52 Cookie Recipes

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Who doesn't love a good cookie????

Grandma's keep the simple classics in cookie jars for the kiddies...

The Queen of England eats the fancy ones with her afternoon tea...

Find a Church pot luck supper and the cookie bar table is filled...

And Christmas cookies are so popular people organize exchanges so you can trade em like Baseball Cards!

So, this is my year to organize my collection of classics (like Old School Peanut Butter), experiment with new versions of interesting combinations (like a Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip), Show off amazing cookie bars suitable for any pot luck (like an amazing Pineapple Cream Cheese that uses a box cake mix, about 10 minutes of hands on work and the illusion of a complicated recipe (maybe the best I have ever eaten and one the other Church ladies will wish they knew your secret)).

Book mark this page as new cookies will be added every week with a goal of an AMAZING Christmas Cookie box giveaway for family and friends!

OK... Here we go (all the photos have links, double click them, as well as the BLUE lettering....



I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Rich moist delicious chocolate brownie surrounds the rustic beauty of mini Reese Peanut Butter Cups. 


INCREDIBLY easy, in fact it is a recipe that uses a store bought cake mix and a brick of cream cheese and a few pantry ingredients..

Great Leftover pantry cleaner outer recipe.  A can of Condensed Milk and literally whatever I got... You have a candy bar and a clean pantry!

Think Outside the Box... These ARE Cookies.

Really, this has become kind of a specialty for me and 9 out of 10 people LOVE them (the 10th thinks someone crapped in their mouth, but I think they started with a closed mind... But I digress...)

Cappuccino Jordan Almond Truffles

Those candy coated almonds combine with a chocolate center to make your very own gourmet chocolates... LOTS of photo HOW TOs you can follow and DIY!

Tuxedo Clad Chocolate Covered Strawberries

YOU CAN DO THIS... Really it is pretty easy. In this pin there are LOTS of photo HOW TOs to guide you.  YOU CAN DO THIS AT HOME!!!

...The best thing about this fudge is that the color and the flavor is so incredibly easy to make. Jell-o  Yeap, flavored Jell-o, added to the very very simple base and you have any color, any flavor ... Any salute to any sport team you like.   Only 4 total ingredients, take less than 5 minutes to make.

This is the fudge of your youth.  This is the fudge Grandma made every Holiday season.  SO sweet it makes your teeth ache.  But so good you just can't resist another piece. This fudge is also the fudge that stays soft and chewy.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip

These are FANTASTIC... Hints of sweet vinegar, hints of chocolate, silky creamy finish (due to a secret ingredient) and a stunning visual presentation make these perfect for any occasion as well as a wonderful Christmas cookie!


It's easy being green (or any other color (Picture red for Valentine's Day) with this recipe.  uses a box cake mix and items already in your pantry to make a chewy cookie that has the texture of a cupcake top (the good part).  And comes with a great look.  Perfect cookie to make with the kids!


This is the cookie bar that you need to take to a pot luck... AMAZING tastes, PLUS amazingly easy.  Store bought cake mix and a few pantry ingredients plus a small can of pineapple and you have a chewy soft bar, cream cheese frosting in the center and simply DELICIOUS!  Plus a rustic interesting very pretty look to be proud of.  And did I mention about as easy as it gets to make these.

Oatmeal HONEY Peanut Butter CHOCOLATE
No Bake Cookie

Name says it all... Chocolate...  Peanut Butter... Oatmeal (enough to pretend they are good for you)...  Sweetened with HONEY and a fantastic taste.  Perfect to make with the kids as it is simply a mix and enjoy ready in 5 minutes recipe!


Now this is a morning cup of coffee with a friend recipe.  Rustic and nutty delicious.  Low sugar, no over sweet icing, just a fantastic Almond taste with a hint of sweetness.  The simpler version of the Italian classic cookie anyone can make.  Perfect with leftover Easter Candy or after a traditional Italian wedding (Jordan Almonds are a traditional gift to guests).


