Sunday, December 18, 2016

CORN DOG Jalapeno Cheddar Cornbread Mini Muffins

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 Oh Boy... Mini Muffins...

But not just any mini muffins.  These are a wonderful cornbread recipe with just a bit of all beef hot Dog stuffed in the center.  Colorful and wonderfully tasty (The cornbread is LOADED with bits of Jalapeno Peppers and Cheddar Cheese), these will remind you of the Corn Dogs of your youth... Just LOTS better.

I was indeed pleasantly surprised at just how good these were.  Adding a ramekin of BBQ Sauce and of Mustard added to the fun.  But really, the taste is top notch.  Making a fun dish for the kids into a terrific tasting dish for the biggins too!

Keep scrolling down for this easy to follow recipe...

But first...

I have lots of recipes on this blog for mini muffins.  Sweet, Chocolate Chip, Savory, Cheddar Garlic, Traditional lemon poppyseed to well... Corn dogs.  I have a recommendation to make if you become fascinated with the idea of bite size treats for yourself and to give away.  All of my recipes make 48 muffins.  Just the right amount for a serving or two for a family or a Big Family get together pot luck or enough for you to enjoy and to give a couple dozen away.  Wilton makes a perfect pan for any of these muffins.  No need for paper liners, the pan is non stick (although I always spray with non stick spray anyway).  Just the right size for your oven (only have to bake once).  and a heavy feel to the pan for even baking.  Could not recommend this more.  One of those kitchen gadgets that is worth every penny!

No one is paying me for this ad, I just really like the product and use mine often!

 OK... Here's what I did...

Jalapeno Cheddar
Mini Muffins
Jiffy Mix Upgrade

  • 2 Boxes Jiffy Mix Cornbread mix
  • 2 Eggs, whipped
  • 1 Cup Sour Cream
  • 4 Jalapeno Peppers, seeds and white membrane removed, minced
  • 2 Cups Finely Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
  • Non-Stick Spray
  • 10 "Bun Size" All Beef Hot Dogs cut into 1 inch pieces
Cooking Directions
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Prepare a large Mini Muffin pan (makes 48 Mini Muffins) with non stick spray
  3. In a large bowl, combine the Jiffy Mix, Eggs, Sour Cream and Jalapenos Plus the Cheddar Cheese
  4. Add 2 TBS of batter into each of the Mini Muffin slots.  Stand q piece of hot dog in the center of each muffin.  
  5. Bake 20 minutes until the top starts to brown.
  6. Serve Warm ... and ENJOY!

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