52 Appetizers Recipes

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From Dips and Salsas to everyone's favorite, Deviled Eggs; Appetizers will set the mood for something special.  And make enough different ones and you have a Tapas Meal!

Links include Dips (Take a Look at the WORLD's BEST Guacamole recipe (and world's easiest to make), Salsas, Grilled Bites, Watermelon Art, and of course something with a spectacular presentation and taste... Take a look, something to match any occasion...



Sort of a Jalapeno popper but no breading and an amazing cream cheese topped by Tex-Mex sausage. Bar snacks you can make at home!!!

Oh Boy... Bar Snacks!  . My favorite type of recipe.
Fast easy and you make these with just the dribs and drabs cut from the chicken carcass. 

Candy Corn Snack Mix

The Earthy savory taste of cashews blends with the clinging sweetness of the candy corn.  The ultimate snack mix, easy, fast and DELICIOUS! 

Perfect for a big holiday  party.. Marinated in wine and premium Olive Oil, these become so amazing.

This is the first dish I ever made for a potluck dinner... I was 14 and the plate came back empty... Nostalgic memories and still taste GREAT! No party would be complete without them

They crunch and are closer to potato chips than you can imagine. Seasoned and spiced they are a FANTASTIC sub for the oily greasy fattening snack.  Easy peasy (and Kale is incredibly cheap)

THESE ARE SOOOOO EASY... Really, just a single ingredient (but you can add extras if you like). 

Cajun Garlic Aioli Quesadilla

Made with meat from a store bought rotisserie chicken. LOADED with plenty of extras but the star is the CAJUN SPICED AIOLI!  EASY  Bar Snacks at HOME!

Onion Rings With a Secret Ingredient

Restaurant/bar quality onion rings at home... plenty of crunch!  There is a secret ingredient.  

GO CUBS GO - Parmesan Cheesy Ranch Party Chex Mix

Loaded with nutty tasting Parmesan Cheese, Cheesy snack crackers and best of all, the savory creamy goodness of Ranch Dressing! Salty, Savory, Cheesy and DELICIOUS and EASY  and FAST !!!

Homemade Tortilla Crisps!

These are my very favorite thing to serve with soup.  I can flavor them as I like, either Taco flavored, Cajun Spiced, Old Bay Spice Mix... Even Savory ranch flavor.  Simple and fast to make... EASY PEASY!

Candy Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

These have that wonderful combination of Heat (I used a sprinkle of Cajun Spice mix) with the sweat of Candy Bacon.  All that heat/sweet flavor wrapped inside a savory piece of grated potato and BACON!


 Sweet, like a Jam ought to be, but herbal and Earthy from the hints of Bourbon.  And with a strong after taste of New Orleans Cajun country in every bite!  Just as good as it sounds!  And easy to DIY

Cheddar Cheese Mustard Swirl Honey Wheat Bread BREAD MACHINE EASY - Photo DIY Essay

 Beautiful stunning swirls of Cheddar Cheese baked right into the bread.  Soft and chewy Wheat bread made easy in a Bread Machine!

Deviled Eggs, Dressed to Impress

Not just any Deviled Eggs, these have a tremendous presentation... a wonderful almost neon look outer coating of the eggs.  The accent color is very easy to add.  And flavors of Pickled SWEET Pickled Jalapenos and Beets!

Cajun Blackened Shrimp Deviled Eggs...

New Orleans Cajun spiced shrimp top a smooth creamy cheesey mustard based deviled egg.  Stunning presentation to go with the over the top flavor mix.

Reuben Sandwich Style DEVILED EGGS!

These have all the flavors and ingredients of the classic Reuben Sandwich.  That is, Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and a drizzle of Russian Dressing.   LOVED THESE!

California Roll Sushi Deviled Eggs!

These have all of the flavor and ingredients found inside the most popular Sushi roll... The Famous California Roll.  A bit of fish (in this case I used lump Crab meat, but some smoked salmon would work as well), Cucumber, Avocado, Wasabi Paste...  All gloriously displayed in the form of a Deviled Egg!

These are the deviled eggs of your youth. The ones your Granny made. Sweet and creamy "goo", with hints of the tangy pickle brine from Dill Pickles. I dressed 'em up a bit with a piece of that dill pickle for a bit of crunch in the texture.

Tex Mex Omelet Deviled Eggs

These have ALL the flavors of a TEX MEX Omelette all rolled together in one perfect bite.  Chorizo Sausage, Red Onions, Peppers... Even a Parmesan Cheese Crisp

How to Peel Eggs Easy for Deviled Eggs

What a pain in the rump to peel the eggs.  Half the time the eggs just get ruined and you would be ashamed to serve to your friends and neighbors... BUT there is an easy way to get perfect eggs all the time... REALLY YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

Guacamole (Avocado) DEVILED EGGS

Loaded with Tex Mex flavor with the meat of avocados mixed into normal deviled egg filling. Add a fresh made Pico De Gallo lots of lime and even a SURPRISE TROPICAL INGREDIENT! 

Bloody Mary Deviled Eggs
These have that unique flavor of a classic Bloody Mary Drink...  Tomato juice is replaced with thick tomato paste.  Since the paste is thick you can thin the mix a bit with actual VODKA!  Add traditional flavors like Worcestershire Sauce and Spices These are  WOW what FUN Dish!