Title says it all... Bet you had some of these when you were 10 years old and LOVED 'em... You still will.

These Oatmeal Cookies are just PEACHY! 

This is a unique taste, the traditional Oatmeal cookie made new again with peach butter, pecans and they come out with an extra little nutty taste and texture, plus soft and chewy from the extra smooth butter!


I love Almonds... I love Chocolate... I love bits of candied almonds rolled in sweetened chocolate!  A very simple recipe perfect for using up dribs and drabs of Easter candy or Italian wedding guest favors and creating something fun!

Pina Colada Macaroons - Tropical Cookies

Warm up with the tastes of the tropics. Everything you love in a Pina Colada in a cookie! And a few pictures of somewhere warm.
The old school macaroon gets an update and turns out DELICIOUS!


They look like snomen, but all they are is a simple store bought cookie dipped in Almond Bark.  Add some mini M&M's and an Orange Tic Tac and you have about the easiest cookie ever made!!!

Girl Scout NO BAKE Thin Mint Truffles - EASY PEASY!

My Most popular "pin" on Pinterest  and for good reason.  Incredibly easy.  The chocolate center is mashed up store bought cookies with added creaminess, dipped in colored chocolate and a few swirls and you have a HUGE Crowd pleaser that tastes just like the girl scout cookies you only get once a year... now year round (and for far less money)!


These are fantastic... An adult cookie with an adult taste. Perfect when you want just a little sweet without the heavy taste of a sweet candy kid's cookie.  Tart, Tangy taste of lime and herbal, Earthy Savory taste of fresh herbs!
Uniquely Delicious!

Classic ROLO Candy DOUBLE Chocolate Caramel Cookie

These were new when my world was young (means old recipe).  But the classics hang around for a reason... Double Chocolate, sweet creamy caramel center and if you don't know ahead of time, there is a surprise in the center.  Made easy with store bought candy, a GREAT cookie to make with kids!

Oatmeal Scotchie - 3 EASY Secrets to Building a Better Cookie

The classic from everyone's youth... updated with just a few extra little tweeks that make this extra good.  All the tastes of the original enhanced!  If I had to pick, my very favorite classic old School  cookie in the whole world


Butter soft and delicious cookie recipe perfect for holidays and  special occasions.  Let your imagination run wild with the decorating possibilities and different "plug in" ingredients

GOOEY Butterscotch Cashew... BEST Bar COOKIE I EVER MADE!

THESE ARE INCREDIBLE!  The soft caramel like taste of easy easy easy butterscotch caramel stays soft forever.  the short bread base and the butty goodness of cashews are sure to please any one.  But especially the adults after a sweet yet salty savory goodness!

Butterfinger Brownie Bars (Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Bar)

They are thin like a cookie, but they taste like a brownie and I made them in BAR form.  BUT GOOEY as could be, extra rich chocolaty and DELICIOUS.  I Love the candy bar and these are AMAZING!!!


This is my version of Southern treat called, Smoky Mountain Snowcaps. Looking out on what I pray is the last snowfall of the season, I felt inspired.  These are a chewy almost shortbread texture cookie. Savory and LOADED with Walnuts, Spicy and interestingly flavored with nutmeg and all made pretty (and hinting of snow) by a final dusting of powdered sugar.


But, ignore the ugly; close your eyes and you will LOVE THESE!  This is a version of banana bread turned into a cookie.  Yet another use for those brown over ripe almost going bad bananas.  And a delicious use it is.  Naturally sweet from the bananas,with the extra fiber benefits of oats and the Earthy chocolaty goodness of CHOCOLATE Candies (M&Ms).  I also added some walnuts for an extra crunch.

Like I said, I will admit to ugly...  If you admit they are wonderful!

Drunken Healthy Banana Orange Cranberry Craisin Cookies

I used Cointreau (Orange Liquor), but Orange Juice would work as well, Craisins (my new FAVORITE INGREDIENT), Bananas.  PLUS THESE ARE SWEETENED WITH HONEY.  At only 1/2 cup of sugar these may not be healthy but the sure are sweet and DELICIOUS!


