52 Crock Pot Easy Dishes

Pin It Now! Very Much a Work in progress...But plenty of ideas to get you started!

 Keep checking back and very soon we will have a year's worth of ideas posted ...

But take a look... From EASY and FREE Chicken Stock...

And once you have Chicken Stock, the world of soup is at your feet.

Set and forget recipes that cook while you are at wirk and ready to go when you get back... Take a look, a Slow Cooker could change the way you think of dinner!

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken

SO EASY and SO GOOD... And be sure to make the gravy! Crock pot slow cooker great tasting, includes a home made teriyaki sauce and is simply DELICIOUS!

Version 2  ... Teriyaki Chicken With Gravy.

OH BOY, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!  EASY PEASY in a crock pot. And don't forget to make the TERIYAKI GRAVY.

Chili Buns and Slaw Dogs - Appalachian Style

Here is the recipe and techniques needed to replicate those Custard Stand Chili Dogs of your youth.  Specialty Meat (no Beans, Simmered in beer), Simple but delicious Slaw make a seemingly simple hot dog into a delight.  YOU CAN DO THIS... YOU CAN MAKE DINER Quality CHILI DOGS AT HOME!

Crock Pot Easy Soup

Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken Soup

An easy slow cooker recipe that ends up with shredded chicken (Made easy with a store bought rotisserie chicken) and the Asian sweet rustic Teriyaki sauce! A delicious soup!

And Sauces...

Sweet Root Beer BBQ Sauce Crock Pot Easy

The root beer cooks down into a thick syrup, infusing even the few bits of Jalapeno with a sweetness that appeals to the kids at your table.  The main ingredient is plain old ketchup, just a matter of mixing in a few items and allowing them to simmer to the desired thickness.

First up, everyone needs a favorite slow cooker recipe... Suitable for a dinner party as well as just a heart warming weeknight meal... I LOVE THIS RECIPE...

EASY Boeuf Bourguignon (Beef Stew)
with Herb Dumplings and Garlic Mashers in a Slow Cooker

MY FAVORITE SLOW COOKER RECIPE... For me, the real beauty of the recipe is the rich thick gravy. The gravy just demands something to soak up the goo. Pour this over the potatoes and you have that perfect combination of taste and heart warming comfort food.

I would eat this everyday for the rest of my life!

Like Nike says... JUST DO IT!!!

It;s free money, free way to make take your cooking abilities to the next level.  When you get free Chicken stock, suddenly you have wonderfully superior rice, risotto and most importantly SOUP!!!  Made easy in a Crock Pot slow cooker!
4 Ingredient ROOT BEER PULLED PORK in a Slow Cooker

This is about the EASIEST thing you can make.  The payoff is 4-5 pounds of pork, perfect for any big gathering, party, neighborhood PotLuck or to take to church.  Sweet and spicy and delicious and did I mention easy???
Easiest Tastiest 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker EASY

OH MY is this ever EASY... Only three ingredients, but LOTS of flavor.  Crock Pot set and forget easy.  About 8 pounds of cooked meat with minutes of hands on work.  BIG payoff in taste!  Will make about 50 small slider size sandwiches, great for any Pass a Plate PotLuck!

It's a sloppy Joe, made of Chicken and made just a touch more healthy with the beans in the mix.  I also made this in a slow cooker.  So all the work in the morning and ready at my convenience!  Oh, and spicy and DELICIOUS

Fresh Tomato Pizza Sauce - Spaghetti Sauce - Pasta Sauce - Marinara Sauce - 52 Small Batch Canning... Seasonal FRESHNESS turns tomatoes to canned GOLD. Use this basic sauce year round for Pizza or as a finishing sauce for Pasta and casseroles. EASY TO DO IN A CROCK POT!

San Marzano Tomato Sauce 

52 Authentic Italian Recipes CROCK POT EASY Canning Ideas... This is the TRUE ITALIAN GRANDMOTHER recipe, perfect fresh tomatoes, add extra veggies (onion and peppers) and Italian spices and you have a GREAT SAUCE ... Can enough to last a year!

