52 Catering Recipes

Pin It Now! A funny thing happened recently... I became a CATERER!  The hard part is to actually get someone to pay you to cook.  But once you get that job, you now need a few recipes.  Something that stands out (that illusion of special and a knockout presentation), but just as important is the simplicity of the recipe.  You are on the clock, so long involved complicated dishes are out.

And finally... Cost effective.  Every dollar counts so that balance of  cost of ingredients and time to assemble and yet turning in that amazing special dish...

Well, here are a few of my favorites.  Something beyond the ordinary, something worthy of my clients time, something they would be pleased to serve and I would be proud to have my name attached.  And of course... Something cost effective.

Like my catering business, this page is a work in progress, updated often so keep coming back to see what's new!

Mini Muffins... The Caterers Best friend.

They have a wonderful presentation look.  Not only the speckles of poppy Seed but also the mild lemon yellow color.  Lemon sugar is the key to these muffins, turning a simple muffin into a star of Pow Zap Zing extra flavor.

Chocolate Chip Loaded Mini Muffins

These are beautiful LOADED muffins with tiny Chocolate Chips (to match the size of the tiny muffins) spread through out the sweet creamy muffin...  Like the best parts of a soft chewy chocolate chip cookie!

Zucchini Mini Muffins with Peach Jam and Cherries

These are uniquely almost healthy.  LOADED with fresh grated zucchini.  Of course zucchini is one of those veggies that always seem to be fresh and available year round. 

Loaded Cheddar Cheese Mini Muffins

A Lot Cheesy, a little bit Spicy, A surprising hit of extra Garlic and Earthy Sesame.  Salt adds the seasoning and indeed you have a truly LOADED Mini Muffin!

Raspberry Peach Mini Muffins with  Peach Schnapps!

These have an incredible presentation of a bursting raspberry in the center of a peach loaded muffin.  With just a faint hint of peach booze to make this an amazing adult muffin destined to be legend around your Cul-de-Sac!

Cornbread Mini-Muffins Tomato, Onion & Goat Cheese - Jiffy Mix Easy Upgrade

Moist and tender.  accented with flavors of sweet fresh tomatoes and Earthy green onions.  Then top everything with the creamy goodness of Goat Cheese and you have a memorable flavor combination.  

Frangelico Cranberry Mini-Muffins

These muffins are perfect for a special occasion (Christmas and Cranberries just seem to go together).  They sit around the counter to munch on throughout the day and they add a whimsy factor to your conversation! A GREAT POTLUCK DISH!

Sides a Caterer would be Proud of...

Creamy Cheesy Hash Brown Potato Casserole

They just scream Grandma's recipe file.   Yeap, this is the Cream of Mushroom soup recipe.  Yeap, this is the Corn Flakes crushed over the top recipe.  Perfect For large gatherings

Pasta with Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Unlike Mac and Cheese which needs a bit of constant work to keep the cheese from congealing, this Macaroni Salad is perfect when you need to plate ahead of time and serve either chilled or room temperature.
There is a little garlic in there, plus all the fresh flavors in a honey mustard salad.

Unique Salads and Fruit ...

Super Greens Salad with Walnuts and Apples and a fresh made Honey Mustard Apple Vinaigrette!!!

Fast and east to assemble, yet has a very dramatic presentation.  But the star of this show is the amazing honey mustard vinaigrette recipe!

World's Best and Easiest Fruit Tray

This one is (for the price) just about as good as it gets.  Love the dramatic presentation.  But also LOVE LOVE LOVE the cost.  This tray comes in at about $12 for the tray.  Fruit ain't cheap. Here's my favorite!

Little Pinwheel Roll-ups and Low Carb Wraps!

Black Forrest ham Deli Roll-ups Low Carb Wrap Sandwich

Thin sliced tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions wrapped in Deli Meat and all held together with sweet creamy Cream Cheese and seasoned with a bit of Cajun Spice and you have a terrific LOW CARB sandwich wrap!

Ranch Pinwheel Roll-ups Appetizers

A terrific Vegetarian Appetizer.  Best of all uses mostly dribs and drabs leftovers to make this Sweet with hints of spice snack.  Colorful and delicious!

Salami Cream Cheese Roll-ups Pinwheel Appetizers on a Ritz! 

A delicious ring of thin sliced hard salami spiraled around sweet cream cheese and dotted with roasted red bell Pepper pimento pieces. and more!

