Friday, January 20, 2017

My Granny Makes the World's Best Deviled Eggs

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OH BOY, Deviled Eggs...

But not just any deviled eggs.  These are the deviled eggs of your youth.  The ones your Granny made.  Sweet and creamy "goo", with hints of the tangy pickle brine from Dill Pickles.

I dressed 'em up a bit with a piece of that dill pickle for a bit of crunch in the texture.

Then for a bit of garnish, I added a sprinkle of a red spice mix (in this case, a Cajun mix).  this adds a slight extra flavor, as well as the color for presentation.  If you don't want to have the extra flavor added, use a sprinkle of paprika.  still a bit of additional flavor, but not as strong.

And where there is a red garnish, a green garnish for a contrasting look  makes for one beautiful plate.

And as with all things, Granny was right, her classic recipes are a classic for a reason, DELICIOUS!

I was serving up a Football party.  Sadly, the one and out repetition of the KC Chief's post season quest for another Super Bowl appearance became prophetic (we were robbed with that holding call in the 4th quarter, but I digress)... But these hit the appetizer tray as my guests arrived with all the optimism you could imagine.  I wanted something they could grab a napkin, grab a couple of and move on to making plans for a football game in February.

And just possibly, I knew we would need a little comfort food... Granny's Deviled Eggs to take us back to a simpler time.  Sigh.


 OK... Here's what I did...

"Old School" Recipe

  • 12 Large Eggs, Hard-Boiled and Peeled (I always make at least 14-15 eggs just in case some do not peel well... Then I make Egg Salad from the leftovers).  Follow the Blue Letter Link for an Easy to Follow Photo Essay on how to peel a dozen eggs beautifully!
  • 1/4 Cup Mayonnaise
  • 1/4 Cup Minced Dill pickle
  • 2 TBS Yellow Mustard
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt
  • 2 tsp Fresh Ground Black pepper
  • Sprinkle of your favorite BBQ Rub for Garnish
  • Lemon Juice as needed to get a smooth consistency (for Piping, not to thick, not too liquid)
  • 24 Small pieces of Dill Pickles for Garnish
  • Sprinkle of Red Spice Mix (I like to use a lightly seasoned Cajun Mix, taco also works or simple Paprika)
Cooking Directions
  1. First to make the Eggs... Place the eggs in a LARGE Saucepan (or two), single layer. Fill the saucepan with cold water a couple of inches above the eggs. Place the pan uncovered under medium high heat and bring to boil. Cover the pan and remove from heat. Let the eggs sit covered in the water for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the water from the pan, immediately fill with cold water. Gently tap each egg on a counter to crack and put them back in the cold water. Peel eggs under cold running water.
  3. Once all eggs are peeled, slice each lengthwise. Remove the yolks and place them in a small bowl. Arrange the white parts attractively, ready to fill.
  4. In that small bowl, Add the Mayo, Pickle , Mustard, Salt and Pepper to the Egg Yolks and BBQ Rub until creamy. You will need to smash the egg yolks to get the mix creamy. Add additional Pickle relish liquid or Lemon Juice if the mixture needs to be smoother.  Add carefully, the yolk goo gets too wet and the piping look will not hold.
  5. Transfer the yolk mixture into a piping bag with a large star tip. NOTE: the piped look only works if the yolks are very creamy (you may want to transfer to a food processor to get best results). Otherwise the piping tips will clog. And be sure to use that large star tip.
  6. Fill the hollow of each egg . Garnish with sprinkles of Paprika and top with a small slice of Sweet Pickle. This helps keep the plastic wrap covering from pressing into the star pattern look of the yolk mix. Store loosely covered with cling wrap.
  7. Serve chilled and ENJOY!

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