Tuesday, August 5, 2014

WORLD's BEST Guacamole with Secret Ingredient - 52 Church Potluck Appetizers

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Really Really good Guacamole... What could be better?

Really Really bad Guac... Well, we've all had it.  But we continue to order guacamole 'cause the times when you find that really really good guac is worth the bad times.

There are a few trick to making fresh made and having people proclaim yours as... "The World's Best"!

The first "Trick" is to make a really flavorful Pico de Gallo.  In simplest terms, Guacamole is simply a combination of Crushed Avocados with Pico de Gallo.  It makes sense, more flavorful Pico makes a more flavorful Guac.

SO... Here's an easy and fast way to make the most flavorful Pico...

Start with your Onions (Pico de Gallo is a combination of Onion, Tomato and Cilantro (The colors of the Mexican flag), flavored with Lime Juice.  Dice your onion and put in a big bowl.  Then work your limes.  First zest all three (there is more flavor in the zest than in the juice).  Then juice your limes.

An easy way to get the most juice out of a lime without a lot of effort (and gadgets) is...

Slice the nipple end of the lime off (about 1/5th of the lime); just enough to get a good opening but not so deep that you reach seeds.  The "non" nipple end is where the lime is connected to the branches of the lime tree.  That end has the fibers that are more firmly connected.  By juicing from the end with the less solid fiber connections, the lime releases more of it's juices.

So, to get the most juice without lots of effort and gadgets, slice that end off, put in a fork (see photo) and twist as you squeeze.  Then move the fork to a different area of the lime and continue to squeeze with one hand and twist with the fork.  Continue until you have as much of the juice out as possible.  The three limes will get about 3/4 of a cup.  Enough to give a very good coating of the onion (remember them, they were in the bowl while you were zesting and juicing over 'em).

OK, now let the bowl rest for 10 minutes.  What is happening during those 10 minutes is the acid in the juice actual cooks the onions.  They gently soften and they actually begin to pickle.  If you were to use red onions instead of the white sweet that I used during the photo session you would begin to see then take on that pinkish "pickled red onion" look.  This is actually changing the taste of the onion.  Allowing just that few extra minutes is enough to add a new layer of flavor!

But just because the onions are resting in the juices does not mean you are resting...

During that 10 minutes, start cutting the tomatoes.  Small dice, just a little bigger than the size of the onions.  Pull the leaves of the cilantro and chop them (not too much chopping, you don't want minced herbs, just chopped).

As to the spice, traditionally that means Jalapeno Peppers.  Here's the deal on Jalapenos... The Green part is not as hot as the seeds and the white membrane.  For me, I prefer just the green part and I always remove not just the seeds, but also the white rib parts.  If you want HOT HOT HOT... just dice up a whole Jalapeno seeds, ribs and all and add,  If you want mildly spiced, just the green part.  Make sense?

And finally, the secret ingredient... A small can of crushed pineapple.  Juice and all.  Add this to your pico and you get not only the HOT spice of the Jalapeno but also a hint of the natural sweetness of the pineapple.  A deliciously beautiful combination that joins in with the herbaceous Earthiness of the onions and tomatoes (and Cilantro).

Last tip is the consistency.  Some folks like a chunky Guac.  Simply mash the avocado with a potato masher.  You will have chunks.  If you like it smooth (as I do), use a food processor.

Guacamole is about the easiest thing to make.  It is ideal to take as a sharing dish for any potluck or big meal.  Universally loved... This recipe and these techniques will have your friends and family proclaiming your Guacamole as the BEST in the WORLD!!!

OK... Here's what I did...

WORLD's BEST Guacamole 

with Secret Ingredient

  • 2 Medium (about 2 Cups) Onion, Fine Dice
  • 3 Medium Limes, Zest and Juice
  • 4-6 Medium (about 2 Cups) Tomatoes
  • 1 Cup Fresh Cilantro Leaves, chopped
  • 2 Medium Jalapeno Peppers, Stems, Seeds and inner white ribs removed, Fine Dice
  • The Secret Ingredient - 1 Small can (8 Oz) Crushed Pineapple in Natural Juices
  • 12 Medium (about 8 Cups) Avocados, Cut in half, Pit removed and scooped out of shell. Crushed into paste
Cooking Directions
  1. In a large Bowl, Add the diced Onion. Add the zest and juice from the limes. Allow to rest for 10 minutes, allowing the onions to naturally soften and slightly pickle.
  2. Add Tomatoes, Jalapeno, Cilantro and the can of pineapple (including all the juice). Allow this to rest for an additional 10 minutes for all of the flavors to mix.
  3. After 10 minutes, drain all but 1/2 cup of the liquid and discard (you have now made pineapple Pico de Gallo).
  4. During the resting time, prepare the avocados, cut in half, remove the pit and scoop from the outer rind. For smooth guacamole, put the flesh into a food processor and pulse until smooth. For chunky guacamole, use an old fashioned potato smasher and smash until you reach the desired consistency.
  5. Combine the avocado with the pineapple Pico de Gallo.
  6. Best when serve room temperature Fresh made Guacamole within a couple of hours of making. If you need to make ahead, Cover with plastic wrap that is touching the top of the guac so as little air as possible reaches the guac. chill in the refrigerator and remove about an hour before serving.
  7. Serve with tortilla chips and ENJOY!


This recipe has been added to my growing list of "52 Church PotLuck Dishes"!

A list of something NEW worthy of being shown off at a neighborhood BYODish (Bring Your Own Dish) Party, a Family special occasion dinner, Any Big Holiday Gathering or of course that glorious day when you bring a dish to share with your Church family...

Ages ago, literally almost a half century ago I was listening to our pastor talking about a PotLuck Dinner. It happened to be scheduled around a church work day when we were expected to weed, polish and do general cleaning and maintenance around the church (you know, back in the day when there were no no-wax floors and church pews smelled of Old English furniture polish). I am of course paraphrasing, but as I recall the pastor said,

"A potluck, like a church requires work. At a potluck everyone is expected to contribute.. At a church no one should come empty handed and no one should leave unfed".
I will confess that in my youth I brought more store bought plastic spoons and forks than I ever brought covered dishes and crock pots of fresh made love and caring delights. But now that I have become a hobbyist cook, I occasionally am reminded of those days and people from my youth. I reminded and I do wish that I could drop a dish of some new creation on those old tables at my fondly remembered Liberty Baptist Church.  Tables covered with newspapers and loaded with God's bounty prepared with love and caring... Enjoy


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  1. Looks delicious. ....will try at next family gathering. Thank you

  2. I love your secret ingredient Dave. Who would have thought to add crushed pineapple. I am going to try it. Hi to Jackie.