a recipe for copy cat "Red Lobster Cheesy Garlic Rolls" that I use as dumplings, A delicious on it's own garlic chicken vegetable soup made double good with the addition of the garlic cheese dumplings! My new favorite recipe... maybe of all time!

Farmer's Market Butternut Squash - Sweet Corn - Crab Bisque

Always a special request from my wife as this reminds us of a very happy time in our life... And the advantages of living in Kansas!  A delicious Butternut squash based soup loaded with fresh corn and CRAB MEAT!  Delicious


OK, yesterday I posted MY FAVORITE... Today I am posting my wife's favorite... Thick and creamy and cheesy and LOADED with seasonal root vegetables (and a frozen one)!
Stick to your ribs soup!
My Pimped Out Potato Soup -
Practically Perfect in Every Way

A day trip across the state to a Cheese Shop ended with a Soup Party... Make a soup bar with lots of sides to "pimp out" the soup of your dreams!  Fun idea for a party and a GREAT SOUP!


It's going to be one of those days... Perfect for that cook as you multi-task with a crock pot... "Cause if it ain't ready by 6 AM, We are not eating tonight". Delicious blending of vegetables and seasonings!


Fall is in the air! Here's a wonderful silky smooth pureed Butternut Squash soup, LOADED with Sweet Potatoes, Kale and Chicken. Seasoned and served hot for those shockingly cold snaps coming!

Thick and Creamy Killian's Beer Cheese Soup

The extra TANG of buttermilk sets this above the rest!  Deliciously creamy and sharp cheddar along with enough vegetables to almost make it healthy!  No Super Bowl party is complete without it!

IMPOSSIBLY EASY Creamy Tomato Soup

It is so good it deserves a blog post
It is so easy I am embarrassed to do a blog post.
But, here it is in all of it's 4 ingredient splendor!

Better Than Chili's Enchilada Soup... Now a Stew

It started as a copy cat recipe for the Chili's Restaurant classic, evolved into... Well, better is in the taste buds of the beholder, but I LOVED this.  Real taste of a Tex Mex Enchilada in a soup... Stew!

Spicy Sriracha Tomato and Blue Cheese Soup

I just love tomato soup!  And this version has a hint of Asian heat with the wonderful Sriracha sauce, softened with cream and blue cheese!  I even tossed in a recipe for my version of Herbes de Provence!

Rotisserie Chicken Cheesy Corn Chowder

Nothing like a big hearty bowl of stick to your ribs cheesy  CHOWDER on a cold Fall day!  Creamy , cheesy, filled with vegetables and meat, hints of heat and warming to the core!

Root Vegetable Bisque...
I Don't Need No Stinkin' Root Vegetable Bisque Recipe

It's a beautiful thing, just grab a bunch of different seasonal vegetables, add some stock, cream and seasoning and you have a delicious thick Fall Classic!
BONUS... morning after Root Vegetable Potato Stew Recipe enclosed in the post.

A few exotic yet easy to find  ingredients makes this soup not only accessible but  WONDERFULLY delicious.  Hints of Asian cuisine with sweet and mildly spicy flavors.  Loaded with vegetables and chicken.  LOVE IT!


I LOVE a good French onion Soup, but usually it is just a simple broth.  I zipped this up a tad with a few secrets to make the broth worthy of the dish!


A fun soup, made special with sriracha sauce and made fun with a BIRD's NEST of glass noodles that cook as you serve the soup.  Easy and FAST and exotic enough to impress!


How could I have not made this sooner?  Absolutely one of my favorite meals, from an authentic recipe fresh from a visit to New Orleans.  LOADED with spicy sausage and chicken... Seasoned vegetables and rice!  One pot meal, ready in less than an hour and better the next day (make plenty for leftovers)!  Soup???  Sure, why not After all, anything that uses 5 cups of Chicken Stock can't be dismissed so quickly as not a soup... Can it???


Started out as a copy cat recipe of an Olive garden favorite, made thicker and heartier with the subtraction of some of the liquid )almost a stew now) and a few more changes.  Made easier as a crock pot recipe.  WORKS GREAT!  now one of my favorites!


An adapted Taste from the Island Mon!  The distinctive taste of Jamaican Jerk Chicken, combined with lots of vegetables to make a delicious stew!

Chicken, Mushroom and Wild Rice/Rosemary Soup

It's a grown up savory delicious hearty thick creamy soup.  Made in a crock pot for easy no fuss, ready at the end of a hard day soup!

