52 Small Batch Canning Ideas

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I love Canning!  Love the idea of it, Love having my own Jellies, Pickled produce, Sauces, Chutneys... All those pint, half pint, 4 Ounce jars,,, Even big quart jars of Spaghetti Sauce Lined up in my basement storage shelves.

But for me, the reality of dozens of jars does not mesh with my eating habits.  It's just me and my wife and occasional guests.  I just don't need 50 jars of Pineapple Jelly or row after row of Pickles.

Truth is I usually only "put up" (love the jargon of canning as well) no more than half a dozen jars jars of anything at a time.  Any more and it just seems like work.  Small batch means I can usually finish a project in no more than an hour of hands on work and usually less.  One of the biggest advantages to small batch canning is that you can usually do the work around making a pie, batch of cookies or a big old roast.

Well, take a look.  The page is a work in progress, I usually can only 1 or 2 new items a month (but Pasta Marinara Sauce will go up at least every other month).  Hope I can give you a few good ideas for adding a batch of something for your own pantry...

Very Much a work in progress.  Check back often for frequent updates… Keep scrolling down dozens and dozens of recipes here...


 Sweet, like a Jam ought to be, but herbal and Earthy from the hints of Bourbon.  And with a strong after taste of New Orleans Cajun country in every bite!  Just as good as it sounds!  And easy to DIY

Sriracha Ketchup

This turns the magical Red Rooster sauce into a whole new condiment! The ketchup recipe adds little hints of tangy vinegar, extra Earthy Garlic flavors, Sweet to pair with the heat with added Honey and finally gets that deep dark color with the addition of full of flavor Worcestershire Sauce!

Sweet Root Beer BBQ Sauce Crock Pot Easy

The root beer cooks down into a thick syrup, infusing even the few bits of Jalapeno with a sweetness that appeals to the kids at your table.  The main ingredient is plain old ketchup, just a matter of mixing in a few items and allowing them to simmer to the desired thickness.

Bread and Butter Refrigerator Pickles

Canning in Small Batches... recipe makes 4 Pints of everyone's favorite... PICKLES!  Takes only a few minutes of hands on work.  Is spiced up with some onions (that pickle as well), Pepper Rings (Again, Pickled), and even uses Cider Vinegar for an extra little kick.  No need to water bath this small batch, just know to use them up in a couple of months... EASY 1st TIME CANNING DIY PROJECT!

Fresh Summer Basil Mint Pesto... NOW, TODAY... Now's your chance to make this EASY EASY EASY Condiment. Fresh ingredients makes this SING. If all you know is the jarred bottled stuff from the store, this will make you sing Hallelujah! SO EASY, So DELICIOUS and so many things you can do with it! THE BEST! 

Sweet/Heat BOURBON BBQ Sauce... EASY EASY EASY And they'll know you are a REAL BBQ GUY (or gal) by the quality of your sauce. You can spend lots on a premium restaurant or professional grillers brand... OR learn to make your own! This is fantastic, a balance of sweet with a punch of Island spiced heat. All with a hint of Earthy flavorings from good Kentucky Bourbon. EASY and loaded with Bragging Rights (and flavor)!!!

 - Small Batch Canning... the recipe could not be easier and the results are perfect! All natural ingredients, no pectin or tricky directions.. Just DELICIOUSNESS! Great on Ice cream, cheesecake, coffee cake or just to dress up a simple pound cake. EASY EASY EASY (and Delicious Way to Introduce Yourself to SMALL BATCH CANNING!

EASY Tropically Exotic - Small Batch Canning This really is VERY VERY EASY to make. The canning process is simple, Pineapple and limes provide plenty of acid to keep the finished jam from spoiling for months. It is also the basic recipe you can use to make almost any fruit jam you could think of... Strawberry, Grape, Blue, Black or whatever works just as well as the Pineapple. And it is deliciously sweet, and a little Tropically exotic!

Small Batch Canning... DELICIOUS... And the naturally sweet HONEY replaces the sugars found in store bought. Plus a few Fall Seasonings makes this taste like Apple Pie FIlling.  Tiny bit of work will set you up with 4 jars and a SWEET FLAVORFUL DELIGHTFUL SNACK! EASY EASY EASY!!!

Infused flavored oils are FANTASTIC! and a hot Chili Pepper Oil is among the most popular. No need to spend BIG BUCKS to get the same taste when you can EASILY (AND I MEAN REALLY REALLY EASILY) make this at home. Just a bit more complicated than dropping a pepper in a bottle. PLENTY of HOW TO Hints, tips and PHOTOS to make this a success!