The classic recipe on the back of the bag gets a makeover...  Secret ingredient added to make these even more nutty  tasting.  Plus another tiny tiny ingredient that wakes up your taste buds for that party in your mouth taste!!!


Almost healthy... A full pound of fruit, plenty of colon cleansing oats.
The texture is soft and chewy, with the cream cheese fruit filling practically melting the usually hard oat/sugar mix. Could be the perfect bar.  But honestly it's the taste. Rich seasonal raspberries, sweetened with sugary cream cheese, all wrapped with an almost brownie like base and crunchy oat topping.

Like the title says, THREE Types of chocolate, Chocolate chips are loaded into a moist Fudgy cake brownie and then the whole thing gets covered in a fudge chocolate glaze.  This indulgent dessert is sure to be praise worthy for any gathering of family and friends... A GOTO got to take something DISH!


EggNog Cheesecake Bars - Church PotLuck Dessert... OH BOY, a new favorite CheeseCake!!! Puffs up beautifully, Creamy Sweet with a smell and lingering taste of Christmas that you can have YEAR ROUND!


If you like Pina Coladas, Have a Cookie and Escape!
Loaded with all the flavors of a poolside beach drink, Pineapple, coconut, evn a bit of Rum and White Chocolate.  All soft and chewy and deliciously EASY using a Box Cake Mix.  DELICIOUSLY EASY


A Standard Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe with a couple of SECRETS but also instead of Chocolate chips I dices up some Halloween Candy... Snickers Bars have Nugget, Nuts, Caramel and Chocolate... Makes these cookies BETTER than just chips... THE BEST EVER!!!


The brown sugar is melted into butter, making the whole thing so buttery soft and chewy. The toffee bits are small and soften as well during the baking so the whole brownie is about as good, soft and EXTRA chewy as you can get. THESE BROWNIES ARE THE BEST!!!

BEST Rice Krispie Treats

It must be the world's EASIEST Dessert since every 8 year old Girl Scout can make them.  BUT there are hints, tricks and DIY Tips to make them just a little bit better than the rest.  NEVER HARD, always soft and chewy and a few tips to dress them up pretty to stand out on any buffet table... THESE ARE BETTER!!!


Old School... And deserves to be in every cooks repeat recipe file.
Crispy, crunchy, sweet, chocolate, hints of Peanut Butter and Butterscotch.
A great DIY project to make with the kids (maybe share a story of your youth).
New york Style BLACK and WHITE Cookie

Symbolic of the racial unity always found in the big city??? Or a wonderful Lemon Cake Cookie with both Vanilla AND Chocolate Icing. Sometimes called Half and Halfs or Half Moons or in Germany - The AMERIKANER. Found in any of NYC's Delis, Now can be made EASY in your home!


Can you see it... Look Closely. The Marshmallow is the Cotton Tail. The overhanging small cookies are the feet (with the pink colored pads for toes and palms)... BUNNY BUTTS!

All made easy with tubes of sugar cookie dough and canned icing.


Always popular, these little square gems are just about every bodies favorites.  The Toffee crust is light, soft and chewy. The soft Chocolate Ganache topping is incredibly easy to make and allows the crushed almonds to be gently pushed into the chocolate so nothing flakes off.  Only a few ingredients that are probably in your pantry right now, these cookie bars are sure to please!


I am constantly on the look out for an Adult Cookie. With a real PUNCH of flavor. You will need to break out your microplane zester for this as the recipe features the ZEST of SEVEN lemons. That's where the real lemon flavor is.

No need for frosting, sprinkles or funny shapes... Just big girl grown up flavors that pack that PUNCH!

Chocolate Cream Cheese Marbled FUDGE BROWNIES

OH BOY FUDGE!!!  Ummmm... Wait it still has a brownie look and taste. Sweet and creamy like a fudge, a hint of cake-y texture like a brownie and even a bit of crunch (Loaded with chocolate chips inside). That marbled look on top comes from a layer of cream cheese brownie mix for even more flavor!