This was unexpected.  I started making something different and ended up with a creamy tomato soup just LOADED up with vegetables and a nice Kielbasa.  I added Cream Cheese to make it even more delicious!  A New FAVORITE!


Easy as could be. I made a Cream of Mushroom base, cooked everything in a crock pot (including the rice!) and warm comforting food. LOTS and LOTS of cheese... YUM!

Sausage Veggie Chowder

This is an "On Sale" recipe.  The sausage was on sale, I used a brick of cream cheese (on sale).  The chicken stock was made from leftover  Rotisserie Chicken (Bought on sale) bones.  BUT... It was delicious, hearty and filled with MEAT!  Love this!


An unusual, creamy sweet yet Earthy savory soup.  South African recipe gets a creamy update for a unique combination of flavors that works PERFECT!  Used a pesto/mozzarella toasted cheese sandwich as croutons made a delicious inexpensive dinner/lunch and a bit left over to freeze for later!


The FLU has reared it's ugly head around our house.  But this LOADED up vegetable-potato soup with a big wallop of  Italian BACON helps in so many ways!

Minestrone D'Inveno

There is no "authentic" recipe for Minestrone, the soup is what the word means, a mixed-up mess of ingredients, seasonal (winter is what is in the Italian cook's root cellar). This is truly a peasant dish, a hearty bowl of soup, made from easily found (and often free or garden) ingredients' designed to fill you up at little to no expense


This is the chili of my youth.  Rich thick, delicious and comfort food.
Yes it has beans, but that's what i like.
Yes it uses hamburger but that's what I like.
Yes, to me... and maybe you... this is the stuff of nostalgic dreams perfect for a cold winter day  and a crowd pleaser for a party and it is Crock Pot Easy

(Giallo e Rosso Pepe Zuppa)

This is a bright, beautiful soup. Light in taste with just a hint of the sweet Italian cream cheese (which also helps to thicken the broth for a very pleasing texture. And of course, LOVE the colors. Meatless Mondays do not need to be bland Mondays. This soup packed a lot of flavors.


This is LOADED with vegetables, pureed into a bisque and then flavored and seasoned with herbs, BEER and LOTS and LOTS of Cheese.  The hint of buttermilk just adds to the layers of flavors!

Zuppa di Farro

A MOST unexpected soup.  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SPELT. It is a grain, looks similar to barley BUT when slow cooked become sweet like a kernel of  sweet corn.  Combined with a SPICY Pepper Salami Soup, this becomes unexpected and FANTASTIC!!!

Zuppa di Pomodoro

My ongoing collection of tomato soups grows with this amazing rich thick chunky pizza spiced wonderful pottage!  Made easy in a set and forget crock pot, with an extra texture from Sun Dried Tomatoes  the layers of flavors  from the Italian spices sets this apart!


(Salsicce con Fagioli Cranberry)

A One pot wonder that is more stew than soup.  The starchy water combines with dry white wine to make a fantastic gravy, along with mounds of sausage and plenty of BACON!  The unique taste of the Cranberry beans makes this a  winning cold weather dish!


This is such a WONDERFUL SOUP... Very pretty color and looks fantastic with the garnish. But of course the taste is what I really like... Little tart from the apples, salty and savory from the bacon, Cheesy deliciousness and of course BACON BACON BACON!


Absolutely DELICIOUS loaded with shrimp and sweet artichokes, seasoned with Creole/Cajun spices .  A version taught at the New Orleans School of Cooking and AMAZING!!!

Italian Egg Drop Soup (Stracciatella Zuppa) For 2 People

Here's a FAST FOOD recipe... Even Better, A Fast Food DOLLAR MENU item.  It costs next to nothing to make but filled with flavors.  This is the Italian version of an Asia Egg Drop Soup with one special ingredient that adds nutty freshness to the soup!


 "Salsicce e fagioli Minestrone"

This is  as hearty a soup as you can get.  TWO kinds of Sausages, two Beans, two Root Vegetables, EVEN more vegetables, Tomatoes, all in a Tomato based broth... Even Orzo Pasta  FANTASTIC FILLING HEARTY SOUP!


A new twist on a creamy vegetable soup with HOT SAUCE added an crunchy Poblano Pepper strips to make this a step above the ordinary.  Made easy in a crock pot.  Wonderfully spicy and delicious!


