Thursday, September 29, 2011

Onion Cream Cheese Dip / Spread 52 Appetizers Recipes

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Today is another re-visit day.  Way back (ok, just last month), I first met Champa...

Champa is a transplanted Indian (the Asian sub-continent India).  She has lived in the US for 12 years and whatever you might think about a vegetarian specialty blog needs to be checked at the door when you visit her blog.  Looking over the page on eRecipeCards that features all of her submissions (click HERE), you will see lots of breads, cakes (an AMAZING sounding coconut fudge) and yes, an occasional green bean recipe (that would taste amazing with this infused oils).

Champa is working very hard on her food styling and food photography.  That is her photo to the left.  If you click on the photo, you will see the original post I took my inspiration from.

She gives the secret to those wonderfully flavorful infused oils that you can now make at home and save a TON of money.

I loved and continue to love the rosemary oil I made from her recipe.  I am constantly amazed at her photo styling and photography skills.  She is indeed a topnotch blogger and I always look in on her new posts.

Which brings me to this recipe...

Had a little get together last night and needed to whip something up fast.  And when possible, always best to use a recipe that calls for ingredients I try to keep in stock in my pantry.

Cream Cheese...Check
Olive Oil, Cilantro and a little Salt
Check... Check and Check!

And, you can add or swap out so many different choices...

A Cajun Spice makes a hot spiced cheese dip
Want a more vegetable dip, add some minced red bell pepper and Celery
If exotic and sweet interests you, Pineapple and a little mango
Want an herbal dip, add some Herbs de Provance

Click this photo to see Champa's
Original recipe for her dip.
So many choices!

But I made Champa's recipe in the exact measurements she gave.  So, you need to click the photo to the left or these blue letters to see her Onion Cream Cheese Spread!

Thanks Champa, great recipe, very fast to put together for those quickie parties and very very tasty!

And everyone else, take a jump over to "Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen",take a look through her blog and tell her "Hi" from me.

And for a quick look at what she blogs, click on the logo link image to the right.  You will see all the eRecipeCards that Dee has submitted to  You can add her recipes to your eRecipeBox (once you have a free to set up account).

See how useful the site is and how easy it is to find new favorite bloggers!

These posts continue to highlight bloggers and recipes that I have found on  ""...

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  1. I am not vegeterian but every week I do have one meatless day or two..So i am pleased and follow couple of vegetarian blogs.This looks very smooth and tasty";)