Chicken Salad Pinwheels

Great little fun EASY appetizer or party snack idea! Lots of photo directions to make an easy project of these little gems... best served with a Cajun Garlic Aioli (link included)

Bacon Wrapped Steak Pinwheels

These are great fun and incredibly tasty as the pounded steaks are stuffed and rolled... Stuffed with a red pepper pesto that oozes and marinates the meat as it cooks.

Our Specialties...

Do Ahead Breakfast -
Quiche Lorraine - Chocolate Chip Scones - Fruit

This morning I was asked to serve up a breakfast platter for 6-10 people. While I was making up the platter last night it occurred to me that this would make a pretty useful blog post. Not only for any caterers out there but also for anyone hosting extra family or friends (Thanksgiving and Christmas are sneaking up quick).  DO THE RECIPES THE DAY BEFORE AND ALL DONE!  All the recipes are in the Post...



It's a classic Quiche Lorraine made in a 9X13 Casserole Pan, 20 Servings makes this perfect for Leftovers (midnight snacking at it's best) or for the Holiday Crowds of visitors or any PotLuck Brunch.  LOADED with Bacon and Cheese and DELICIOUS!  EASY FAST and even EASIER when you do most of the work ahead of time!

It's just hard to imagine any big gathering, PotLuck or pace a plate meal without these "Old School" recipe Just Like MOM used to make (or maybe Grandma).  Rich and creamy egg yolks fill the center and yes, there is an old school secret that makes these extra sweet. These are the eggs June Cleaver took for a Church Potlucks and still the best!  I even cracked the secret to getting eggs peeled easy and perfect... read on!

Mini Blueberry Muffins Kissed with Lemon

There are a couple of extras in this recipe that will make your mini treats stand out.  Not the least is the extra pop of lemon juice that makes the blueberries POP with extra juiciness... The BEST!

Mini Banana Muffins -
Sour Cream Moist and Extra WAL-Nutty

Tiny enough you can just grab and pop in your mouth on the go or relax with a cup of coffee and visit. Add a little fruit garnish and you have a treat platter worthy of any PotLuck occasion or pass a plate event.  The Sour Cream adds EXTRA Moistness on top of the EXTRA Nutty Walnuts makes this EXTRA special.

Apple Pie Mini Muffins

APPLE PIE MINI-MUFFINS  The Magical Allure of the Mini-Muffin!!!  Perfect size for snacking, wonderful size as an add on to a breakfast... Easy and Fast to make a BUNCH, making them perfect to offer as a Catering or any "Pass a Plate" PotLuck option.  And best of all... THESE ARE AMAZING!  Loaded with Apples for a natural sweetness, spices to remind you of an apple pie.  LOVE THESE!
BLT SCONES Bacon Lettuce (Basil) and Sun Dried Tomatoes

WOW oh WOW, a new FAVORITE Breakfast "Sandwich"!  A little Sweet, A LOT Savory and BACON BACON BACON!  Make extras cause these disappear fast.  These would indeed stand out at any Church Social (Breakfast or Lunch), as well as an excellent Catering Idea (I always want something special that stands out as a memorable option - and these are MEMORABLY DELICIOUS)!

SUPER MOIST Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Scones

This is a STAND OUT dish of sweet pastries.  Amazingly moist, tender and fluffy, not too dense but simply amazingly delicious.  The sour cream makes em extra moist while there is a secret little extra ingredient that adds a hidden layer of nutty flavor.  PERFECT for a pass a plate breakfast or a stand out for a PotLuck!

Blueberry Scones - Super Moist Sour Cream Scones

The sweetened muffins have a couple of secret ingredients, but the moistness will come from the extra fat in the sour cream. Adds a delicious tang and helps prevent the crumbly problem.

My second secret ingredient adds a slight nutty extra making these about as delicious as possible. I also like to use mini chocolate chips that give that LOADED TO THE MAX look with Blueberries in every bite!

Sour Cream Blueberry Muffins

INCREDIBLY Moist fluffy and creamy.  A wonderful tip for extracting the most juicy flavor from the blueberries and just a great recipe for beautiful golden brown delicious fluffy tender muffins!  Try them "Mini" Muffin size and watch them disappear!  A real Crowd Pleaser!

Garlic Cheddar Savory Scones


And these are wonderful savory scones, a little bit sweet... A little bit nutty (there is a secret ingredient)... And a lot tender and moist (Yet a second secret ingredient that makes these extra moist). Add in the Earthy cheesy goodness of the Cheddar and the Savory Spicy Garlic and Bingo Bango Bongo you have a Tasty treat for breakfast, a side for dinner or a treat for an afternoon Tea!

