Monday, October 3, 2016

Rotisserie Chicken Lovers come and Join! - Announcing NEW Pinterest Group Board -

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But Not just any Chicken, this is a board for Pinterest lovers, Lovers of those Pre-cooked, Pre-seasoned, beautiful birds just waiting for you to take home.  But there are so many uses for those birds besides a midnight snack of chicken legs.

As of opening day, I have over 27,000 folks following this board... And growing daily!

I started the board with a few of my favorites, and will be adding more every day. But I also want to encourage any Pinterest users to drop me an email at...

And I will happily add you to the list of folks that can add posts to the board.

Of course there are a few rules... PLEASE send me a link to your pinterest account. i just want to make sure you are active as a food lover (DIY, Home and Hearth type pinner). I want to keep the board on subject.

And of course speaking of on subject, please be sure to stay on topic and only post Recipes and ideas for chicken dishes that will either uses or could easily be adapted to use Store Bought Rotisserie Chickens.

And that's it... Hope to see you pinning soon!

Just follow the blue letter link above (or Double Click the photo).


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