Double Chocolate - Sweet and Creamy - Cake-y Texture
and even MORE FLAVORS!

And these are more of an adult sugar cookie! Just a bit of savory and Orange Infused sugar turns these into an amazing adult style cookie.  Melt in your mouth creaminess combine with a deep ORANGE Flavor... LOVE THESE!


Everyone knows that adding Sea Salt to chocolate adds an extra ZING of flavor. This recipe takes that several steps beyond a simple ZING...
The Specialty Gourmet Himalayan Sea Salt...
AN Extra Zip with Citrus Zest added to the sugar...
AND Almond Meal added to the flour for an extra hint of nutty flavor.
A classic look but an all new ADULT Cookie!


Even the classics can get an upgrade.  Just be careful about cooking time to get the right texture...  Add a little something something extra (I list three new ingredients I add to my cookies) and the all important cooking directions explained.
These really are THE WORLD's BEST!!!


A dramatic presentation, a delicious sounding name and a unique flavor all add up to a wonderful dessert experience! They are indeed about as big as your fist, Despite the size of the meringue, they are actually pretty light. The basic ingredient is a single egg white in each one, packed with sugar and whipped until stiff. The taste and texture is very similar to a marshmallow. BIG, DRAMATIC, DELICIOUS and... Something NEW!


Sweet and Creamy cheesecake with a Graham Cracker Crust.  Flavored with that PUNCH of flavor from Florida Key Limes (Be sure to add the zest!).  This is about the easiest scratch cheese cake  recipe.  Never cracks and always pleases!


These cookies have peanut butter and marshmallow fluff (the secret ingredients in the classic New England treat - FLUFFERNUTTER).  Then dipped in chocolate for the perfect treat.  These were Snapped up when my favorite group of kids had their snack... best ever!  and easy and cheap to DIY!  And if you really want a fun mess, let the kids make em... they are easy (and fun and messy)


Baseball fever is hitting my area and my heart (Live in KC but grew up in Cubs Country).  These beauties let me root root root for my home team (or my heart team).  EASY to DIY  this sugar cookie recipe makes terrific soft cookies perfect for any party (or for the children;s church snack we provided this week.  ENJOY and cheer on my beloved Cubs!


Nutter Butter Santa Cookies! 

This is so easy to DIY. Only a handful of ingredients and you have a kid friendly snack for our Children's Church or a "Kid Will LOVE" Cookie for the holiday season! This is the "fancy" looking cookie that ANYONE can make! All the easy to follow directions are here.


These are called BANG POW ZOOM Burst cookies for a reason... There is a secret ingredient (easy to find) added that makes each bite BURST with extra flavor.  No Boring cake cookie, the secret colors them (no food coloring needed) and makes each color a distinctive flavor (red = Raspberry and Green = Lime.  BUT these are just about the EASIEST COOKIE to DIY BAKE.  Only a handful of ingredients, wonderful look and presentation

Easy and beyond easy... These are wonderful party items. You can top them easily enough with almost anything you have left over from holiday baking. I like the Pomegranate seeds, mostly for the holiday colors, nuts, holiday sugar cookie decorations... But feel free to let your imagination run wild... Try some BACON BITS! Really! Or butterscotch bits, ground up candy bars (Butterfinger or toffee bars)... But Really... TRY BACON!


I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Rich moist delicious chocolate brownie surrounds the rustic beauty of mini Reese Peanut Butter Cups. Am ultimate blending with hidden treats in a simple brownie! LOVE THESE!

52 Holiday Cookies Snacks for Children's Church... AND A Wonderful CHRISTMAS Cookie... NO BAKE easy to DIY. Simply melt the chocolate, pipe and decorate. SO EASY And SO POPULAR! Sweet, Crunchy, Salty and a wonderful look! Grab the kids, this is one they can do

Very easy and tasty treats that will delight. The blue is colored white chocolate , easily decorated to look like a cartoon of an ocean scene. Whimsical, Fun and tasty... A great combo for a group of younguns!