Apple Pie Mini Muffins

APPLE PIE MINI-MUFFINS  The Magical Allure of the Mini-Muffin!!!  Perfect size for snacking, wonderful size as an add on to a breakfast... Easy and Fast to make a BUNCH, making them perfect to offer as a Catering or any "Pass a Plate" PotLuck option.  And best of all... THESE ARE AMAZING!  Loaded with Apples for a natural sweetness, spices to remind you of an apple pie.  LOVE THESE!

Mini BLT Muffins Bacon Lettuce (Basil) and Tomatoes.

OH BOY Mini Muffins!  And these are extra special.  All the savory flavors of a BLT Sandwich Bacon - Basil (For the Lettuce) and Tomatoes in a bite size savory breakfast snack.  Perfect for any PotLuck pass a plate event... BACON!!!

INCREDIBLE Apple Pie Bread

This may be the very BEST thing I have ever made... Certainly the best breakfast item I have ever made.  Incredibly moist bread.  LOADED with Walnuts.  And the sweet tenderness of baked apples with a coating of cinnamon sugar!  I could go on and on, but trust me, if you need a little special snack, if you have overnight house guests that you want to impress or need to take a brunch item to a pass a plate PotLuck...


Quinoa - Craisins - Almonds - Grains - Spinach !!!

And all flavored with a fresh made HONEY LEMON VINAIGRETTE.  Oh MY, so good you will not know how good for you this is!  All of the popular SUPERFOODS are combined into something colorful, flavorful, and so filled with mixes of flavors; your family and friends will insist this becomes a regular dish!  EASY and a STAND OUT DISH!

One Peachy Pasta Spinach Salad

Beautiful Colors... Amazing mix of tastes and textures.  A wonderful crowd pleasing salad loaded with summer tastes that you can have year round.  The easy to make shaker jar Honey Peach Vinaigrette, flavors both the pasta and the spinach adding a ONE-TWO PUNCH of Peach flavor to the entire dish!  DIYing this is as simple as opening a bag, a can and a box. Only cooking involved is the pasta. The Vinaigrette takes seconds to measure and just a minute or two of shaking.

Mixed Greens with Apple, Grapes, Craisins, Walnuts
With a Fresh Made Apple Vinaigrette

A classic example of turning something simple like a bag of lettuce greens into something special.  And the recipe for the fresh made Jam Jar Vinaigrette is so simple and will personalize the taste even more.  Lots of variety of tastes and textures and DELICIOUS-ness!

Waldorf Salad Style Cole Slaw 

This is a Bag of Cole Slaw upgrade.  Simple and CHEAP turns into something Simple CHEAP and now DELICIOUS when the classic ingredients of a famous Waldorf Salad are combined with  this easy simple and cheap bagged cole slaw

Island Lover Tropical Broccoli COLE SLAW

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Broccoli Slaw recipe loaded with tropical sweet Mango and Pineapple flavors, colorful and a delight STAND OUT dish that makes a table beautiful (and tasty)!

Dijon Cole Slaw

My growing attempts to UPGRADE A STORE BOUGHT BAG OF COLE SLAW. This one is a great treat with more than hints of Dijon Mustard. Delicious and EASY

BETTER THAN KFC Cole Slaw - Kentucky Fried Chicken CopyCat Recipe

 BBQ and Grilling Time Secret Extras Catering Side Dish Recipes... YEAP, you can have the MOST POPULAR COLE SLAW in your home! All MADE FAST AND EASY with bagged cole slaw. Just a few pantry staples and all teh texture and taste of Kentucky Fried Chicken is there!
Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon

Here's a bit of a new twist on a decades old classic... The Immortal Iceberg Lettuce Wedge with Blue Cheese. The Hit of hundreds of afternoon luncheons and catered events.  Never mind that it is just about the simplest salad to serve, no tossing, almost no cutting or tearing.  I made a couple of changes, one BIG one that improves on the classic!

Tomato - Cucumber - Red Onion Holiday Salad in a Fresh Made Honey Mustard Vinaigrette

Love this salad, wonderful Holiday Colors, Mix of textures and seasonings. The fresh made HONEY MUSTARD COATING adds a fantastic PUNCH of flavor. Perfect for potluck or any family get together!

Appetizers and Little Extras...

