Tuesday, September 20, 2016

How to Peel Eggs for Deviled Eggs - WORKS EASY PEASY DIY Photo Tutorial

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What a pain in the rump to peel the eggs.  Half the time the eggs just get ruined and you would be ashamed to serve the tray to your Friends and Neighbors... Let alone to your Mother-In-Law.

Don't lose heart.

There really and truly is an easy way to peel eggs.  Works (almost) every time.  I will be honest, any blog post that guarantees 100% perfect eggs every time is not being honest.  Some eggs just do not work.  But this method should get you 10-11 perfect eggs out of a dozen.

Whenever I make deviled eggs I always start with 15 eggs.  Now I can promise that if you use this method, plan for a few problems, you indeed will end up with a dozen beautiful perfectly smooth eggs great for deviled eggs.... 24 Deviled eggs, the perfect amount for any potluck. family event or Church Social.

And with the extra eggs...

When life gives you lemons... Um, not pretty hard boiled eggs...

Make Lemonade... I mean Egg Salad!

OK... Here's what I do...

 Start with OLD EGGS.  Plan ahead if possible, buy eggs 2 weeks before the party and let them sit in the fridge.

Next, put the eggs in the bottom of a LARGE pot.  Large enough that your eggs rest on the bottom without stacking up.  Then fill the pot with cold water up to 1 inch above the eggs.

Move the pot to the burner and turn up the heat.  Leave the pot uncovered.  You will need to keep an eye on the pot.  Once it starts to boil (See the first photo in the collage), a good boil with large bubbles, not just tiny blips.

Next, cover the pot with a tight fitting lid, remove the pot from the heat and let the pot rest for 17 minutes.

While you are waiting the 17 minutes, prepare a bowl with COLD water and ICE (half and half).

OK... Time to work fast...

Take half of the eggs and transfer them to the ice water.  While doing so, tap and break the shell on each egg at the pointy end.  This will allow a small amount of the water into the shell between the shell and the egg white.  Be gentle, just enough to break the shell.

It will only take a few seconds for the eggs to get cool enough to handle.

Now, starting at that already broken pointy end, roll each of the cooled eggs, breaking the shell all around the outside in a jigsaw pattern... small cracks all the way around.  Take a good look at the last photo in this collage and you will see the pattern I am talking about.  Be gentle, you only want to break the shell,  If you press too hard, you will break the egg white as well.  Do this with all of the eggs in the water before you move to the next step

And now it is time to actually peel the eggs...

If all is going well, you will see a larger crack somewhere around the egg that you can slip in a thumbnail.  There is a film or membrane that is attached to the shell but is not connected to the egg white.  You want to get your nail and thumb between that membrane and the white.  This way all those tiny jigsaw pieces will stick to the membrane and you can peel the egg easily.

Many times in one big piece like this second photo in the collage.  It is always very satisfying when that happens!

It is important to work fast.  Once you get the hang of it you will finish those eggs in just 2-3 minutes, ready to work the remaining eggs.

Once all the eggs are done, cut them in half immediately.

I almost always make my goop part of the deviled egg in a food processor.  You want smoothness so you can use a piping bag and star tip to make your eggs look professional (and to show up your sister-in-law's eggs).

OK... Works every time.  From here, just pick a recipe... I have several (click HERE) to see a bunch.

Or come back tomorrow for my new FAVORITE Deviled Egg Recipe, the TEX MEX Omelet Deviled Egg!

And of Course... ENJOY!

And you can enjoy now that you know the secrets to perfectly peeled Hard Boiled Eggs!

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