Chicken Wings and Chicken Fingers...

Coconut Chicken Nuggets

Just the right amount of crispy, tender breading with that light hint of the island life. PERFECT! Just right for honey dipping!

The perfect wing... hints of Asian flavors with the beloved Sriracha HOT Sauce, cooling sweet honey and bourbon!

Parmesan Herb Baked Chicken Fingers

OH BOY Chicken Fingers...   But Not just any Chicken Fingers, these are baked with a crispy coating of Nutty Cheesy Parmesan with hints of savory Herbs.  Fantastic Appetizers for a group with sensitive (No Hot Spices) Tastes!

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Yeap, this is the recipe of famous wings served at bars and burger joints around the world.  These have the same bohemian elegance as fried chicken, while at the same time keeping you neat and clean!   No Sauce Needed but LOADED with Flavor

Chicken Wings baptized in Alabama White Sauce

Alabama White sauce is mostly Mayonnaise thinned with Cider Vinegar and  spices to create a near perfect sauce for chicken.  Wings, loaded with Cajun flavors, loaded with the classic Alabama white flavors my very favorite flavor of Chicken Wings.

Oh Boy Meatballs!!!

These have a Heat spicy flavor while at the same time there are hints of sweetness.  The pin include a recipe for meatballs (Pork a Tube of Sausage upgrade), as well as a recipe for Sriracha Ketchup, Plus the sweetener.

And Little Pinwheel Roll-ups
and Low Carb Wraps!

Chicken Salad Pinwheels

Great little fun EASY appetizer or party snack idea! Lots of photo directions to make an easy project of these little gems... best served with a Cajun Garlic Aioli (link included)

Ranch Pinwheel Roll-ups Appetizers

A terrific Vegetarian Appetizer.  Best of all uses mostly dribs and drabs leftovers to make this Sweet with hints of spice snack.  Colorful and delicious!

Salami Cream Cheese Roll-ups Pinwheel Appetizers on a Ritz! 

A delicious ring of thin sliced hard salami spiraled around sweet cream cheese and dotted with roasted red bell Pepper pimento pieces. and more!

Bacon Wrapped Steak Pinwheels

These are great fun and incredibly tasty as the pounded steaks are stuffed and rolled... Stuffed with a red pepper pesto that oozes and marinates the meat as it cooks.

Black Forrest ham Deli Roll-ups Low Carb Wrap Sandwich

Thin sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions wrapped in Deli Meat and all held together with sweet creamy Cream Cheese and seasoned with a bit of Cajun Spice and you have a terrific LOW CARB sandwich wrap!

Love Sliders (Little Appetizer Size Sandwiches)

Fast and Easy Chicken Spread Sliders

These are so easy and fast to make and a family favorite! Store bought tube of biscuits turns these gems into a fun night for all And INDEED FAST FAST EASY EASY!!!

Rosemary Applesauce Buns for Sliders

These are amazing.  Stunning presentation, beautiful colors and an extra strong punch of Sea Salt and Earthy Herbal Rosemary.  And the applesauce adds plenty of extra flavor and moisture, guaranteeing a moist and tender roll.  And best of all, Bread Machine easy. 

Andouille Stuffed Pork Loin... World's BEST Pork Chop for Sliders.

This gem of an idea uses a precooked sausage, the near legendary Spicy Cajun Andouille Sausage!  Sweet pork surrounds the spicy Andouille... YUM!

And how about a DIP...

Fast and Easy... need a quick party dip for guests... You already have everything in your pantry,

And of course FRUIT...

World's Best and Easiest Fruit Tray

This one is (for the price) just about as good as it gets.  Love the dramatic presentation.  But also LOVE LOVE LOVE the cost.  This tray comes in at about $12 for the tray.  Fruit ain't cheap. Here's my favorite!

Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Baked in an Oven or Grilled

These ARE ABOUT AS GOOD AS IT GETS. A wonderful party appetizer, really sets a tone for an outdoor event (tailgating anyone?). Roll these out and you know something fun is going to happen. The pineapple comes out warm and incredibly juicy and of course... BACON! Tips for grilling or to bake in your oven. ENJOY!

NOT Crab Rangoon But

Yep... BACON BACON BACON with a sweet creamy savory Cream Cheese and BACON filling all wrapped in a Wont Ton Wrapper, sealed and Baked (Not Fried).  Could be the perfect hand held Appetizer for any party!  And a great DIY Idea as you can stuff these pillows with almost anything (Think Lasagna for an outside the pillow idea)!

It's just hard to imagine any big gathering, PotLuck or pace a plate meal without these "Old School" recipe Just Like MOM used to make (or maybe Grandma).  Rich and creamy egg yolks fill the center and yes, there is an old school secret that makes these extra sweet. These are the eggs June Cleaver took for a Church Potlucks and still the best!  I even cracked the secret to getting eggs peeled easy and perfect... read on!
Spiral Spinach and Cheese Bites with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

VERY VERY EASY... Burrito size Tortilla, a Fresh Made Herbed Cream Cheese (with a secret ingredient that makes it smooth and spreadable), A PUNCH of flavor from a Fresh made (or use a jar) Sun Dried Tomato Pesto plus the colorful greens of Spinach combine for a quick easy Appetizer (and inexpensive if you are making dozens)!