Fortune Favors the BOLD BEER CHILI... A malty British style PORTER beer adds heft to this tomato based BOLDLY SPICED CHILI... Best I have ever had!


It says it all... Flavored with a Bristish style Porter beer, LOADED with crispy salty specialty (Honey Chipotle Glazed Bacon thank you very much!!!)... Packed with Cheese flavors and it even has a couple pounds of vegetables pureed into the mix... BOLD, FLAVORFUL and BACON BACON BACON BACON (and beer)!


This is LOADED with flavors.  Rich thick fresh made tomato gravy (yes, fresh tomatoes, but can used canned if you must).  Cajun and Chili Spices heat up the mix along with beans, corn and LOTS AND LOTS of Chicken.  BEST I have EVER EATEN
And BEER... The alcohol cooks out leaving a hearty delicious malty taste!


Yet another recipe for almost everyone's favorite soup...
FRESH Tomato Tomato Soup... What's better than a Tomato Soup??? how about a big Crock Pot filled with soup made from fresh from the vine (Farmer's Market, your neighbor's garden or even your own vines) TOMATOES! LOADED with flavors unlike the canned. Simply delicious the way it should be!


This suddenly became one of my very FAVORITE SOUPS!  LOADED with flavors from the rice cooked in beer (optional to use chicken stock if you prefer) to the fresh tomatoes and so much meat it is almost a hamburger stew.  Colorful, beautiful and fantastic FLAVORS, crock pot EASY!


Philly Inspired BEER CHEESESTEAK SOUP (or is it Cheese Steak???) - Cooking with Beer and one of my 52 Soup Recipes... Of course the inspiration is the classic Philly Cheese Steak sandwich! The Sandwich that puts the LOVE in the city of Brotherly Love! Steak, Peppers and Onions, lots of Cheese and top everything off with a golden brown and delicious piece of garlic toast! Hearty, rib sticking, beautiful, filling and DELICIOUS!!!


This seemingly complex tasting designer soup is AMAZING.  But the Amazing part is that the ingredients are simple, easy to find (you probably have most in your pantry right now).  Simple matter of opening a few jars, heat and mix and add cooked Tortellini.  THIS IS A KEEPER!

BBQ Chicken Soup

HEARTY FILLING AND ALL THE FLAVORS OF A SUMMER BBQ... Made easy with a store bought fully cooked fully seasoned Rotisserie Chicken.  It's the BBQ Sauced Broth that really sends this over the top.  EASY, FAST and just right for a COLD NIGHT!!!


The BEST of Winter when all the summer and fall harvest is done and the root cellar gives up the winter potatoes, carrots and onions.  Plenty of seasonings and that thick Stout Porter style beer turns everything into a rich thick gravy coating.  Slow and low simmer allows the meat to become fork tender and delicious!  Warm up with a bowl


I love Fresh Tomatoes.  But tomatoes only are fresh a few months during the year.  When harvest season is over, the freshest tasting tomatoes are in the can.  SO... Embrace the can, this recipe serves a dozen, is less than 50 CENTS a bowl (inexpensive), yet has a wonderful FRESH TOMATO taste.  and BTW, a couple pounds of vegetables are hidden in the freshness!!!


Some days you want chili... And some days it is not convenient to get to the store.  For a great chili you need a gravy, meat, beans, vegetables and spices.  Here's a list of options for making chili when you don;t have everything the recipe calls for... WITHOUT A TRIP TO THE STORE.  Bet you have a PANTRY CHILI in your house right NOW!


I'm sick.. Cough Cough Moan...

Achy, Fever, head so full I think it will explode. So Sick and tired of Winter... sigh...

But this helped... And ready on just about 5 minutes.

And very very Tasty.

Cough Cough Moan


OH BOY CHILI!!!  Rich Thick Gravy... All made EASY AND FAST (to put together, I make mine in a Crock Pot, Hours of no work cooking after minutes of can opening).  Everything made easy with Rotisserie Chicken, a few cans of beans and Some diced vegetables. This is a real winner for an alternative to the red burger chili. One of my most popular recipes! Great for a Chili Feed!


I LOVED this soup. Rich Thick Delicious Gravy surrounds almost every veggie you could want. Lots of protein from the beans and plenty of spices so you feel full and satisfied.  The tastes blend perfectly. I would not hesitate to offer this for any soup course. I even served this up along side a Chicken Chili and a Meat filled red Beef Chili as a vegetarian option at a catering "Soup and Sandwich" lunch.  LOVE THIS!