(Spaghetti con rag├╣ Toscano)

There is a simple cooking process that infuses the tastes of Italian sausage into a tomato sauce.  making a richer fuller taste.  Much more than just sauce and meat!  All made set and forget easy in a crock pot slow cooker

Easy as could be.  I made a Cream of Mushroom base, cooked everything in a crock pot (including the rice!) and warm comforting food.  LOTS and LOTS of cheese... YUM!

This is the chili of my youth.  Rich thick, delicious and comfort food.
Yes it has beans, but that's what i like.
Yes it uses hamburger but that's what I like.
Yes, to me... and maybe you... this is the stuff of nostalgic dreams perfect for a cold winter day  and a crowd pleaser for a party and it is Crock Pot Easy

Kicked Up Vegetarian Chili - Crock Pot EASY

I LOVED this soup. Rich Thick Delicious Gravy surrounds almost every veggie you could want. Lots of protein from the beans and plenty of spices so you feel full and satisfied.  The tastes blend perfectly. I would not hesitate to offer this for any soup course. I even served this up along side a Chicken Chili and a Meat filled red Beef Chili as a vegetarian option at a catering "Soup and Sandwich" lunch.  LOVE THIS!
Chili - Brown and Dump Crock Pot Easy

My Favorite - Just Brown the Hamburger and open a few Cans.  Dump everything in a Crock Pot in the morning and that evening you have CHILI with a thick rich gravy, Plenty of Seasonings and Flavors!  Perfect for a Soup and Sandwich Catered Lunch or PotLuck!

Chili Cornbread Casserole

We had a bit of a cold snap one summer day recently.  Cold and rainy and the perfect day for chili!  But today I had a little something different.  A CHILI CASSEROLE!  Topped with crispy crunchy cornbread but hints of cornbread dumplings under the crunch!  Best of all, this recipe is freezable.  I doubled the recipe and filed an extra casserole in my freezer just waiting for the next cold summer day, windy, cold, rainy and Chili Worthy!!!

OH BOY CHILI!!!  Rich Thick Gravy... All made EASY AND FAST (to put together, I make mine in a Crock Pot, Hours of no work cooking after minutes of can opening).  Everything made easy with Rotisserie Chicken, a few cans of beans and Some diced vegetables. This is a real winner for an alternative to the red burger chili. One of my most popular recipes! Great for a Chili Feed!!

From the pages of an INCREDIBLE French Cookbook comes this very easy recipe.  Beautiful colors, Seasonally fresh, VERY VERY EASY to duplicate.  Crock Pot easy, comes together in minutes, do ahead recipe.  A Wonderful Choice for Thanksgiving/Christmas Dinner Soup Course.

I love Fresh Tomatoes.  But tomatoes only are fresh a few months during the year.  When harvest season is over, the freshest tasting tomatoes are in the can.  SO... Embrace the can, this recipe serves a dozen, is less than 50 CENTS a bowl (inexpensive), yet has a wonderful FRESH TOMATO taste.  and BTW, a couple pounds of vegetables are hidden in the freshness!!!

Yet another recipe for almost everyone's favorite soup...
FRESH Tomato Tomato Soup... What's better than a Tomato Soup??? how about a big Crock Pot filled with soup made from fresh from the vine (Farmer's Market, your neighbor's garden or even your own vines) TOMATOES! LOADED with flavors unlike the canned. Simply delicious the way it should be!

Zuppa Toscana - Soup of Tuscany better than Olive Garden

Started out as a copy cat recipe of an Olive garden favorite, made thicker and heartier with the subtraction of some of the liquid )almost a stew now) and a few more changes. Made easier as a crock pot recipe. WORKS GREAT! now one of my favorites!

Zuppa di Farro

A MOST unexpected soup.  DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE SPELT. It is a grain, looks similar to barley BUT when slow cooked become sweet like a kernel of  sweet corn.  Combined with a SPICY Pepper Salami Soup, this becomes unexpected and FANTASTIC!!!