Little Crostini... OK, little fancy garlic bread.  You could actually make these Really Really Fancy by using a round cookie cutter to make these round circles of crustless toast.  ME... I like to make these on the grill.  The recipe itself is simple enough, just a simple Goat Cheese spread with a piece or two of Walnut on Garlic Toast. A few hints to make it special, but really incredibly easy.

This is a wonderful alternative to a dinner roll.  Using simple to prepare Pizza Dough, these sticks are loaded with cheese and seasonings. Soft and chewy like a roll, Cheesy and seasoned like a Quesadilla... Hints of a pizza... All in a hand hold Appetizer!

I love these... And such a simple DIY Project, hard to believe I don't make them every day.  And almost good for you, certainly better than "ordinary" Chips.  The Seasoned salt is BACON SALT!  but tips for making any seasoned salt in the post.

Addictive, bet you can't eat just one!

You need to watch those sales to make this a good value, but this is a delicious change of pace from the traditional.  Loaded with nutty tasting Parmesan Cheese, Cheesy snack crackers and best of all, the savory creamy goodness of Ranch Dressing!  Salty, Savory, Cheesy and DELICIOUS... oh and EASY FAST and did I say EASY!

Melon wrapped in Prosciutto

About my favorite appetizer...

And just about the easiest appetizer to make and certainly the BEST TASTING, EASIEST and CLASSIC Appetizer around. The combination is classic Italian, been around for centuries. I dressed the presentation up with some shredded coconut and ribbons of mint.

These are watermelon slices, air dried to form firm slice of watermelon the size of a cookie. The "icing" on the cookie is a sweet Italian cream cheese. The mascarpone is made even sweeter and creamier. The piping is a simple star tip and you are done. Only a few minutes of hands on work..EASY, delightful, unusual, beautiful and exotically tasty! A perfect Bring and share BBQ PotLuck Dish!

Little beautiful gems.  Sweet Cherry Poppers, sliced and stuffed with Creamy Herbal Goat Cheese.  Made pretty for any bring and share occasion.  Simple, only a few ingredients and ALWAYS A CROWD PLEASING PLATE!

Food on a stick!  A Little stick, just a single bite, sweet gherkin pickles, wrapped in Black Forest Ham and a bit of cheese.  Sounds like a sandwich with out the bread.  Sounds like something those always present Low Carb Dieters would take a gobble of!

More Food on a Stick... A little stick.  People LOVE bite size. People also like contrasting tastes and looks. The bright red deliciousness of savory herbed Cherry Tomatoes, paired with the sweet flavor of Pineapple, made pretty with a sprinkling of sweet Paprika and you have a perfect party appetizer.

A tray of these is ideal for any "take along" Potluck event and works as an appetizer for a catering event. Colorful, Tasty and a crowd pleaser!

These are fantastic for a number of reasons... Beautifully colorful, a real standout of a dish. Easy, Really Really DIY Easy to make and cost effective, The whole tray of about 36 appetizers will come in at about a quarter each!

Perfect dish for a catering appetizer or side dish, Great for a pass a plate PotLuck event or any big family gathering.

VERY VERY EASY... Burrito size Tortilla, a Fresh Made Herbed Cream Cheese (with a secret ingredient that makes it smooth and spreadable), A PUNCH of flavor from a Fresh made (or use a jar) Sun Dried Tomato Pesto plus the colorful greens of Spinach combine for a quick easy Appetizer (and inexpensive if you are making dozens)!

YUM!  Here's one of those ugly dishes that is absolutely AMAZING! And incredibly easy to boot!

This can be made a few hours in advance (tricks to keeping it melty warm are in the recipe); which makes this perfect for catering or any "Share a Dish" event like a potluck or family event. It just screams, "PARTY"!

There are plenty of hints and tips for the technique of making fresh made guacamole.  Always a crowd pleaser and welcome "bring along" dish for any PotLuck or big gathering.  This is an incredible recipe, combination of traditional with technique to bring out the most flavor... and a SECRET Ingredient... Shhhhh.

Easy to make and a delicious Southern classic... This is a simple measure and mix "dip" or sandwich spread.  Perfect as a dip, spread, hostess gift, or welcome addition to a Holiday buffet.  The taste is addictive and sure to be a favorite among family and friends... and did I say EASY.  The payoff for the amount of work is worth all the effort to make fresh!

What sounds more Old School than Deviled Eggs?  This recipe has all the basics as well as hints and DIY tips for hard cooking eggs, seasoning and making them pretty to transport and stand out on a table with lots of choices.  Bet you can;t eat just one!

I am not even sure if it is possible to have a Church Potluck and not have a plate or two of Deviled Eggs. Relatively inexpensive, Ingredients are probably already in your pantry and once you get the knack, EASY to make. But rarely are any two plates identical.

This recipe will stand out as the creamiest since one of the ingredients is a brick of Cream Cheese. Adding a creamy texture and a mild sweet cheese flavor.

All Fresh Ingredients! A wonderful little appetizer, a great snack, a BEAUTIFUL presentation, an AMAZING topping for a hamburger for your next BBQ! Serve with a bag of Fritos.

Tropical fresh Mangos, Sweet Pineapple, and Savory Tomatoes combine for one of my most beloved dishes.

