52 Casseroles

Pin It Now! Very Very much a work in progress... Keep Checking back for more ideas!

Breakfast Casseroles...

Main Course Casseroles...

 - Better than Restaurant!  Company or restaurant quality, layers upon layers of creamy rich cheese, luscious savory sauces fresh pasta noodles and so much more

Side Dish Casseroles...

Doritos Taco Green Bean Casserole... 

This is a version of the green bean casserole you know.  BUT Home made soup instead of the store bought and TACO DORITOS in place of the french fried onions.

Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole

This one has it all... Meat (pound of sausage), vegetables (onions and peppers), Potatoes (Kids love anything with Tater Tots), Eggs (dozen servings, a dozen eggs) and plenty of cheese to get that delicious crust of cheese on the top. A crowd pleaser for any crowd!

Bacon Cheesecake (Shhh, It's a Quiche Lorraine)

I love making Quiche.  About as easy as it gets, including making a scratch butter crust (really that's easy too).  This is a classic easy to make Quiche Lorraine, which is simply a savory BACON BACON BACON CHEESECAKE!  Don't say the quiche word and the men in your life will love this.  AND it's Freezable, make two... And did I mention EASY!


It's a classic Quiche Lorraine made in a 9X13 Casserole Pan, 20 Servings makes this perfect for Leftovers (midnight snacking at it's best) or for the Holiday Crowds of visitors or any PotLuck Brunch.  LOADED with Bacon and Cheese and DELICIOUS!  EASY FAST and even EASIER when you do most of the work ahead of time!

Pantry and Leftover MONEY SAVING Breakfast Casserole

This time of year I get a shelf full of half used ingredients. From potatoes to onions to that half a bell pepper that always appears. This is more of a formula for turning leftovers into a breakfast casserole. A few eggs and your pantry and fridge tupperware and you have a treat that your family will ask for again and again.(It'll just taste different each time) ENJOY!

Side Dish Casseroles...

Butternut Gratin via A Kitchen in France

Fantastic seasonal side dish, perfect for Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner alternative/addition to potatoes.  A cheesy creamy soft ad tender with a crunchy crispy topping.  It comes together very fast and easy.  A wonderful presentation ... AND DELICIOUS!!!
Grandma's "OLD SCHOOL" Scalloped Potato Casserole

I love the "Old School", Grandma recipes.  And why not?  They have met the test of time with hundreds of thousands versions of this recipe served at hundreds of thousands of church basements!
There is a creamy gravy on the insides (if served right, the gravy is still bubbling right out of the oven).  with a topping of crusty slightly crunchy top.  A perfect mix of textures for your pallet.
Deceptively easy considering the BIG payoff in taste and popularity.

Onions at the Ritz... Onion Au Gratin Casserole

Church Potluck Side Dish,  This is an Old School nearly forgotten seasonal recipe made back when Farm to Table was a way of life.  This needs to be made with SWEET ONIONS.  Back in the day, Vidalias were a rare treat.  Only available a week or two or maybe a single shipment outside of Georgia.  Those sweet onions STAR IN THIS FANTASTIC SIDE DISH.  This time, everything tastes great UNDER a RITZ CRACKER!

Ham and Green Beans Leftovers

52 Church PotLuck Holiday Leftover Ideas... There is "leftover" in the name but this is so good I;ll be making this any time i see a big slice of Ham on sale. There is a tart mustard and Worcestershire sauce covering everything, even some crispy caramelized onions over the top. A wonderful meal, low on meat but high on flavor. Just wish I had more leftovers to make another pan!

Cheesy Fennel Potato Gratin

Cheesy Fennel POTATO GRATIN - Church PotLuck Side Dish...Oh Boy is this BEAUTIFUL... Golden Brown and Delicious.  BUT it is also hints of sweet from the Fennel, Savory, Cheesy, a little nutty and a wonderful change of pace Potato dish.  Tired of whipped potatoes, these will SHINE as a potato dish for any big Holiday meal, family gathering or Church or Neighborhood PotLuck BYODish event.  Hints to get you through making a roux makes this easy and spectacular!

Grandma's "OLD SCHOOL" Scalloped Potato Casserole

I love the "Old School", Grandma recipes. And why not? They have met the test of time with hundreds of thousands versions of this recipe served at hundreds of thousands of church basements! There is a creamy gravy on the insides (if served right, the gravy is still bubbling right out of the oven). with a topping of crusty slightly crunchy top. A perfect mix of textures for your pallet. The taste will take you back to Grandma's house

Grandma's Cheesy Hash Brown Potato Casserole

This is the one you remember from hundreds of Church Potlucks and big family gatherings. Grandma knew what was good. AND EASY Frozen hash browns and a handful fo ingredients and you have a "CAN;T RESIST" SECONDS Casserole. Nostalgicly Delicious

Main Course Casseroles...


The ULTIMATE New Orleans Dish gets an easy freezable casserole look.  LOADED with Chicken, Sausage and Cup after Cup of vegetables!  Easy, Fun to serve and always DELICIOUS!  Recipe from New Orleans School of Cooking.