Minestrone D'Inveno

There is no "authentic" recipe for Minestrone, the soup is what the word means, a mixed-up mess of ingredients, seasonal (winter is what is in the Italian cook's root cellar).  This is truly a peasant dish, a hearty bowl of soup, made from easily found (and often free or garden) ingredients' designed to fill you up at little to no expense

Zuppa di patate pancetta Contadina

The FLU has reared it's ugly head around our house.  But this LOADED up vegetable-potato soup with a big wallop of  Italian BACON helps in so many ways!

An unusual, creamy sweet yet Earthy savory soup.  South African recipe gets a creamy update for a unique combination of flavors that works PERFECT!  Used a pesto/mozzarella toasted cheese sandwich as croutons made a delicious inexpensive dinner/lunch and a bit left over to freeze for later!

An adapted Taste from the Island Mon!  The distinctive taste of Jamaican Jerk Chicken, combined with lots of vegetables to make a delicious stew!

Cooks all day, ready when you walk in the door, turns onto a pulled chicken dish, filled with vegetables and the Asian flavors of a home made Teriyaki Soup.
PLUS, a Breakfast Idea...  Waffles and teriyaki Chicken.  you will LOVE This!

Texas Steak Sauce

Sort of a knock off of the famous A-1 Steak Sauce.  But PACKED with Spice and just enough heat to keep even a Texan interested!  Sweet elements, Heat Spices and Earthy Savory flavors! The recipe is for a BIG batch, 11 Pints.  Made in a crock pot, less than an hour's work for value.  Will last a year and perfect for gifting.  Easy DIY Canning instructions in the post.


And I do indeed mean BEST... LOADED with BACON BACON BACON, and seasoned with a spicy Texas Steak Sauce.  A THICK Rich gravy and three types of beans.  Sounds complicated, but easy to DIY and a fantastic way to have your guests proclaiming you the master of your domain as you rule the backyard BBQ!  Make a BIG BATCH and freeze the extras!  Perfect for large groups, Church Socials, a Family get together and just to show off!
"Old School" Chicken with Chicken Gravy

This is Soooo Old School.  Only two ingredients, a few hours in the crock pot and you have the most tender, juicy and delicious chicken... PLUS it makes it's own gravy.  Simple in every way yet amazingly old school delicious and PERFECT!

Dr Pepper Spicy Pulled Pork

This is an "OMG, really that easy???" recipe.
Only three ingredients, a few hours in the crock pot and an amazing spicy moist flavorful BIG batch of meat.  Feed an army with only a few minutes hands on work.  Very economical and about as good as it gets!

And great fun to brag about the "Secret" Ingredient

Mediterranean Spiced Creamy Tomato Soup out of my Crock Pot

A Great Savory flavor... AND SOOOOOOOO EASY! Only 4 ingredients. I used fresh tomatoes but easily made with one of those BIG cans. Creamy sweet and delicious... and 4 ingredient EASY!

Crock Pot Red Chicken Chili um,,, Stew??? Soup??? Nah, Chili.

Slow and easy in a slow cooker, set it all up, do the rep work and forget until dinner time. made even easier with a store bought rotisserie chicken! Best chicken chili I have ever tasted!

Sloppy Joes ... Um Sloppy Colonel Sanders (Chicken)

CROCK POT Slow Cooker EASY, uses beans as filler if you like, but really uses beans as flavor AND extra fiber and makes for a more healthy recipe... but mostly TASTES GREAT, kids will love this dinner!

Zuppa di Pomodoro

My ongoing collection of tomato soups grows with this amazing rich thick chunky pizza spiced wonderful pottage!  Made easy in a set and forget crock pot, with an extra texture from Sun Dried Tomatoes  the layers of flavors  from the Italian spices sets this apart!

Stuffed Peppers Beer Soup

This suddenly became one of my very FAVORITE SOUPS! LOADED with flavors from the rice cooked in beer (optional to use chicken stock if you prefer) to the fresh tomatoes and so much meat it is almost a hamburger stew. Colorful, beautiful and fantastic FLAVORS, crock pot EASY!

An unusual, creamy sweet yet Earthy savory soup.  South African recipe gets a creamy update for a unique combination of flavors that works PERFECT!  Used a pesto/mozzarella toasted cheese sandwich as croutons made a delicious inexpensive dinner/lunch and a bit left over to freeze for later!

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