Wednesday, September 28, 2016

World's Best PORK CHOPS FOR SLIDERS - Stuffed with Andouille Sausage

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I love a sale.  That's what freezers are for.  A few times a year my local store will put those long thin pork loins on sale for less than $4.  Normally they run about $8 so I snatch up a few each time I see them cheap.  Generally I like to make one each time I smoke so that I can add the diced meat into my beans.

This gem of an idea uses a precooked sausage, the near legendary Spicy Cajun Andouille Sausage!  Again, bought on sale (watch the newspaper, there are almost always coupons).  And again, frozen which came in handy when you try to stuff this into the loin.

The technique is pretty simple...  Take a long thin knife and cut an X all the way through the center of the loin.

Then take a long thin poking device (I used my honing steel used to get an edge on knifes) and enlarge that X all the way through.

Then just force the sausage into the loin.

And now you just smoke or grill or even roast in the oven as you normally would.

And what you end up with is a beautiful presentation as well as a a delicious mix of meats, spices, rub... and just happen to be the right size for little slider sandwiches.

Tailgate party idea anyone???

It may look a bit odd, but this makes sense.  I was able to put a sweet BBQ rub on the outside of the loin.  The pork has a natural sweetness and came out just as deliciously tender as you can imagine.  While the sausage was indeed deliciously CAJUN Spiced.    Since the sausage ended up in the center, Heat and Sweet, a variety of textures and layers of flavors in EVERY BITE!  Unusual look, surprisingly complicated flavors turns my usually throw away sale meat into something special... And makes a great slider!

 OK... Here's what I did...

Slow Roasted
Andouille Stuffed
Pork Loin and Sausage Sliders


1 Hormel Brand Pork Loin
1 Foot long Cooked Andouille Sausage (Frozen)
1/2 Cup of your favorite Spice Rub

Cooking Instructions
  1. Cut an X in the flat side of the pork loin.  Use a combination of a long thin knife and a thin long round poking device to get a hole throughout the loin.
  2. Shove the frozen sausage through the hole, leaving a bit sticking out of both ends
  3. Allow the sausage to thaw in the refrigerator overnight.
  4. Rub your favorite spice rub into the outside of the pork loin.
  5. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.  Roast until the internal temperature of the center of the loin (the sausage part) reaches 145 degrees (rare for pork).  Double check several areas of the loin and make sure the temeprature is at least 145 degrees in all areas of the loin.
  6. Allow to rest for 10 minutes (the internal temp will go up to 150) and slice thin
  7. Serve on bun, garnish as you like and ENJOY!

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