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Louisiana Crab Cakes Benedict - New Orleans Cajun Style

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 OH BOY!!! Crab Cakes!

But not just any Crab Cakes... These are Cajun spiced, New Orleans style (more on that in a second), but best of all, topped with a freshly poached egg with a beautiful runny egg center and a fresh made Hollandaise Sauce!

These are officially one of my, "Died and Gone to Heaven" recipes.  Lick the plate clean and just mutter to yourself, "these are good... Really good!".

Just keep scrolling down for the easy to follow recipe...

But first...

Recently I was asked to read and review the new cookbook, Big Bad Breakfast: The Most Important Book of the Day.

 Here's the short version... I LOVED THIS BOOK!

Here's what the publicity machine for the author has to say, "From the James Beard Award winner, Top Chef Masters contestant, and acclaimed author comes this fun, festive, and highly caffeinated ode to the joys and rituals of the Southern breakfast, with 75 recipes inspired by the author's popular restaurant in Oxford, Mississippi.

John Currence is one of the most celebrated and well-loved chefs in the South. Among his string of highly successful restaurants in Oxford, Mississippi, Big Bad Breakfast holds a special place in diners' hearts: It is a gathering place where people from all walks come together to share the most important meal of the day, breakfast. Southerners know how to do breakfast right, and Currence has elevated it to an artform: dishes like Banana-Pecan Coffee Cake, Spicy Boudin and Poached Eggs, and Oyster Pot Pie are comforting, soulful, and packed with real Southern flavor. Big Bad Breakfast is full of delicious recipes that will make the day ahead that much better--not to mention stories of the wonderful characters who fill the restaurant every morning, and a meditation on why the Southern breakfast is one of America's most valuable culinary contributions."

The book features easily accessible recipes, easy to duplicate and easy to inspire you to greatness.  The photos are equally inspiring.  More rustic charm, photographed as you can imagine serving a plate.  there are none of the more common white plate dream images of food here.  Look for the real way the dish looks (at it's best of course), ready to be consumed.  Just about every recipe does have a matching photo.  Again, inspiring.

The book is instructive, offering simple tasks such as how to cook an egg properly.  Fried sunny side up, Fried over easy, Poached and scrambled... Omelettes, both French and American versions.  Biscuits and several gravy options.  Then the real cooking starts with variations on bread, egg dishes, casseroles and skillet meals and so much more.  There are chapters on condiments (Bourbon bacon onion Jam anyone?) and even a chapter on morning after Hair of the Dog drink recipes.

The stories he shares of his friends and time behind many a grill station in restaurants are fun to read and gives history to each dish.

In short, again... I LOVED THIS BOOK!

Here's the legal stuff... "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review." But the review and opinions are 100% accurate and mine!".  I did indeed cook the recipe as printed and it worked on every level I could ask.  Wonderful Look, appealing texture and delicious taste.  I look forward to making many more of the beautiful dishes offered!  Love this book and highly recommend it!

I am so thrilled to add this book to my library.  A terrific inspiration.

As a gift or a new reference book for yourself, this is a keeper.

Back to the recipe... Whoop de Doo!  Wonderful flavorings mingle with a mix of textures.  Beautiful colors make this a family holiday worthy breakfast that would be a welcome tradition.

Run, don't walk to the store for the easy to find ingredients and you have a great breakfast, breakfast for dinner dish that will make you the Master of your Domain indeed!


 OK... Here's what I did...

New Orleans Cajun
Crab Cakes Benedict !!!

  • 1/4 Cup plus 3 TBS Creole Mustard or Whole Grain Dijon Mustard
  • 3 TBS Diced Red Bell Peppers
  • 3 TBS Diced Green Bell Peppers
  • 2-1/2 TBS Heavy Cream
  • 1 TBS Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 1 Shallot, Minced
  • 1 tsp Diced Seeded Jalapeno
  • 1 Pound lump Crab meat (Note: I used 3 Cans lump Crab meat, squeezed of liquid)
  • 3/4 Cup Panko Bread Crumbs Plus More for coating
  • 5 TBS Olive Oil for frying Cakes
  • 1 Cup Hollandaise Sauce (Note: Recipe provided in book, BUT I used my modified Scratch Hollandaise Sauce made in a Stand Mixer recipe)
  • 8 Poached Eggs
  • Chopped Chives for garnish
Cooking Directions
  1. Whisk together the 1/4 cup Mustard, Bell Peppers, Cream, Lemon Juice, Egg Yolks, Shallot and Jalapeno.  Fold the Crab Meat gently but thoroughly, followed by the Bread Crumbs.  Season with salt and pepper.  Cover and refrigerate for 30 minutes before forming into 8 cakes.
  2. Divide into 8 portions.  Form each into a 2-1/2 inch patty, about 3/4 inches thick.  Place the bread crumbs on a plate and coat each cake with additional crumbs.
  3. Warm the oil in a in a saute pan over medium high heat for 1 minute.  Place the crab cakes in the pan and cook, turning regularly until golden on both sides, about 3 minutes per side.
  4. Plate, top each cake with a poached egg, and spoon on the Hollandaise sauce.  Garnish with drizzle of additional mustard (I left this step out, the Hollandaise sauce hat plenty of flavor.)  Dust lightly with Cayenne Pepper and sprinkle with Chives for Garnish
  5. Serve immediately, warm, and ENJOY!

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