Spinach Alexis Cheese Dip ala Chris Grove

a GRILLED (although easily translates to baking in an oven) Cheese dip and Hamburger topping.  Loaded with Tex-Mex inspiration and spinach.  This dish will make any restaurant appetizer dip pale in comparison.  A little spice, a little heat and a top notch Bar Snack you can DIY at HOME!

This is the classic Southern treat, made special for a BBQ!  Add a cracker and this works as a dip or a stand alone appetizer.  But the cheese really shines when you add this to a hamburger the last few minutes of grilling.  Create a little steam and this melts and oozes into the burger and really adds a special zing!

The classic Southern Cheese Dip gets a New Orleans make over...
The Remoulade Cheese Dip is terrific as a dip (Just add Fritos Scoops). But I really think this recipe shines as a spread to make a wonderful Toasted Cheese Sandwich.  The little toast sandwiches work great as an appetizer fresh off the grill!

Not difficult at all but makes your BBQ Special in so many ways... This is a little hard to categorize as these work equally well as a condiment or a dessert.  Slap one of these bad boys on a burger to create an Hawaiian Hamburger or grill this and serve as is (Sweet pineapple turns into SUPER Sweet Pineapple when grilled) for dessert.  Or add some ice cream and the perfect summer treat!

Pineapple Jalapeno Salsa

Sometimes you are in the mood for that touch of sweet.  The pineapple adds that sweetness.  Works fantastic as a dip.  you can use the pineapple rind as a bowl or cut sideways and you have a boat for a dramatic presentation.  But the combination of tastes is a delight and will be LOVED at any backyard BBQ.  Perfect to snack on throughout the day.

This is such a handy dish.  First the garlic is roasted in advance, bringing out the natural sweetness.  But there are jalapeno peppers (to taste) to increase the heat.  Heat and sweet and fresh ingredients like tomatoes and onions and herbs and you have a dip for an appetizer or a FANTASTIC topping for steak or seafood... BTW, this has a secret ingredient seasoning that makes those tomatoes really sing!

 This was a project that I had help with... 3 or 4 of my Nieces and Nephews (ages 6 to 12) helped to ball my melons.  A great project that the kids took great pride in helping with.
Oh, and delicious. once we turned everyone loose with a skewer, the fruit disappeared FAST!
And VERY VERY EASY to "carve".  A crowd pleaser!

Some of my nieces and nephews returned for another weekend. This time we "carved" a watermelon into a frog.  Ages 7,9 and 10 and the kids were thrilled.  Empty Nester, Wacky Uncle Dave, spent about an hour, no TV, no Video games, No fights... just fun in the kitchen.  VERY VERY EASY to do!

Mini Fruit on a Stick Skewers - Appetizers

Anything on a stick is fun!  Serve these up as an appetizer, or pop in the freezer for an hour and then use for a stir stick for white wine or sangria.  Simple enough to make, just a few tips and suggestions in the pin to make these beautiful fun and festive little treats!

If you ever get invited to my back yard for Wings, chances are I am whipping up this, my signature Chicken Wing...  Deliciously spiced with a Jamaican Spice Rub (Scratch recipe included in post), then glazed with a sweet tropical pineapple sauce (also included), PLUS simple easy to follow tips to get great results on your grill!... Island dreaming on a wing!

Hawaiian ABT -
The Legendary Atomic Buffalo Turd with Pineapple

Sweet, Heat, Bacon, Creamy and it's served on a stick!  The pretty name, A-B-T is just fine. But among BBQ guys (and gals), they are always called the Atomic Buffalo Turds.  Simple to prepare, all of the assembly work can be done in advance. They are cooked with indirect heat so there is no flipping (can easily be cooked inside in the oven for a hint of BBQ in the winter). Just pop on the grill and pick them off when they are done.

It is little extra gems like these that will make you shine out as "That GUY (or Gal)", the king of the neighborhood grill!

Thanks to the miracle of the microwave, these come together in about 15 minutes of prep work and sit alongside a hamburger meal.  Turning Bar Snacks (Potato Skins) and Leftovers (Last nights corn on the cob) into a delicious complex Side dish perfect to dress up a night of Burgers!

Beer Braised Grilled Faux Meatball Brats

Main Course or an Appetizer and one of my 52 Cooking with Beer Recipes that is FANTASTIC!!!  The "meatballs" are sliced Brats, then braised in an English style Beer, then Grilled with Onions... These Appetizers were GOBBLED up at a recent BBQ Party!

The recipe comes from Bobby's Mesa Grill Cookbook.  the pretzels are served at the bar of the restaurant.  Spiced (to encourage ordering that second drink) with salt and mild chilis.  They also have a hint of sweet from brown sugar.  A perfect little snack to have around for any BBQ party!

Grilled Scallion Pancakes (Cong You Bing) 

Popular at Asian themed take out restaurants, these are deliciously unique.  Simple matter to transfer the common fried flatbread recipe to grilling keeping all that delicious Sesame oil flavor along with these BEAUTIFUL Grill Marks.  LOTS AND LOTS of HOW TO PHOTOS included!

Here's something easy and delicious.  You can do all the cutting in advance, assembly work in advance, marinade in advance... And then you can cook these in front of your guests.  A single bite appetizer with heat and sweet and Asian tang.

LOADED Bacon Wrapped Dates

I first tried one of these off of a food truck in Tennessee.  LOVED em and have been working on a signature version for awhile.  After a few trials and errors I came up with this combination of the sweet dates, the savory tomato pesto, a spicy Pecan surprise in the center surrounded by creamy cheesy goodness and all wrapped up inside BACON BACON BACON!

