Thursday, December 29, 2016

Deviled Eggs Benedict

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 Oh Boy... Deviled Eggs...

But not just any deviled eggs, these are based on that most delicious of all brunch dishes... Eggs Benedict.

I LOVE eggs Benedict.  Not just for that marvelous taste, but also it brings back very happy memories of a long gone friend.  My good friend John passed away nearly 15 years ago.  We had jobs that allowed us to travel a great deal.  Whenever we met up for breakfast, you could count on John to tell this slightly off color joke about Eggs Benedict and vacations.  I will spare you the off color joke, but just the thought of Eggs Benedict in any style makes me smile.

But I digress...

These little gems are destined to be the hit of your event (why do we only serve deviled eggs for events?... they are so good).  Just a little bot of ham, a single English muffin, a bit of Hollandase Sauce; and bingo bango bongo, what a treat!

The only complicated part of this recipe would be the sauce.  Follow the blue letters for my easy to make Hollandase Sauce in a stand mixer recipe.  That recipe does make quite a bit, far more than you need for this recipe.  I have given you a cut down version of the recipe in this recipe.  But plan your menu and you may want to add additional Hollandase Sauce with crunchy vegetables (Asparagus, Bell peppers, etc.) for an additional appetizer or a side dish.

These eggs were gobbled up!  All the flavors and textures of the classic brunch dish.  And mu memories will make this a permanent addition to my growing list of All Dressed up Deviled Eggs!


  OK... Here's what I did...

Deviled Eggs Benedict

  • 14 Large Eggs, (I always make at least 14-15 eggs just in case some do not peel well... Then I make Egg Salad from the leftovers).  Follow the Blue Letter Link for an Easy to Follow Photo Essay on how to peel a dozen eggs beautifully!
  • 2 TBS Mayonnaise
  • 3 TBS Yellow Mustard
  • 3 TBS Ranch Dressing
  • 3 TBS Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 1/4 Cup Minced Dill pickle
  • Sprinkle Sea Salt
  • 2 tsp Fresh Ground Black pepper
  • 24 Dime sized pieces of Ham 
  • 24 Pieces of English Muffin, cut into wedges
    Made easy in a Stand Mixer
    1 Egg Yolk
  • 1/2 tsp Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 TBS Hot Water (Added slowly while the whisk is running)
  • large pinch Salt
  • large pinch fresh ground Black Pepper
  • 2 Dashes Tabasco Sauce
  • Pinch Cayenne Pepper
  • 1/2 Sticks (4 TBS, 1/4 Cup) Butter, melted and hot (Added slowly while the whisk is running)
Cooking Directions
  1. First to make the Eggs... Place the eggs in a LARGE Saucepan (or two), single layer. Fill the saucepan with cold water a couple of inches above the eggs. Place the pan uncovered under medium high heat and bring to boil. Cover the pan and remove from heat. Let the eggs sit covered in the water for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the water from the pan, immediately fill with cold water. Gently tap each egg on a counter to crack and put them back in the cold water. Peel eggs under cold running water.
  3. Once all eggs are peeled, slice each lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place them in a small bowl. Arrange the white parts attractively, ready to fill.
  4. In that small bowl, Add the Mayo, Pickle , Mustard, Ranch, BBQ Sauce, Salt and Pepper to the Egg Yolks and mix until creamy. You will need to smash the egg yolks to get the mix creamy. Add additional Pickle relish liquid or Lemon Juice if the mixture needs to be smoother.  Add carefully, the yolk goo gets too wet and the piping look will not hold.
  5. Transfer the yolk mixture into a piping bag with a large star tip. NOTE: the piped look only works if the yolks are very creamy (you may want to transfer to a food processor to get best results). Otherwise the piping tips will clog. And be sure to use that large star tip.
  6. Fill the hollow of each egg making an attractive peal.
  7. Just before serving, make the Hollandase Sauce...
    First, warm the bowl of the stand mixer.  I add HOT water to the sink and "float" the bowl in the water.  the bowl heats to just the right temperature.  Try to not get water in the bowl so you start with a dry warm bowl.
  8. Meanwhile, Separate the egg yolks from the whites, discard the whites.
  9. Move bowl into locked position on the mixer.  Add the yolks and start whisking on medium speed for 1 minute.
  10. Add the Lemon Juice and continue to whisk for 5 minutes.
  11. Now, add the remaining ingredients except the butter... Water (drizzled in slowly while the whisk is running), Salt, Pepper, Tabasco and Cayenne.  Whisk for another 5 minutes until the sauce is thickened to the consistency of heavy cream.  Thick enough to leave a thin trail as the whisk runs.
  12. Meanwhile, melt the butter.  I melt mine in a microwave for 1 minute.  COmes out warm but not hot enough to curdle the eggs,
  13. NextSLOWLY... Slowly (important enough to say it twice), drizzle the butter into the egg mix with the whisk attachment running.  Continue to run the mixer on medium high speed until all of the butter is added.
  14. Continue to whisk for 5 minutes until the sauce is thickened even more and there is no hint of a separation.
  15. Set sauce aside in a warm place.  use fresh within an hour or so.  You can store leftover sauce in the fridge and reheat but unless the sauce has fully emulsified, the sauce will separate.  Best to use fresh
  16. And now, just before serving, Add the Ham slice to the eggs.  Tuck into the back of the egg, leaving that attractive peak
  17. Add the English Muffin wedge, slide it under the portion of the egg with the ham piece.  NOTE: Do this step just before serving so the wedge does not get wet and mushy.
  18. Arrange on a serving dish and drizzle with the Hollandase Sauce,.   Store loosely covered with cling wrap.
  19. Serve chilled and ENJOY!

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