My Favorite - Just Brown the Hamburger and open a few Cans.  Dump everything in a Crock Pot in the morning and that evening you have CHILI with a thick rich gravy, Plenty of Seasonings and Flavors!  Perfect for a Soup and Sandwich Catered Lunch or PotLuck!


From the pages of an INCREDIBLE French Cookbook comes this very easy recipe.  Beautiful colors, Seasonally fresh, VERY VERY EASY to duplicate.  Crock Pot easy, comes together in minutes, do ahead recipe.  A Wonderful Choice for Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner Soup Course.


MY FAVORITE SLOW COOKER RECIPE... For me, the real beauty of the recipe is the rich thick gravy. The gravy just demands something to soak up the goo. Pour this over the potatoes and you have that perfect combination of taste and heart warming comfort food.

I would eat this everyday for the rest of my life!  

Chili Cornbread Casserole

We had a bit of a cold snap one summer day recently.  Cold and rainy and the perfect day for chili!  But today I had a little something different.  A CHILI CASSEROLE!  Topped with crispy crunchy cornbread but hints of cornbread dumplings under the crunch!  Best of all, this recipe is freezable.  I doubled the recipe and filed an extra casserole in my freezer just waiting for the next cold summer day, windy, cold, rainy and Chili Worthy!!!


GO CUBS GO and what a great time of year to make a pot of chili... In fact, let's make TWO cause this is so good you'll be sad when it runs out.  LOTS of spices (Adjustable for your taste), and inexpensive ground beef... and BEANS as god intended chili to be!  Feed a crowd for your Tailgating needs!  This is the recipe you will make year after year

(It's a Stew with Biscuits). Here's one of my favorite things in the world to eat. And it's all made from leftovers! If you like biscuits and gravy, you will LOVE this! But every year it's a little different. Add your leftover pea salad or green bean casserole... even use cranberry sauce as a topping... this STEW WITH BISCUITS is one of the most wonderful times of the year!

An easy slow cooker recipe that ends up with shredded chicken (Made easy with a store bought rotisserie chicken) and the Asian sweet rustic Teriyaki sauce! A delicious soup!

Sometimes I feel like I am a collector of Tomato soup but who can resist the SPICY Asian HOT SAUCE added to a savory sweet blue cheese soup... This is such a surprise and such a WINNER!

Turkey "Holiday Leftovers" Soup

Works with Chicken as well. A pretty basic way to turn leftovers into something special. Roasted potatoes and vegetables combine with a flavorful (REALLY FLAVORFUL if you have any Turkey Gravy left) Liquid to make a heart warming, Soul warming and just plain WARMING Soup!

52 Soup Recipes (It's a Stew with Biscuits). Here's one of my favorite things in the world to eat. And it's all made from leftovers! If you like biscuits and gravy, you will LOVE this! But every year it's a little different. Add your leftover pea salad or green bean casserole... even use cranberry sauce as a topping... this STEW WITH BISCUITS is one of the most wonderful times of the year!

5 Pounds of Hamburger is on Sale (Freezable) CHILI

Recently my favorite store had 5 pounds of hamburger on sale. I AM CHEAP This BIG batch priced out at about $20, MORE than 50 Servings! BUT Also, This is a FANTASTIC Chili recipe, filled with flavors and perfect for a COLD winter day. This is a handy recipe for feeding an army or freezing for when needed. You WILL LOVE having this recipe around.

Cheesy Steak and Potato Soup

I LOVE THIS SOUP! Loaded with potatoes, thick creamy cheese sauce and topped with thin sliced hunks of STEAK. A MAN SOUP for the coming chilly fall weather!

Root Vegetable Bisque... I Don't Need no Stinkin' Root Vegetable Bisque recipe

While this does have a recipe, the post also talks about how to make a bisque, a soup with whatever ingredients you have on hand. No more shopping to make a soup, now just head to the pantry and you've got soup... or bisque. There's even a recipe for what to so with leftover bisque the second day.


And keep coming back often... I will be making at least one new soup a week and posting the links here.  I will be emphasizing fresh, local and seasonal when possible, but always something delicious and special.  Soups really are easy and worth trying.  And on those days (cold, windy, blustery)... What could be better than a hearty bowl of hot soup???

And if you think you might want to give these soups a try yourself (very easy), please take a minute and "Pin" it to your Pinterest Boards.  And if you want to see more of my Soup Recipes, feel free to join the fun and Follow me...

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