Farmer's Market Rainbow Salsa (Relish)

A trip to our local farmer's Market gave me the inspiration for an incredibly colorful treat!  Black beans for Protein, plus simply loaded with Fruit and vegetable goodness (even Pineapple and Mango).  This has it all and is as healthy and delicious as it is beautiful!
Roasted Red Pepper Relish (Salsa)

Farm fresh ingredients makes this a mid summer classic.  Roasting brings out the natural sugars in the peppers, pairing with Earthy savory spices and tomatoes!  I LOVE this as a dip or served as an accent (like pictured with Zucchini Fritters!

Fried Polenta Triangles with Roasted red pepper Relish

A delicious mix of textures and flavors. Outside is fried crispy while the insides are soft and creamy. Seasoned with fresh herbs and nutty cheese. The Relish is seasonally fresh and loaded with garden fresh ingredients. bright colorful addition to any gathering and MEMORABLY DELICIOUS!
Cowboy Caviar (Relish)

Bright and colorful enough to look great on a family Potluck, Church social or neighborhood get together.

Versions of this recipe are floating around. Some call this Texas Caviar (they use Black Eyed Peas). I changed mine up a bit, adding more Cowboy ingredients... Chili Beans, BBQ Sauce and additional BBQ friendly spices.

Giddy Up Flavors throughout!

NOT Crab Rangoon But

Yep... BACON BACON BACON with a sweet creamy savory Cream Cheese and BACON filling all wrapped in a Wont Ton Wrapper, sealed and Baked (Not Fried).  Could be the perfect hand held Appetizer for any party!  And a great DIY Idea as you can stuff these pillows with almost anything (Think Lasagna for an outside the pillow idea)!

Cucumber Bites with Salmon

CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP and classy appetizers (priced at less than 35 cents each). Cucumber coins topped with a seasoned cream cheese and then some DIY (yes, yourself, not store bought) Sugar Cured SALMON and you have something unique for any party table!
Spiral Spinach and Cheese Bites with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

VERY VERY EASY... Burrito size Tortilla, a Fresh Made Herbed Cream Cheese (with a secret ingredient that makes it smooth and spreadable), A PUNCH of flavor from a Fresh made (or use a jar) Sun Dried Tomato Pesto plus the colorful greens of Spinach combine for a quick easy Appetizer (and inexpensive if you are making dozens)!

Reuben Pinwheel Sandwich

This is a GUARANTEED EMPTY PLATE! All the flavors of a classic Reuben sandwich (Swiss Cheese, Russian Dressing, Irish Corned Beef and German Sauerkraut in a hand held "Just a Little Bite Appetizer. PEOPLE LOVE THESE!

Hummus Pinwheels
BBQ/Garlic, Apples, Red Onions and Grapes

Aaah the joy of the Pinwheel "Sandwich"!  Easy and FAST to make with my 5 Minute Hummus Recipe.  This time flavored with a BBQ Spice Mix and wrapped around Sweet Apples, Sweet Grapes and even Sweet Red Onions... A Heat and Sweet and healthy vegetarian alternative for Snacking or a welcome addition to any group Pass-a-Plate occasion!

Picante and Cheddar Pinwheel Appetizers

Here's a fantastic little summer appetizer.  And EASY!  only 3 ingredients (plus the tortillas).  Picante is an Hispanic word meaning spicy.  Just a bit deceiving and you control the amount of spice and heat in the wheel.  The "Secret" Ingredient in the wheels is a cup of Salsa.  If you reach for the mild Salsa, make these mild.  If you crave the extra heat of a Hot Salsa... go for it!.  Easy, Simple ingredients, Memorably Tasty ... Fantastic indeed!!

Little Crostini... OK, little fancy garlic bread.  You could actually make these Really Really Fancy by using a round cookie cutter to make these round circles of crustless toast.  ME... I like to make these on the grill.  The recipe itself is simple enough, just a simple Goat Cheese spread with a piece or two of Walnut on Garlic Toast. A few hints to make it special, but really incredibly easy.

Here's something just painfully simple yet truly adds something special to your spread.  Artisan Cheese sellers will charge you double for ingredients probably in your pantry right now.  Just pick up a log of soft goat cheese, whip in a bit of honey and rosemary to taste and bingo bango bongo...

Double the cost taste for half the price from your wallet!.

I love these... And such a simple DIY Project, hard to believe I don't make them every day.  And almost good for you, certainly better than "ordinary" Chips.  The Seasoned salt is BACON SALT!  but tips for making any seasoned salt in the post.

Addictive, bet you can't eat just one!

This is a wonderful alternative to a dinner roll.  Using simple to prepare Pizza Dough, these sticks are loaded with cheese and seasonings. Soft and chewy like a roll, Cheesy and seasoned like a Quesadilla... Hints of a pizza... All in a hand hold Appetizer!

