Sunday, September 11, 2016

Black Forrest Ham Deli Roll-Ups Low Carb Wrap Sandwich

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 OH BOY ... Sandwiches!

But not just any sandwich.  This is a reminder of a fresh made deli sandwich with just a couple of upgrades.

First, I  am getting into Fall mode for my little catering business.  I specialize in small business lunches and I like to do soups and sandwiches for this season.  I made these up to pair with a vegetarian potato soup.  a little something for everyone.

I do a lot of meals for realtor offices.  There are always a big group that, while not really dieting, are happy when I add something "low" to the title.  Low Cal is fine, but these are not really low col.  But they are Low CARB.  They love low carb anything.

For a group, they are fast to put together.  Probably take longer to prep the thin sliced items than to actually assemble the sandwiches.  They are filling and do indeed pair well with the soup!

Enjoy indeed!

 OK... Here's what I did...

Black Forrest Ham
Deli Roll-Ups

  • 1 Brick (8 Ounces) Cream Cheese softened to room temperature
  • 2 tsp Cajun Spice Mix (Use your favorite, Taco mix, Herbes de Provance or a pepper spice (Like Cayanne)
  • 6 Plum Tomatoes, very thinly sliced
  • 2 Cucumbers, Also sliced very thin, skin removed
  • 2 small Red Onions... Also sliced very thin, rungs separated
  • 10 Flour Soft taco Sixe Tortillas
  • 1 pound thin sliced Black Forrest Ham
  • a few squirts of Deli Mustard
  • Sprinkles of Smoked Paprika to add color
Cooking Directions
  1. First, prepare the Cream Cheese...
    In the bowl of a stand mixer add the cream cheese and spice mix.  Blend until well combined and smooth
  2. Now, Build the sandwich...
    Lay out a tortilla...
    spread a layer of the cream cheese.  Cover to the edges...
    add a double layer of the Ham, only cover 3/4 of the tortilla...
    add a layer of thin Tomato slices, only cover 3/4 of the tortilla...
    add a layer of thin Cucumber slices, only cover 3/4 of the tortilla...
    add a layer of Red Onion rings, only cover 3/4 of the tortilla...
    Add a squirt of Yellow Deli Mustard
  3. Starting from the bottom (the top being where the empty 1/4 of the tortilla with just the cream cheese), Gently but firmly roll the sandwich up.  Do not be too firm or the guts will spill out the edges.  Once you reach the top, The cream cheese at the top edge will act as a glue to seal.
  4. Slice in half, plate, repeat sprinkle Paprika
  5. Serve Chilled.  Store in an airtight container.
    ... and ENJOY!

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