I LOVE THESE!!! Twice Baked Potatoes, loaded with sour cream, and the southern treat... PIMENTO CHEESE DIP. Add in a little sweet corn for color, beauty and health and you have that illusive side dish that everyone talks about (Sometimes more than the main course)! Can be grilled or baked in an oven and ALWAYS a CROWD PLEASER!
Goat Cheese, Honey, Almond and Arugula Grilled Pizza

Serve a salad on pizza dough!  Why not???
The honey and almonds brings out the pop of the goat cheese and acts as the salad dressing for this colorful and awe inspiring pizza.  AS GOOD AS IT GETS.  Fantastic flavor combination, beautiful presentation and let's face it, grilled pizza inspires awe!!!

My favorite way to serve a pizza is to GRILL IT!  Easy (Very very very EASY) to do.  Right on the grill, no pizza stone, it works perfect.  Detailed photo instructions included in the post.  I love this unique topping combination for an appetizer.  It all comes together in about 10 minutes total.  Perfect to make and serve as an appetizer while your meat is "resting".  THIS IS ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE IDEAS!

Grilled Flat Bread with Sea Salt, Pepper and Parmesan Cheese

Sure, making a pizza on a grill is easy and dramatic.  But just as easy is to make a flat bread to serve same way you would serve a loaf of bread. This is ready to dip, ready to be cut into croutons, ready to snack on while the grill master makes dinner.  And best of all, with that hint of BBQ flavor, these "Crackers" are delicious as well.  SOOOO Easy and certainly is fun and dramatic!

Antipasto All'Italiana

These "party trays" are usually reserved for a  party.
Selections of various meats, cheeses, maybe a Bruschetta (toast with a topping).  They are ideal for a party since all of the work can be done before the guests arrive.
The advantage to trays like this, in addition to their ease (no cooking) is the tone that they set for the evening.  The trays allow guests to mix mingle chose what they like.  It gives the hosts a chance to make sure drinks are served and the evening starts relaxed.  The course can easily take 30 minutes or more allowing late arriving guests to make the party and meet any new friends they have not yet met.
Simple and a sure winner of a n Antipasto course!

Pizza Margherita

Pizza Making 101 with recipes for Dough, Sauce and all the Techniques for pizzeria restaurant quality pies at home!  This is the classic "original" Italian pie made to honor the Queen Consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy (and not the tequila drink)..

(L'aglio e il pomodoro Arrosto Bruschetta)

Oh My... This takes a little planning as the tomatoes and garlic need to roast slowly in an oven for 2-3 hours in order for the natural sugars in the tomatoes to sweeten to near candy taste.  Planning and time, but these are worth it.  Simple and DELICIOUS!  Easy to make and a crowd pleaser! 

Focacca as an Appetizer
Focaccia Tutti i Giorni

Here's a basic recipe that I turned into three very different tastes... Sea Salt and Herb - Savory caramelized Onion - and the show stopper Sweetened Blueberries.  Sets a nice tone for an Antipasto course, portable, easy to eat and gets the party talking!

A beautiful rustic bread, loaded with a light delicious Olive Oil and topped with Herbs, and a fresh seasonal tomato.  A beautiful appetizer  and easy to make!
Caprese Salad
Insalata Caprese

Salad in the style of Capri... A very simple (three ingredients, 4 if you count sea salt), so FRESH and flavorful ingredients are a MUST.  But well worth the hunt as the reward is one of the classic salads of the world.   Ignore the Salami, I just added that for a bit of a heartier lunch.  the post has tips for finding and buying the best ingredients, even in winter.

Insalata Caprese

The vegetable version of the story of the ugly duckling.  
Locally sourced, Fresh and filled with flavor. This is that rarest of salads that simply will not be the same in January when hot house tomatoes and vine ripened fresh leaves just a bare bones hint of the taste of a truly fresh Heirloom Tomato!  So, if you never have, give those gnarly ugly beasts a chance. Slice a few, add a little cheese and some fresh basil and give yourself a seasonal treat!

Bruschetta with Tomatoes
Bruschetta al Pomodoro

Start with Tuscan Garlic Toast and add a delicious Italian tomato salsa and you have a classic dish to start the celebration for an olive harvest.  Perfect example of Italian cooking, simple ingredients that SHINE!
Plus, Crostini and Fettunata are explained.

(Polenta Concia)
These are a wonderful little addition to any dinner.  Creamy sweet polenta topped with savory onions and mushrooms, seasoned with fresh thyme and added to the "sandwich" is a sweet Mascarpone cheese sauce.  Dramatic rustic presentation is sure to please!

THIS IS FANTASTIC! The beer is sugared and heated to make a delicious easy FLAVORFUL caramel candy sauce. Add a few spices, mix with roasted nuts and you have an AMAZING Bar Snack at home. A terrific appetizer!

Pizza Bread... made with BEER BREAD! For the crust used a slice of the EASIEST to bake of all breads, BEER BREAD! For the toppings, the classic original Italian pizza, the Margherita (named for an old queen, not the tequila drink)... Tomatoes, Mozzarella and Basil. WORKS GREAT AND FRESH HOT HOME Pizzeria QUALITY IN MINUTES!