BACON BBQ Ranch Deviled Eggs

... It's Deviled Egg time again! Just about any time my Church has a PotLuck meal I always like to make a plate of deviled eggs. The list of possible ingredients is just about endless but I always like to add a little of my own specialty ingredients... Or a fan favorite like BACON BACON BACON and even a second favorite... Ranch Dressing. There's even a recipe for Seasonal CRANBERRY BBQ Sauce... Now that's a PARTY!!

Cause sometimes you want something that screams a little special!  I like the contrasting colors of the red Caviar but of course the inky black works just as well.  The Caviar adds a deliciously salty flavor to the snack so I added a bit of Honey to get that "Sweet and Salty" taste that makes these 
Sweet - Salty - With a Royal Presentation - AND DELICIOUS!!!
Mustard Curry Boneless Chicken Wings (BAKED)

Baked (healthy) crispy and VERY FLAVORFUL chicken fingers with an Asian peanut dipping sauce.  VERY easy to make and a crowd pleaser.  The rustic Curry seasoning brings out the best in the chicken... DELICIOUS!
Cloink Balls (Cluck + Oink = CloinkBACON wrapped Chicken Sausages with BBQ Dip

Amazing in their simplicity yet about the most delicious of appetizers.  A new take on the legendary Moink Balls.  But with more healthy version with chicken!  Be sure to make the suggested dip, sweet as can be with hints of spicy deliciousness.  These are GREAT crowd Pleasers!

BACON BACON BACON Impossibly Easy Appetizers

ONLY 3 INGREDIENTS and wildly popular . Crispy and crunchy with hints of nutty cheese... Like a bacon and cheese sandwich all made into a finger food. FIRST PLATE EMPTIED AT A RECENT "Pass a Plate" Appetizer Party!

Salted Chocolate Clementine Cuties

The simplicity of this "recipe" does not at all diminish the popularity. EASY to make, CHEAP to make and a real crowd pleaser fo adults and kids alike. Served these up to our Children;s Church Snack and the kids gobbled em down!


Drunken Crispy Chicken Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich

An outstanding combination of French ideas infused with Asian recipes. The Drunken Chicken is made with Saki, while quick pickled carrots and a SPICY Sriracha Aioli make for one MEMORABLE Sandwich. Perfect for when you want to serve something seemingly simple but will be memorable!

Ham and Cheese Sliders DRESSED UP FOR a PARTY

A simple Ham and Cheese... But dress it up with an Herb Spiced Cream Cheese Spread for creamy herbal taste, a sweet crunchy apple slice of an extra crunch of texture and sweet hints.  All arranged on a sweet tropical coconut-ty Hawaiian Roll and you have something special for any Party or big get together... MUCH better and cheaper than those party trays from the grocery store
Ranch Chicken Salad Wraps - My Million Dollar Recipe

This may not be my Million Dollar recipe, but it is my Thousands of Dollars Recipe. From my very first catering order until the big order I filled this morning, this has been my most requested lunch item. It may take awhile, but eventually I am sure it will live up to the title of -  MILLION DOLLAR CHICKEN SALAD WRAP!  LOADED with lots of little extras... Crunchy Celery, Sweet Apples, Juicy Grapes and even Savory yet Sweet Onions. If you add everything together, there are about as many extras as there is chicken. Just layers upon layers of flavors!

Easiest Tastiest 3 Ingredient Slow Cooker EASY

OH MY is this ever EASY... Only three ingredients, but LOTS of flavor.  Crock Pot set and forget easy.  About 8 pounds of cooked meat with minutes of hands on work.  BIG payoff in taste!  Will make about 50 small slider size sandwiches, great for any Pass a Plate PotLuck!
Dr Pepper Spicy Pulled Pork

This is an "OMG, really that easy???" recipe.
Only three ingredients, a few hours in the crock pot and an amazing spicy moist flavorful BIG batch of meat.  Feed an army with only a few minutes hands on work.  Very economical and about as good as it gets!

And great fun to brag about the "Secret" Ingredient


THIS IS MY FAVORITE PRESENTATION. Change a simple Pulled Pork Sandwich into a show stopping masterpiece! SIMPLE BREAD MACHINE EASY recipe for the Bread Wreath. Add the pork, cole slaw and pickles and it's a BEAUTY!