Small Batch Canning... Sweet HEAT!!! This is very useful. Just pour over a brick of cream cheese for a FAST DELICIOUS BRAG-worthy APPETIZER, add to BBQ sauce for a sweet heat filled kick, Grits, Rice, a Vinaigrette Salad Dressing... A Unique way to introduce yourself to small batch canning... DELICIOUS AND EASY!

Hawaiian Sweet BBQ Sauce, Make Your Own! You're NoBody til SomeBody Loves your BBQ SAUCE! And this sauce even the most gentle palates will love. Made with Sweet Pineapple and just enough Jalapeno to let you know you are eating BBQ. The sauce uses ketchup as a base so it really is very easy to make and of course nothing gives you bragging rights in the hood like a jar of your own BBQ Sauce!

Think the BEST LASAGNA YOU HAVE EVER HAD... Demands an amazing sauce and this is it! FRESH (farmer's Market, Back yard garden FRESH) Tomatoes are broken down and thickened into a WONDERFUL sauce. LOTS of MEAT, vegetables and fresh herbs are added. No more work, make a BIG double batch for another lasagna in a month! EASY AND WONDERFUL SAUCE! What small batch canning is all about!

Jam Jar Honey Mustard Vinaigrette - 52 Simple but Next Level Dishes... And this is simple... just a tiny bit of measuring and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Limited sugar, limited salt, fresh made salad dressing is easy but will make fresh garden salad vegetables GLOW!

Zesty Pickled Red Onions - Small Batch Canning AND one of those Simple but Next Level Dishes that will make your table sing with color and that delicious unique taste. ABOUT the EASIEST dish to CAN, no boiling or complicated canning process. Plus these are spiced with a little extra ZING! EASY, ZESTY AND ZINGY!

How to Make MINT SIMPLE SYRUP - 52 Simple But Next Level Dishes and Small Batch Canning... Many mixed drinks (Hurricanes, Daiquiris, etc.) BUT Mostly I use simple syrup to make AUTHENTIC Southern Sweet TEA. Silky Smooth Sweetener that will indeed take your tea to the NEXT LEVEL! And tip for keeping fresh in the fridge for 6 months... just as easy to make a GALLON!

Bread and Butter Pickle LONG Slices - Small Batch Canning... Dramatic presentation for any sandwich and deliciously pickled sweetness. These are among the easiest of home canning projects and have the biggest payday. You CAN do this EASY DIY CANNING Project!!!

Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce - Spaghetti Sauce - Pasta Sauce - Marinara Sauce - 52 Small Batch Canning... Seasonal FRESHNESS turns tomatoes to canned GOLD. Use this basic sauce year round for Pizza or as a finishing sauce for Pasta and casseroles. EASY TO DO IN A CROCK POT!

Oh Boy... A SWEET Sauce with just a tiny bot of spice. We had a BBQ with lots of family (kids) and I wanted to make something unusual that the kids would love. I even had one of the 7 year olds help stir and now she brags of making her own. This is deliciously flavored with sweet root beer, reduced to a sauce and thickened with pantry items... A WINNER FOR A FAMILY EVENT AND EASY EASY EASY

Jam Jar Salad dressings are Sooooo EASY to make. Best of all, you control the amounts of sugar and salt. This is loaded with flavors from the Raspberry to the tiny amount of POP from the minced pepper. Easy to make, Easy to store, Delicious and low salt low sugar... AND EASY!

It's always TOMATO SEASON, but when you can make this with fresh tomatoes you are in Cajun Heaven! Delicious blend of spices and fresh produce. Canned easily to last 3-4 months in the fridge or a water bath will keep you eating fresh produce all winter long!

With visiting friends from Tennessee, I just had to make a fresh Glaze/BBQ Sauce using native Tennessee ingredients. Deep Rich Colors combine with a sweet spicy sauce for a perfect glaze. Have a bowl around for dipping and you have a perfect sauce! EASY and a Crowd Pleaser!

It is that rarest of ingredients... Something absolutely FREE that will make sauces, soups, rice dishes and more something even MORE SPECIAL! Save the bones from a store bought rotisserie chicken and make this in a crock pot. It freezes and stores easy and you never run out... and FREE

HOT STUFF - Small Batch Canning... This comes with a warning. HOT STUFF TO EAT and HOT STUFF TO HANDLE. Habaneros are hot. As you slice and trim the peppers be careful to NOT get any oil on your hands. BUT, once you know the warnings, the reward is FANTASTIC. Not a Jam for breakfast but a mixer for soups, chilis, meats, sauces... or as simple as a couple tsp on cream cheese for an EASY FAST Appetizer. CANNING THIS IS EASY EASY EASY!