Hamburger Stroganoff Cottage Pie Casserole (Freezable)

 - 52 Church PotLuck Main Course... One of my very favorite meals of all time (and among the easiest to make), Hamburger Stroganoff is transformed into a casserole.  Similar to a British Cottage Pie with a cap of mashed potatoes.  The recipe is FREEZABLE, make one now and make an extra to enjoy in a month. TIPS and TRICKS for freezing are included!

Tater Tot Chicken Parmesan Casserole

Sometime you want to give the kids what they want... TATER TOTS!  And with this you have all the classic ingredients of a Chicken Parmesan... Chicken, Tomato Sauce, Cheese, Breading (the Tots), and then I tossed in Vegetables, Corn Onions and Peppers... Popular and DELICIOUS!
Chili Mac Casserole

By definition, it's Chili mixed with Macaroni (that's the "Mac"). And sure enough, that;s what this is. I left out much of the liquid so the dish is more of a Cut-able Casserole.

AND WOW is this GOOD! All the tastes flavors and spices of a Chili, Combined with a pasta and you have a traditional School Lunch dish... Just Jazzed so that it shines on any "Pass a Plate" PotLuck occasion. KIDS LOVE THIS DISH!

Reuben Sandwich CASSEROLE (Really)

If you like a Reuben Sandwich, you will LOVE this idea!

Shhhh... It's a SAVORY BREAD PUDDING. Think a Reuben with an egg on top. All made convenient and beautiful crusty golden brown in Casserole form!

Beautiful, tasty, unique and memorable. Fits on any buffet table I can imagine!

Chicken and Veggie Pasta Casserole

Low Cal - Stretch Your $$ - 52 Church PotLuck Casseroles - WHAT A GREAT CASSEROLE! Pasta to stretch your servings (Cheaply), LOADED with veggies (Fresh) onions and Sweet peppers, and (Frozen) Peas and Corn! FIlled with seasoned tomatoes and plenty of cheap and easy cooked Rotisserie Chicken --- HEALTHY! LOW CAL! EASY TO MAKE! and most of all... DELICIOUS!

Baked (FREEZABLE) Four Cheese Tomatoes and Pasta

Includes hints for serving half and freezing half for another day... This is THE BEST Macaroni and Cheese you can imaging.  4 Cheeses make for creamy decadent deliciousness while the addition of the tomatoes add something uniquely special.. LOVE THIS!!!

Not Your Granny's Tuna Noodle Casserole

Oh Boy, this is terrific.  My less than enthusiastic embrace of hot fish dishes is on record, but this is good... REALLY REALLY GOOD.  A single tsp of Chipotle in Adobe Sauce added to the mix adds an extra layer of flavors, plus a couple of hints to make this a favorite around our house.  Extra peas, extra cheesy and extra tips to make this a successful dish for the non-hot fish dish eaters in your family!


I have to be honest, I do not care for Hot Fish Casserole... But my Wife LOVES IT!  This is about her favorite meal.  SO, Happy Wife, Happy Life, and a fantastic Casserole.  Plenty of cheesy goodness, plenty of Tuna flavor and best of all... Garnished with (my Favorite) Fish Crackers!  Those make me happy too!  One Dish EASY to make!!!

Shepherd's Pie from Turkey Day Leftovers(or Rotisserie Chicken, Ground Beef, Pulled Pork)

A thick rich stout gravy holds the filling of Turkey, 5 different vegetables and seasonings and transfers leftovers (or heck, this is so good, make the meat special for this) into something special.  Two potatoes (whipped Russet and whipped Sweet Potatoes) make a delicious mix of flavors for the topping.  ALWAYS a crowd pleaser!

This is a favorite of mine... Turning leftovers into GOLD!  And this is always gold, part fresh vegetables, part frozen veggies, silky creamy base with Dijon mustard adding extra flavor and topped by last night's Mashed Potatoes!  DELICIOUS and COST EFFECTIVE (I MEAN CHEAP, REALLY CHEAP!

Tex-Mex Enchilada Lasagna Casserole

Would that it were not true, but it is... This may be the ugliest pile of food you have seen on the internet today.  But what it lacks in looks, it MORE than makes up for in taste. Taco seasonings, chunky Salsa, TWO types of melty gooey cheeses, three beans, sweet corn, sour cream to cool the taste and enough hamburger to satisfy any meat lover.  Easy Peasy and DELICIOUS... but ugly

This is a very easy to make classic... been around as long as I can remember and is always LOVED! A Pound of hamburger, some seasonal vegetables (or frozen and canned), a package of TACO Seasoning and a couple of boxes of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix and you have a CROWD Pleasing recipe. perfect for the Church Potluck, a neighborhood BYODish party or a quick easy weeknight meal. The classic casseroles are always the best!

A MILLION dollar recipe with a two MILLION dollar presentation.  LOTS of vegetables soaked in a creamy rich Alfredo sauce with a BEAUTIFUL presentation of flaky buttermilk biscuits!

