Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Abbot's Dream - Let's Have a Shot

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OH BOY... Let's have a Shot!!!

But not just any Shot, this drink has the flavors of the well known Irish Cream plus of course, Bananas... with hints of Hazelnut!  Really, what's not to love.

For my Super Bowl party this year I wanted to add a couple of "Let's do Shots" Games, but I want to avoid the messy ugly shots of tequila or whiskey that normally goes with that phrase.  OK... Truth be Told, I am after drinks that the ladies will want to drink.

And by gosh, by golly, this is more than one.  Simply delicious, dangerously so since you can not taste the booze at all.  Very much chocolate flavored, with enough hints of the other two liqueurs to make this special.

It also has an advantage.  You can add Milk to the drink in order to "weaken" the drink.  Occasionally, some of my friends would like to "milk" a drink.  Adding something non alcoholic in order to appear to drink with the crowd without that nasty drunk drinking risk
Wildly popular, a big hit!

Only requires a three bottles of booze, makes this affordable for a home bar.  The Creme de Banana and Baileys belong in every home bar anyway, you may have a half a bottle of each already.  The Frangelico, the hazelnut flavor has such a pretty bottle you may want to keep that in your regular home bar as well.  Booze really does not spoil, so buy a bottle every now and then and in no time, you have a stocked bar.

Cheers and go team!

  OK, Here's What I Did...

The Abbot's Dream

  • 1 Shot Half and Half (Can use Whole Milk pr Hravy Cream)
  • 2 ounces Baileys
  • 1 Ounce Frangelico
  • 1/2 ounce Banana Liqueur
  • Ice in a High Ball Glass
    Swizzle Stick
Mixing Directions
  1. These are best chilled... Either have frosted High Ball glasses ready from the freezer or stash the bottles in the fridge until ready to mix and serve over ice
  2. Start with a couple of ounces of 1/2 and 1/2 (Whole Milk or Heavy Cream works as well)
  3. Add Baileys
  4. Add the Frangelico
  5. Add Cream de Banana
  6. Add ice Cubes and serve with a swizzle Stick
  7. Serve Chilled and ENJOY!
And be sure to check out recipes for two more drinks, The Abbot's Dream and the Bananas in Paradise that use almost the same liqueurs. making bartending at home affordable.

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