Sunday, October 2, 2016

Church Potluck Lovers come and Join! - Announcing NEW Pinterest Group Board -

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OH BOY Church Potluck (Or any Potluck, Pass a Plate, Big Family Dinner or Holidays)!!!

But Not just any Potluck idea, this is a board for Pinterest lovers, Pas a Plate lovers and especially for any food bloggers (or lovers of food bloggers) who want to share their favorite recipes for Big Family Dinners or Holidays.

As of opening day, I have over 27,000 folks following the board... And growing daily!

I started the board with a few of my favorites, and will be adding more every day. But I also want to encourage any Pinterest users to drop me an email at...

And I will happily add you to the list of folks that can add posts to the board.

Of course there are a few rules... PLEASE send me a link to your pinterest account. i just want to make sure you are active as a food lover (DIY, Home and Hearth type pinner). I want to keep the board on subject.

And of course speaking of on subject, please be sure to stay on topic and only post Recipes and ideas for a Potluck, Pass a Plate, Big Family Dinner or Holiday.

And that's it... Hope to see you pinning soon!

Just follow the blue letter link above (or Double Click the photo).


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