Shhhhh! - 52 Cookie Recipes... Some days you want to show off. Here are some easy to follow tips to make your plate of chips BETTER than the rest. Extra Texture, Extra Flavors (One a shocker) and Extra Chocolate secret ingredients that demand respect (and love). Just keep the secrets under your hat or everyone will know!

Lemon Zest Lemon Sugar Cookies

Hands down, THESE ARE MY VERY FAVORITE COOKIES OF ALL TIME and the most requested cookie for my catering business! There is a secret ingredient that adds extra Zip Zing Lemon flavors, while the texture is perfect soft creamy and melt in your mouth. THESE are the ONES that MAKE YOU Stand out as a cookie maker! And the secret is a great way to get the kids helping... ENJOY!

"Go Cubs Go" or "Let's Go Royals" Spiral Rolled Butter Sugar Cookies

Baseball fever is hitting my area and my heart (Live in KC but grew up in Cubs Country). These beauties let me root root root for my home team (or my heart team). EASY to DIY this sugar cookie recipe makes terrific soft cookies perfect for any party (or for the children;s church snack we provided this week. ENJOY and cheer on my beloved Cubs!

Rice Krispie Treat Turkey Legs

EASY DIY COOKIE FOR HOLIDAYS - 52 Cookie Recipes I made these for our Children's Church snack time and they were the hot of the day! Of all the snacks and clever presentations I have ever made, this was the one that everyone wanted to know the "secret". Not much really and incredibly easy considering the huge payoff. Rice Krispie Treats wrapped around a pretzel rod with one end coated in white chocolate. BUT THE SECRET IS THE KNUCKLE... EASY

Salted Chocolate Clementine Cuties

The simplicity of this "recipe" does not at all diminish the popularity. EASY to make, CHEAP to make and a real crowd pleaser fo adults and kids alike. Served these up to our Children;s Church Snack and the kids gobbled em down!

M&M MACAROONS (M&M Cookies for Grown ups and Children's Church)

These can also work great as an Adult version of a chocolate chip cookie. Just sub the M&Ms with mini chocolate chips. BUT the kids love the many colored candy bits. These were a HIT

TRIPLE Chocolate CHUNK Cookies

This is amazing. More than enough chocolate layers of flavor for any chocoholic. Unsweetened chocolate cake like base, with Semi Sweet Chocolate Chunks and dipped in sweet creamy milk Chocolate. WHAT's NOT TO LOVE???

Hawaiian Cookie Bar - Blondies!!!

COCONUT and CHOCOLATE ! M and M's and sweet coconut combine for an adult taste with the hint of whimsy kids love! Great after school snack or treat to take for an occasion

Chocolate Walnut Pie BARS

52 Cookie Recipes for Church PotLuck and Catering... And for a wonderfully nutty gooey chocolatey delightful snack dessert dish! OOEY GOOEY and CHOCOLATE!!!

I made these for our Church Sunday School Snack... Simple to make, just a few mini candy bars, a little "glue" and M and M's plus the driver... Cute, FUN and delicious!

And even an Honorable Mention Idea for ya ...

Aluminum Foil DUCKS - Take-Home-A-Sack Easy Peasy DIY Gift Wrap for Cookies !!! OK, not really a recipe but this is a wonderful way to send a little doggie bag of Christmas cookies home...Or just about any leftovers work in a Little Aluminum Duck Doggie Bag... 
And to send a couple Cookies as gifts!


Stay tuned, work in progress.  In the interest of the size of my rear end, I will be adding something new at least once a week, with a goal of being able to make the BEST Christmas gift box of cookies ever!

So stay tuned, come back often, pin me and follow me on Pinterest to see what I am making next week.  Come on over, there's cookies in the cookie jar!

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