BLT with Peppered Bacon and a Cajun Garlic Aioli

BLT with Cajun Garlic Aioli Delicious in their simplicity and always a popular Sandwich. But there are a few tricks to make your Bacon Lettuce and Tomato sandwich better... Worthy of a caterer! Worthy to serve at any "Pass a Plate" Event, PotLuck or family gathering. You will LOVE This Sandwich! Fancy Bacon and Fancy Mayonnaise... Here's the recipes!

Drunken Crispy Chicken Banh Mi Vietnamese Sandwich

An outstanding combination of French ideas infused with Asian recipes. The Drunken Chicken is made with Saki, while quick pickled carrots and a SPICY Sriracha Aioli make for one MEMORABLE Sandwich. Perfect for when you want to serve something seemingly simple but will be memorable!

Cucumber Tea Sandwich with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto

Occasionally you get a special request for something light and vegetarian.  This is it!  The secret is the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (recipe included).  Naturally sweet tomatoes load this simple little sandwich with so much flavor.
Fried Green Tomato Sliders

a Southern CLASSIC! Dressed up a bit for a crowd. I love the contrast of a sweet cool fresh ripe tomato slice with the crunchy coating over a mushy cooked tomato still warm from the fryer!  Flavor dressed up with Cajun Spices and flavored Mayo, these pack an Oooh and Aaah factor from all your guests!

And very very easy!

This is a wonderful alternative to a dinner roll.  Using simple to prepare Pizza Dough, these sticks are loaded with cheese and seasonings. Soft and chewy like a roll, Cheesy and seasoned like a Quesadilla... Hints of a pizza... All in a hand hold Appetizer!

Garden Fresh Tomato Bruschetta

52 Appetizer Authentic Italian Catering Recipes... The classic Italian dish, meant to celebrate all this fresh and seasonal! Oh, AND EASY EASY EASY!


Garlic Toast... Cheap and Easy for a CROWD!

Sure sounds simple (AND IT IS), but this DIY is designed for when you need to make a LOT for a hungry crowd.  Cost effective, EASY and QUICK.  Turn a dollar and a quarter French Baguette into 20-25 slices of garlic-y Herbal Italian goodness!
"Old School" Dressed Up Mustard Potato Salad

This is a very basic mustard based potato salad. Name the church basement affair for the last hundred years and you probably have seen this served.BUT... Add some BACON )of course for extra flavor, celery and onions for crunch, eggs and chives for color and panache and just a touch of your favorite BBQ sauce for even more flavor (and panache) and this is not your 100 year old recipe.

Old School indeed, just a little bit extra dressing up!
Bacon Ranch Loaded Potato Salad

OH BOY! LOADED INDEED!!!  And that tangy taste of Ranch Dressing (Double zinged with Ranch Dip Packets and even more Ranch Salad Dressing added to the mix!  Sharp Cheddar Cheese mixed throughout and beautiful colorful Earthy Green Onions to add flavor and eye appeal... And of course BACON BACON BACON!

Cheddar Cheese Buttermilk CornBread

Oh BOY Scratch made CORNBREAD!  But not just any cornbread, this is loaded with corn, onions, and even a little jalapeno peppers. There is even more than a cup of REAL Corn in the Cornbread!  Cheesy and amazingly moist (that's the buttermilk) and you have something special. Not the dry bland box mix. Takes only a few minutes more but SO MUCH WORTH THE EXTRA DIY EFFORT!

Cheddar Broccoli Corn Bread

Don't let the Broccoli in the title scare you, this is the BEST Cornbread recipe you will ever eat. A regional North Carolina Classic. Probably no Southern PotLuck in the last 50 years has been without at least one pan of this.

The secret as every Southern Belle Or want to be Southern Belle knows is the Cottage Cheese in the recipe. Makes the usually dry Corn Bread sweet and creamy instead.
Fried Polenta Triangles with Roasted red pepper Relish

A delicious mix of textures and flavors.  Outside is fried crispy while the insides are soft and creamy.  Seasoned with fresh herbs and nutty cheese.  The Relish is seasonally fresh and loaded with garden fresh ingredients.  bright colorful addition to any gatheirng and MEMORABLY DELICIOUS!
Creamy Pasta Pea Salad

I LOVE this recipe, Creamy Sweet Cheese-y Pasta with beautiful colorful snappy sweet peas.  All seasoned to perfection.  Served cold or at room temperature, the perfect addition to any party, large get together, family function, Church Social or PotLuck.  EASY to make, best when made well in advance (day before DIY Dishes are the best for time management).  Plus makes a Vegetarian main dish option when needed.

