Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flag Fruit on a Stick - 4th of July Snack or DIY Activity

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Did you happen to catch yesterday's post???

I made this edible adorable little pig art filled with Watermelon and Cantaloupe.  As much fan to make (and eat) as the little guy was, in fact it was a time consuming distraction as empty nesters, "Fun" Aunt Jackie and "Reasonably Agreeable" Uncle Dave spent the weekend with 7 of our grand Nieces and Nephews (ages 6-12) while their parents came from South Dakota to see a full day concert/festival in the big city.

All went according to our plans for a few hours... board games, trip to the Cul de Sac Pool, videos and video games... But then...

Into everyone's life dome rain must fall... And it did!

So tents and camping were out and we had already exhausted board games and videos. The girls got involved in playing with "Fun" Aunt Jackie's Barbies (I was informed that girls are never too old for Barbie).  I was put in charge of the boys.  I decided to give fruit art another try.

I do wish I paid better attention as I had seen this in a magazine recently.  Would like to give credit, but I wasn't able to come up with the source.

I was very pleasantly surprised how well this worked.  the boys really got into it, making sure the pieces fit right, the pieces looked right and we spent well over an hour getting it right.

Looks pretty good doesn't it???

All you need is...

Wooden skewers
tiny white marshmallows

You need to know how to count a little bit ... And patience!

BTW, no matter how much ingredients you think you need, depending on the kids, buy a little extra.

We had one young fellow who really liked to eat raspberries...

One for the Flag, two for him.

But then that is not really a terrible thing is it?
As I remember the photo in the magazine, the pieces were all perfectly arranged for even rows of stars and stripes.  The fruit was specially selected so the pieces were all equal sizes to make their flags pretty, and professionally food styling perfect...

Well, the ones you see here are the ones a real live 6 year old made!  He was given directions but he did every piece by himself.  It really is fun, entertaining (dare I say nutritious) and EASY!

Most of his sisters and cousins were impressed...

I think he even impressed himself.

And the flags, along with the porky melons were our afternoon snacks.

And a good time was had by all!

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