Small batch Canning... Well, small batch freezing anyway. It's cost effective to do this, Saves money (no waste), They last a LONG time when frozen, They freeze small, stand em on their end in the freezer like books... AND EASY Freeze now for Banana Muffins or bread AT YOUR CONVENIENCE

A FANTASTIC recipe for a Cook! Sure, makes a great dip as is, and certainly you can top a Hot Dog at the backyard BBQ. But this spicy, filled with varieties of flavor mustard adds a new dimension to anything you add mustard to...a salad vinaigrette to a pistachio crusted Ham... And this is EASY and a great introduction to home canning of condiments!

Smoked Pork Chops and Fresh Made Scratch Orange Honey APPLESAUCE Recipes and DIY Techniques for BOTH Fresh canned Applesauce (with hints of Orange and Honey replacing a lot of the sugar) and the DIY for Easy Smoked Pork Loin for an affordable Dramatic Classic combination!

EASY DIY PROJECT... Saves a LOT of Money by drying your own. Packing in oil keeps them food safe for weeks. Just a few tips and tricks to do this yourself. PERFECT to add extra flavor PUNCH to dozens of recipes (Hint: Sun Dried Tomato PESTO!)

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto - 52 Small Batch Canning Ideas. Sweet, Savory, Moist, Spreadable (or add more oil to blend into a sauce)... This is a DIY recipe to make an inexpensive gourmet treat! VERY VERY easy and dozens of uses ... Pasta, Add to Eggs, Turn a simple salad into a PUNCH of Flavor AND EASY!

 Sugar infused with Citrus Orange flavor.  
Perfect for so much... Use anywhere you would use sugar... Like a morning cup of tea, Adult style Sugar cookies or an amazing Orange Pound cake.  SIMPLE DIY, only 2 ingredients and one big tip to make this yourself!

Bacon is AWESOME!

And Bacon Salt is even more AWESOME! Anything you use salt for you can use BACON SALT and add extra flavors. Simplest, try some on Popcorn... Add it to baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, seared steak—anything savory that needs a kiss of salt. Bacon truly does make it better.


Texas Steak Sauce

Sort of a knock off of the famous A-1 Steak Sauce.  But PACKED with Spice and just enough heat to keep even a Texan interested!  Sweet elements, Heat Spices and Earthy Savory flavors! The recipe is for a BIG batch, 11 Pints.  Made in a crock pot, less than an hour's work for value.  Will last a year and perfect for gifting.  Easy DIY Canning instructions in the post.


What's better than Ice Cream???  How about Ice Cream with a butterscotch Sauce?  And what's better than that - ADD enough BOURBON (remember, if it Ain't from Kentucky it's just Whiskey) to make this a fun topper for a summer meal!

RICH, thick, DELICIOUS, unique AND easy to DIY ... This is a real crowd pleaser!

Homemade Pistachio Paste Recipe

52 Small batch Canning Ideas... Save money when you need this unique ingredient for that special recipe. Store Bought $10 a cup, Home made is BETTER and a fraction of the cost

WORLD's BEST Sweet Pickle Relish!

52 Small Batch Canning Ideas! This is such a delight, one bite and you'll have to make more so you have a year round supply. Sweet, Spicy and loaded with a mix of flavors. Even a little crunchy texture to separate this from the average... EASY to make a great introduction to canning success!

Million Dollar Pickles

52 Small Batch Canning Recipes... These are such a wonder... Sweet (but not too sweet), thick slice, crispy, crunchy and a unique flavor that will be a delight year round. BURGERS, here I come!

Pineapple Basil Jam

52 Small Batch Canning BREAKFAST Ideas... No one sells this, don't know why, Pineapple Jam is refreshing, cooling, reminds you of summer and tropics and EASY TO MAKE! Pour over cream cheese for an appetizer or add to toast to transport you back to summer... EASIEST SMALL BATCH CANNING RECIPE EVER

EASY Sweet and Spicy Habanero Pepper Jelly

52 Small Batch Canning Ideas and Appetizers Recipes... I LOVE this jelly. Plenty sweet enough for any sensitive tongues but plenty Heat/Spicy for someone who wants to know they are eating GOOD! Add a brick of cream cheese and instant appetizer. Perfect canning project (EASY EASY EASY)

San Marzano Tomato Sauce 

52 Authentic Italian Recipes CROCK POT EASY Canning Ideas... This is the TRUE ITALIAN GRANDMOTHER recipe, perfect fresh tomatoes, add extra veggies (onion and peppers) and Italian spices and you have a GREAT SAUCE ... Can enough to last a year!

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