This is a wonderful alternative to a dinner roll.  Using simple to prepare Pizza Dough, these sticks are loaded with cheese and seasonings. Soft and chewy like a roll, Cheesy and seasoned like a Quesadilla... Hints of a pizza... All in a hand hold Appetizer!

And I do indeed mean BEST... LOADED with BACON BACON BACON, and seasoned with a spicy Texas Steak Sauce.  A THICK Rich gravy and three types of beans.  Sounds complicated, but easy to DIY and a fantastic way to have your guests proclaiming you the master of your domain as you rule the backyard BBQ!  Make a BIG BATCH and freeze the extras!  Perfect for large groups, Church Socials, a Family get together and just to show off!
Zucchini Fritters

It's that time of year... Garden fresh vegetables everywhere!  Like Zucchini, fresh from my garden, easy to find (and cheap) at any Farmer's Market and your neighborhood grocery store. Sure you can get zucchini year round (how do they do that?, but something special about seasonal fresh ingredients, grown local and just picked!

Love these little guys. Bite size and served up with a wonderful Red Pepper relish (again, farm fresh!).


A summer side dish should be easy and this one certainly is.  Just open a few cans, mix in whatever you can with fresh ingredients and herbs add a few seasonings and you are done.  It is served chilled, so no cooking involved.  But, my oh my, the summer freshness, colors and deliciousness shines through. I LOVE the mix of SPICY PEPPERS AND SWEET HONEY in THIS EASY EASY EASY DISH!

Island Lover Tropical COLE SLAW

I LOVE this upgrade for an inexpensive bag of cole slaw you can buy at about any grocery store. Tropical sweet Mango and Pineapple added to a mayo based vinaigrette makes this SHINE!


Holiday Ham - Bourbon Pistachio Crusted

Holiday Church PotLuck Main Dish and even a great item for catering. SO SO SO EASY... The mustard combines with a sweet Brown sugar glaze, with hints of the south - Bourbon and Pistachios add an amazing crust and crunch to the ham that will become a seasonal MUST MAKE TREAT!

World's BEST (and Easiest never Fail) TURKEY

52 Holiday Dishes... And really, this recipe never fails. ALWAYS a crispy skin. ALWAYS a Golden brown and delicious color... ALWAYS Moist tender and delicious... AND ALWAYS A CROWD PLEASER. Just follow the simple directions to start and forget it until serving time. No basting, no checking, no worries... A WINNER FOR EVERYONE!

SOUPS and Chili....

OH BOY CHILI!!!  Rich Thick Gravy... All made EASY AND FAST (to put together, I make mine in a Crock Pot, Hours of no work cooking after minutes of can opening).  Everything made easy with Rotisserie Chicken, a few cans of beans and Some diced vegetables. This is a real winner for an alternative to the red burger chili. One of my most popular recipes! Great for a Chili Feed!

Kicked Up Vegetarian Chili - Crock Pot EASY

I LOVED this soup. Rich Thick Delicious Gravy surrounds almost every veggie you could want. Lots of protein from the beans and plenty of spices so you feel full and satisfied.  The tastes blend perfectly. I would not hesitate to offer this for any soup course. I even served this up along side a Chicken Chili and a Meat filled red Beef Chili as a vegetarian option at a catering "Soup and Sandwich" lunch.  LOVE THIS!

Chili - Brown and Dump Crock Pot Easy

My Favorite - Just Brown the Hamburger and open a few Cans.  Dump everything in a Crock Pot in the morning and that evening you have CHILI with a thick rich gravy, Plenty of Seasonings and Flavors!  Perfect for a Soup and Sandwich Catered Lunch or PotLuck!

A Little Fruit...

Cucumber Bites
with Herb Cream Cheese and Cherry Tomatoes

These are fantastic for a number of reasons... Beautifully colorful, a real standout of a dish. Easy, Really Really DIY Easy to make and cost effective, The whole tray of about 36 appetizers will come in at about a quarter each!

Perfect dish for a catering appetizer or side dish, Great for a pass a plate PotLuck event or any big family gathering.

Mini Fruit on a Stick Skewers - Appetizers

Anything on a stick is fun!  Serve these up as an appetizer, or pop in the freezer for an hour and then use for a stir stick for white wine or sangria.  Simple enough to make, just a few tips and suggestions in the pin to make these beautiful fun and festive little treats!

And of Course... Dessert!

Maraschino Cherry - Chocolate Chip
Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

I do LOVE this recipe, a Ribbon of sweet Cherry flavored Cream Cheese and a moist chocolate chip LOADED Coffee Cake is simply DELICIOUS!  Simple to make, easy to adapt to any flavors you might like.  Stunningly BEAUTIFUL!