Louisiana Crab Cakes with New Orleans Remoulade Sauce... Lent season is coming so I am working on my Fish on Friday recipes! DELICIOUS OLD SCHOOL Crab Cakes with just a few touches of Louisiana!

These are amazing appetizer or party tray little beauties. The soft dough oozes up and around the bits of cheese and chicken. Only a 1 bite snack, but perfect for a party... and the plate is always empty by the end of the night

Aaah the joy of the Pinwheel "Sandwich"!  Easy and FAST to make with my 5 Minute Hummus Recipe.  This time flavored with a BBQ Spice Mix and wrapped around Sweet Apples, Sweet Grapes and even Sweet Red Onions... A Heat and Sweet and healthy vegetarian alternative for Snacking or a welcome addition to any group Pass-a-Plate occasion!

Cause sometimes you want something that screams a little special!  I like the contrasting colors of the red Caviar but of course the inky black works just as well.  The Caviar adds a deliciously salty flavor to the snack so I added a bit of Honey to get that "Sweet and Salty" taste that makes these
Sweet - Salty - With a Royal Presentation - AND DELICIOUS!!!

OH BOY FLAMING DISHES!  It is very simple to Flambee a dish and this dish is about as perfect as it gets!  The Shrimp are cooked in a butter rich garlic sauce along with cherry tomatoes.  Then just a couple minutes before serving, add a little liquor, light the fumes and you have a dramatic presentation and delicious aftertaste.  PERFECT FOR A DINNER PARTY!

Fast Easy... Open a can and a package... Spice, Mix and ENJOY!
Perfect for when you want to serve something Fresh made with a hint of the unusual...
And of course TASTY
And FAST and EASY!

An Italian Classic gets a Party Appetizer on a Stick update. Recipe includes a terrific flavored DIY Garlic and Herb Tutorial. GREAT LOOK EASY, TO DO and DELICIOUS!

Addictive... Very Addictive.
It's that time of year again where you can head to any fair and see the stands of fried oddities. One of the originals that has caught on with the trendy Bar and Grill restaurants are Fried Pickles.
Well, here's a version, loaded with spices and flavors that will excite any health conscious snacker. BAKED, not fried in oil, these are a treat you can eat at home year round, fast and easy to whip up for any occasion and they will disappear FAST!
Addictive, memorable and tasty!

One of the best bargains in Appetizers!  Less than 50 cents each, 2 ingredients (EASY), can be grilled or baked in the oven and best of all, UNIVERSALLY LOVED!!!

This is the classic recipe I learned, just a meatball, wrapped in Bacon with a sweet BBQ dipping sauce. there are dozens of variations, Chicken Meatballs (Cloinks?), Pork Meatballs (the Oink-Oink), add a piece of pineapple for the Hawaiian Moik or even Turkey Bacon with Vegetarian Meatballs (The Veggie Gobbler).

Sprinkle a spice rub on them for spicey balls, brush with the dipping sauce as a glaze during the last 10 minutes of cooking for that glowing wet look ball.

You can bake them, grill them or even use that toaster oven!

Here's the basic recipe... now just imagine your interpretation!

Garlic Toast... Cheap and Easy for a CROWD!

Sure sounds simple (AND IT IS), but this DIY is designed for when you need to make a LOT for a hungry crowd.  Cost effective, EASY and QUICK.  Turn a dollar and a quarter French Baguette into 20-25 slices of garlic-y Herbal Italian goodness!
Farmer's Market Rainbow Salsa (Relish)

A trip to our local farmer's Market gave me the inspiration for an incredibly colorful treat!  Black beans for Protein, plus simply loaded with Fruit and vegetable goodness (even Pineapple and Mango).  This has it all and is as healthy and delicious as it is beautiful!

Baked (healthy) crispy and VERY FLAVORFUL chicken fingers with an Asian peanut dipping sauce.  VERY easy to make and a crowd pleaser.  The rustic Curry seasoning brings out the best in the chicken... DELICIOUS!

Cloink Balls (Cluck + Oink = CloinkBACON wrapped Chicken Sausages with BBQ Dip

Amazing in their simplicity yet about the most delicious of appetizers.  A new take on the legendary Moink Balls.  But with more healthy version with chicken!  Be sure to make the suggested dip, sweet as can be with hints of spicy deliciousness.  These are GREAT crowd Pleasers!

Yeah yeah, I know terrible name. In polite circles these are also called Hawaiian ATBs. My back yard is not as polite as it should be.

The roasting of the Jalapeno brings out the natural sugars found in all vegetables. That plus the combination of the cream cheese mixed with sweet pineapple creates a balance of the remaining heat and the sweet (alnog with the savory BACON... Could these be the perfect culinary combo?

And indeed, beer bread is the easiest of all breads to make.  And this one is LOADED with herbal hints and the fantastic Beer and Cheddar combination!

Here's something just painfully simple yet truly adds something special to your spread.  Artisan Cheese sellers will charge you double for ingredients probably in your pantry right now.  Just pick up a log of soft goat cheese, whip in a bit of honey and rosemary to taste and bingo bango bongo...

Double the cost taste for half the price from your wallet!.

Shh... Don't tell anyone but these are more Chicken Fingers than Boneless Chicken Wings, but truthfully, most boneless wings you pay a lot for at a restaurant are actually cut up breast meat.

