Saturday, September 17, 2011

52 Ways I made my Food Blog Better - Recipe Index

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52 Steps to being a better blogger.  Hmmm... That's a goal.

I look at literally hundreds of blogs a day.  Some are simple, some are complicated.  Pretty or confusing, cluttered or organized.  Hopefully we have the type of blogs that we like.  There are thousands of choices for layouts, colors, add-ons, pages, etc.  But, often once we set up our blog, it just gets to be habit.  That's how it is.

But, little changes (sometimes big changes) will make you look better, more professional and more appealing no matter what your personal goals as a blogger are.

I know from looking at the hundreds of various blogs (from professionals with hundreds to thousands of recipes to newbies only a week old), a quick way to see a body of work is with a recipe index.  There are a couple of easy ways to do this.  I chose to add a "PAGE" for my recipe index.  This "page"

Most of the newer blog layouts offer an option to "EDIT PAGES".  In blogger (it's what I know, if you are using something other than blogger, do a Google search for adding a recipe index page using... And fill in with whatever platform you are using).  With blogger, the Edit Pages button is pretty easy to find, Third line from the top, see where it says "New Post", move over two file tabs and you see the "Edit pages" Option.

Click that and you see...

And as I always advise, save a copy of your blog and open this page in a new browser so that you can always go back should you not like the changes.

Anyway, just click the "Add New Page" button and you are set.  name it what you like, be whimsical or straight forward.

And that's it.  Simple matter of typing, adding links, dividing your recipes into their respective categories.  It does take time, but there is no blogger police that says you have to finish in one day.  Do 10 links a day and in no time, you have a complete recipe index.

There are lots of ways to do an index... Here's Mine (click HERE)

So, what is the single thing most important thing you did to improve the quality of your blog???

Better yet, what do you see on my blog that drives you nuts???  Who knows, maybe I will agree.

See you in a week for part 2 of my 52 ways I made my Food Blog Better!


  1. Had jsut a quick read..will study your tips later.What did you thinkk of my layout?

  2. GREAT post Dave and one topic you know I want to know more about!

  3. Thanks for the Tips Dave, I'll definitely have to carve out some time to do this.

  4. Nice tip dear....Will surely do it soon...

  5. Thanks !!!
    Didnt realize it was that simple!