Cookie Dough Brownies

RICH Double Chocolate Brownies, topped with the illusion of Raw Cookie Dough.  All of the taste and texture of raw but NO Raw EGGS.  Safe to eat and delicious.  Great presentation and double double chocolate with the addition of the little chocolate chips in the "Icing"!  A MEMORABLE Favorite Take along treat for any big gathering, church social or family get together!

Soft and Chewy Toffee Almond Squares

Always popular, these little square gems are just about every bodies favorites.  The Toffee crust is light, soft and chewy. The soft Chocolate Ganache topping is incredibly easy to make and allows the crushed almonds to be gently pushed into the chocolate so nothing flakes off.

Only a few ingredients that are probably in your pantry right now, these cookie bars are sure to please!

"Pinkies" - Cherry Cream Cheese Brownie Bars

These are VERY FAST and VERY EASY to make.  Occasionally a box cake mix and a brick of cream cheese go on sale. With a little planning, and a well stocked sale priced pantry, I pretty much always have the ingredients to make these. So ,. Need a dessert to take to someone's house... these work great Decide at 5 PM you want a dessert after dinner... These not only work, they are perfect.

Chocolate Cream Cheese Marbled FUDGE BROWNIES

OH BOY FUDGE!!!  Ummmm... Wait it still has a brownie look and taste. Sweet and creamy like a fudge, a hint of cake-y texture like a brownie and even a bit of crunch (Loaded with chocolate chips inside). That marbled look on top comes from a layer of cream cheese brownie mix for even more flavor!

Double Chocolate - Sweet and Creamy - Cake-y Texture
and even MORE FLAVORS!

Chocolate Walnut Pie BARS

52 Cookie Recipes for Church PotLuck and Catering... And for a wonderfully nutty gooey chocolatey delightful snack dessert dish! OOEY GOOEY and CHOCOLATE!!!
Key Lime Cheesecake Bars

Sweet and Creamy cheesecake with a Graham Cracker Crust.  Flavored with that PUNCH of flavor from Florida Key Limes (Be sure to add the zest!).  This is about the easiest scratch cheese cake  recipe.  Never cracks and always pleases!
LEMON LEMON Sugar Cookies -
So Lemony I Named 'em Twice

I am constantly on the look out for an Adult Cookie. With a real PUNCH of flavor. You will need to break out your microplane zester for this as the recipe features the ZEST of SEVEN lemons. That's where the real lemon flavor is.

No need for frosting, sprinkles or funny shapes... Just big girl grown up flavors that pack that PUNCH!

Even the classics can get an upgrade.  Just be careful about cooking time to get the right texture...  Add a little something something extra (I list three new ingredients I add to my cookies) and the all important cooking directions explained.
These really are THE WORLD's BEST!!!

Chocolate Dipped Spoons - 

Easy and beyond easy... These are wonderful party items. You can top them easily enough with almost anything you have left over from holiday baking. I like the Pomegranate seeds, mostly for the holiday colors, nuts, holiday sugar cookie decorations... But feel free to let your imagination run wild... Try some BACON BITS! Really! Or butterscotch bits, ground up candy bars (Butterfinger or toffee bars)... But Really... TRY BACON!


Shhhhh! - 52 Cookie Recipes... Some days you want to show off. Here are some easy to follow tips to make your plate of chips BETTER than the rest. Extra Texture, Extra Flavors (One a shocker) and Extra Chocolate secret ingredients that demand respect (and love). Just keep the secrets under your hat or everyone will know!

Lemon Zest Lemon Sugar Cookies

Hands down, THESE ARE MY VERY FAVORITE COOKIES OF ALL TIME and the most requested cookie for my catering business! There is a secret ingredient that adds extra Zip Zing Lemon flavors, while the texture is perfect soft creamy and melt in your mouth. THESE are the ONES that MAKE YOU Stand out as a cookie maker! And the secret is a great way to get the kids helping... ENJOY!

TRIPLE Chocolate CHUNK Cookies

This is amazing. More than enough chocolate layers of flavor for any chocoholic. Unsweetened chocolate cake like base, with Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunks and dipped in sweet creamy milk Chocolate. WHAT's NOT TO LOVE???


52 Church PotLuck Dishes Catering Cakes and Pies... Really is an amazing combination of Salted Caramel and Sweet Apple Pie Filling. All the childhood fun of a caramel apple in a PIE FORM!

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