I have several recipes and ideas that start with the SALE FLYERS in the paper. This is one of those.  CHEAP very EASY, BAKED (the illusion of healthy), KID FRIENDLY and Delightfully DELICIOUS!

Baked Fried Pickles... Addictive... Very Addictive. It's that time of year again where you can head to any fair and see the stands of fried oddities. One of the originals that has caught on with the trendy Bar and Grill restaurants are Fried Pickles. Well, here's a version, loaded with spices and flavors that will excite any health conscious snacker. BAKED, not fried in oil, these are a treat you can eat at home year round, fast and easy to whip up for any occasion ..they will disappear FAST

I LOVE this recipe, two types of melty cheese, deep flavored beer, made creamy with sour cream and pretty with spinach (and the illusion of healthy). And be sure to use Doritos TACO CHIPS... YUM INDEED!

OH YUM! These are such a hit for any party. Sweet Figs with their chewy texture... Remember Fig Newtons as a kid... These have that familiar taste, dressed up with almonds, honey and cheese! They are very easy to make, great for kids to assemble. A terrific easy to make party snack that will have your guests thrilled! Timing these right so they pop out of the oven just as the guests arrive, add a drink and a fig and the party begins!

Perfect updated over the top recipe and glorious presentation, LOTS of spices and even a full cup of minced CHICKEN to really hearty these up!!!

This is a fun party treat (superbowl coming up). FRIED PIZZA with Asian hints (you may have heard of toast points). Wonderfully delicious, unique and perfect for an appetizer or party tray;

And what party would be complete without jello shots??? May as well make a grown up version, complete with basil and Sea Salt. You'll never go back to the cheap stuff again! Cin Cin and bottom's up.

My wife and I are Empty Nesters... No Kids... BUT recently we got to spend the day with 7(yes) SEVEN of our Nieces and Nephews (ages 6-12)...AND IT RAINED. This was our rainy day activity for the boys. We spent an hour and they were captivated. RASPBERRIES, BLUEBERRIES, MARSHMALLOWS and a little patience and we made our afternoon snack! It really is fun, entertaining (dare I say nutritious) and EASY!

The recipe is very simple and as good as any restaurant. I made this out of anger after being overcharged for a terrible dip. This one is thick, rich, LOADED with artichokes and spinach, DELICIOUS and you CAN EASILY DIY at home!

Lemony Artichoke and Crab Meat Dip

WOW... This is my GOTO Recipe when I need to bring something (or serve) to IMPRESS! A RICH lemony dip LOADED with flavor, filled with crab meat and creamy and cheesy enough to delight a crowd. INCLUDES a recipe for fresh made tortilla chips to really impress that sister-in-law!!!

Honey Teriyaki Chicken Wings

I LOVE Wings and these are about as good as they get... Hints of Asian spices, Sweetened for a delightful flavor and spiced up for that touch of heat with the Red Rooster Sriracha Sauce... THE BEST!

Reuben Pinwheel Sandwich

This is a GUARANTEED EMPTY PLATE! All the flavors of a classic Reuben sandwich (Swiss Cheese, Russian Dressing, Irish Corned Beef and German Sauerkraut in a hand held "Just a Little Bite Appetizer. PEOPLE LOVE THESE!

BACON BACON BACON Impossibly Easy Appetizers

ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS and wildly popular . Crispy and crunchy with hints of nutty cheese... Like a bacon and cheese sandwich all made into a finger food. FIRST PLATE EMPTIED AT A RECENT "Pass a Plate" Appetizer Party!

Baked Teriyaki Sausage Meatballs

Boy these are good... And FAST and EASY and has a unique flavor combination that makes your balls stand out among a big assortment of finger foods. Great appetizer and better Main Dish (just add noodles or rice). Easy and DELICIOUS!

Raisin Bread made EASY in a Bread Machine

Thru a quirk of fate my 2 year old Nephew lives with me... I make this bread for him... Raisin bread has become his favorite, so I love to make this with him. And like I said... Bread machine easy and delicious. Much better than the store bought... And yes, in my house, this loaf does have a little extra love mixed in! Raisin Bread... Remy Approved!!!

BACON BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs

... It's Deviled Egg time again! Just about any time my Church has a PotLuck meal I always like to make a plate of deviled eggs. The list of possible ingredients is just about endless but I always like to add a little of my own specialty ingredients... Or a fan favorite like BACON BACON BACON and even a second favorite... Ranch Dressing. There's even a recipe for Seasonal CRANBERRY BBQ Sauce... Now that's a PARTY!!

Cajun Blackened Shrimp Deviled Eggs...

OH BOY DEVILED EGGS..  And these are certainly dressed to impress for any gathering, potluck or just to serve something AMAZING!  New Orleans Cajun spiced shrimp top a smooth creamy cheesey mustard based deviled egg.  Stunning presentation to go with the over the top flavor mix.

These are the BOMB of Holiday Leftovers. A little Cranberry Chutney (recipe included), A little Holiday Pistachio Ham (Recipe included) all on a WONDERFUL Best I ever had Cornbread Rosemary Muffin (Recipe included)... This is the stuff of miracles by the light of a refrigerator bulb... ENJOY!