This SPECTACULAR presentation hides a rich thick cheesy al Fredo Sauce with PLENTY of vegetables, Corn, Peas, Onions and Peppers (add more if you like), plenty of chicken all topped with an EASY Buttery Parmesan pull apart Biscuit top.  All the goodness of a pot pie, NON of the work.  Only a few minutes of hands on work and you have a SPECTACULAR MEAL!

Chicken Pot Pie

"Old School" 52 Uses for a Rotisserie Chicken Recipe... A Delicious Alfredo style gravy wrapped around TONS of vegetables, while a crispy tender and almost moist dumpling layer of Fresh Made Buttermilk Biscuits tops the whole thing. EASY DIY Recipe to use up leftovers, perfect to file for TURKEY DAY Aftermath!
Turkey Shit on a Shingle (Creamy Turkey and Biscuits and Gravy Leftovers) 

(It's a Stew with Biscuits). Here's one of my favorite things in the world to eat. And it's all made from leftovers! If you like biscuits and gravy, you will LOVE this! But every year it's a little different. Add your leftover pea salad or green bean casserole... even use cranberry sauce as a topping... this STEW WITH BISCUITS is one of the most wonderful times of the year!

Traditional Lasagna... DIY From Scratch
(Lasagne Tradizionali)

This is the basic, scratch version... layer upon layer of Home made fresh PASTA (Recipe included), A rich thick meaty RAGU Sauce (recipe included), a nutty creamy BECHAMEL Sauce (recipe Included), Loaded with Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheeses and FANTASTIC!  Newer Specialty or lesser ingredients are fine, but this is the ONE PEOPLE WILL RAVE ABOUT!!!

100% Scratch BRAGGING RIGHTS Recipe PERFECT for sharing God's Bounty and your cooking skills (BUT plenty of suggestions for easier alternatives) Hints and tips that will make this such a memorable dish. Even tips on transporting so it is served at the perfect temperature... SUCH A GREAT RECIPE! LOTS of step by step instructions to make fresh pasta, meat sauce, Bechamel Sauce and hints to make it all come together!

Cheesy Sausage and Fennel FREEZABLE Casserole

Meat and Potatoes!  Sometime you just want MEAT and TATERS!

Plus a few extras (tomatoes and the AMAZING taste of Fennel), all with a little hint of Swiss Cheese. And it doesn't take too much effort to make two of these at the same time, freeze one and pre-cook dinner for a day when you are busier than usual. Easy to prepare...  AND DELICIOUS!

Tex Mex Spinach Mac and Cheese (Freezable)

I LOVE this casserole! Cheesey as any good macaroni and cheese should be, but with that extra kick from Green Chile seasoned tomatoes, a little extra spices and all made EASY with pre-cooked, pre-seasoned Rotisserie Chicken. THIS IS NOT A BORING OLD PASTA and CHICKEN RECIPE!

Cajun Cheesy Chicken and Pasta
(Freezable Mac and Cheese Casserole)

Macaroni and Cheese is on every buffet table.  Often many versions.  This one WILL STAND OUT!  Chicken filling, plenty of creamy cheese and the spices that make this stick to your ribs!  Made easy with Rotisserie chicken and delicious with the Spices!  Make extra to freeze for a second meal in a month!

Mini Tex-Mex Meatloaf with Vegetables and BACON

These little gems have MORE THAN ENOUGH FLAVOR to satisfy any Tex Mex cowboy (or cowboy want to be). Spicy tomato juice is added to hamburger and Chorizo sausage. BBQ Sauce brushed, even Fritos Corn chips are in there. But also more than 2 cups of vegetables are mixed in and well hidden. And of course everything is better with BACON BACON BACON!


EASILY FREEZABLE.  A base of baked potato slices covered in just about anything you can think of from a baked potato bar... Chili, cheese sauce, even loads of vegetables - Corn, Tomatoes and broccoli.  Plus of course BACON BACON BACON all topped with cheese and green onions.  Freezing instructions included.  Make 2 one for now and one for when you are too busy to cook!  AS GOOD AS IT SOUNDS!

Chicken Enchiladas - Cheesy,Spicy FREEZABLE CASSEROLE

And FAST... 30 minute meal.  With Freezing instructions (I like to make two, one for today and one for a month from now).  The recipe uses lots of time saving ingredients (like using a spicy cheese dip).  With a KILLER Tex-Mex Brown Sauce that will make this a monthly MUST MAKE AGAIN DISH!!!

Chili Cornbread Casserole

We had a bit of a cold snap one summer day recently.  Cold and rainy and the perfect day for chili!  But today I had a little something different.  A CHILI CASSEROLE!  Topped with crispy crunchy cornbread but hints of cornbread dumplings under the crunch!  Best of all, this recipe is freezable.  I doubled the recipe and filed an extra casserole in my freezer just waiting for the next cold summer day, windy, cold, rainy and Chili Worthy!!!

52 Soup Recipes (It's a Stew with Biscuits). Here's one of my favorite things in the world to eat. And it's all made from leftovers! If you like biscuits and gravy, you will LOVE this! But every year it's a little different. Add your leftover pea salad or green bean casserole... even use cranberry sauce as a topping... this STEW WITH BISCUITS is one of the most wonderful times of the year!

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