Hot Ham and Cheese Pinwheel Roll-Ups

Appetizers and Holiday Leftovers Ideas... I LOVE THESE LITTLE GEMS! Think Cinnamon Rolls but add a savory ham and cheese. And like a cinnamon roll, the secret treat is the sauce. A Worcestershire and mustard drizzle that makes these memorable and AMAZING!

Spinach and Artichoke DIP Stuffed Garlic bread

52 Appetizer Recipes... This may become a signature dish for me. INCREDIBLE and wildly popular at a recent pass a plate of appetizers party. Same dip made famous as a bar snack is stuffed into a hollow bread and toasted along with a crunchy topping of garlic butter!

HOLIDAY Cucumber Bites Appetizers with Herb Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes

Pound for pound these are the most cost effective appetizer I make. It also just SCREAMS Christmas Colors.They wind up costing about a quarter a piece, add just a shade more cost with the optional addition of a few Pistachio (again, green for Christmas). A VERY inexpensive Very EASY DIY appetizer that really stands out!

Doritos and Beer Spinach Dip 

I LOVE this recipe, two types of melty cheese, deep flavored beer, made creamy with sour cream and pretty with spinach (and the illusion of healthy). And be sure to use Doritos TACO CHIPS... YUM INDEED!

Marshmallows "Under the Sea"

Very easy and tasty treats that will delight. The blue is colored white chocolate , easily decorated to look like a cartoon of an ocean scene. Whimsical, Fun and tasty... A great combo for a group of younguns!

Brandy Brandied Fruit for a Party!

Here's a quicky little recipe perfect for Holiday parties. The fruit soaks up a sweetener (simple Syrup), plus the hint of Brandy. Sweet fruit, a little booze... Sounds like a party to me! Enjoy indeed!

Picante and Cheddar Pinwheel Appetizers

Here's a fantastic little summer appetizer.  And EASY!  only 3 ingredients (plus the tortillas).  Picante is an Hispanic word meaning spicy.  Just a bit deceiving and you control the amount of spice and heat in the wheel.  The "Secret" Ingredient in the wheels is a cup of Salsa.  If you reach for the mild Salsa, make these mild.  If you crave the extra heat of a Hot Salsa... go for it!.  Easy, Simple ingredients, Memorably Tasty ... Fantastic indeed!!

Peach Salsa

I LOVE this side (appetizer with a bowl of chips or condiment). Fresh sweet, creamy and delicious. Just a little bit of heat from peppers but these are soaked in the sweet juices of the peach. Just a wonderful combination of flavors. made easy and NOT SEASONAL with canned peaches so you can enjoy a bite of summer year round!

Salted Chocolate Clementine Cuties

The simplicity of this "recipe" does not at all diminish the popularity. EASY to make, CHEAP to make and a real crowd pleaser fo adults and kids alike. Served these up to our Children;s Church Snack and the kids gobbled em down!

Cucumber Bites with Salmon

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and classy appetizers (priced at less than 35 cents each). Cucumber coins topped with a seasoned cream cheese and then some DIY (yes, yourself, not store bought) Sugar Cured SALMON and you have something unique for any party table!

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP Inexpensive but delicious DIY Sugar and Salt CURED Smoked SALMON (or Roasted)

You can cure your own salmon at home for 1/3rd the price (or less). EASY to DIY, cost effective and DELICIOUS

Scallion Cream Cheese

Here's any easy and fast dip that is perfect with salmon and bagels! (and chips and veggies and celery and just about anything)

Garden Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

52 Appetizer Authentic Italian Catering Recipes... The classic Italian dish, meant to celebrate all this fresh and seasonal! Oh, AND EASY EASY EASY!

Pineapple Basil Jam

52 Small Batch Canning BREAKFAST Ideas... No one sells this, don't know why, Pineapple Jam is refreshing, cooling, reminds you of summer and tropics and EASY TO MAKE! Pour over cream cheese for an appetizer or add to toast to transport you back to summer... EASIEST SMALL BATCH CANNING RECIPE EVER

EASY Sweet and Spicy Habanero Pepper Jelly

52 Small Batch Canning Ideas and Appetizers Recipes... I LOVE this jelly. Plenty sweet enough for any sensitive tongues but plenty Heat/Spicy for someone who wants to know they are eating GOOD! Add a brick of cream cheese and instant appetizer. Perfect canning project (EASY EASY EASY)

BEST ABTs - Hawaiian Atomic Buffalo Turds

Yes, TERRIBLE NAME but this Bar Snack will be the HIT of your backyard BBQ... OR, included are simple instructions for making this in a standard oven. BACON BACON BACON Wrapped Jalapeno peppers with PINEAPPLE CREAM CHEESE FILLING... YUM!!!

Walnut Pesto Flatbread Mini-Bite Appetizer

A wonderful little appetizer. Like a little pizza.  Stuffing is a simple to make Pesto filled with herbal nutty cheesy flavors and a fresh tomato slice.  These are top rate beautiful to serve at a party but easy enough to slap together just for a special watch party for one person.  Love these!

And finally, Why Not???
I even serve Ice Cream Floats as an Appetizer
(On one of the hottest days of the year)

A double barreled BLAST in the face of  nostalgia.  Not only is this an AMAZING taste of those classic Orange Dreamsickle ice cream treats from the 60's and 70's, BUT ALSO made with TANG - the drinks the astronauts took into space!

I did indeed serve this as an appetizer on one of the hottest days of the year.  Incredibly well received and a real conversation starter for the get together!

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