Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grilled Curry Chicken Frittata

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It's week 2 in my series, "What I had for Dinner Last night Fritatta"!

Last night I had a FANTASTIC...  Grilled Curry Chicken Thigh with a Maple Chipotle Glaze!

Of course, you remember everything I have said about Fritattas (think Italian Open faced Omelette).  In this case, a basic Italian Omelette, the Frittata!  I have done a couple of posts on making a Fritatta... A basic, sort of Fritatta 101, and a Tomato Fritata (see the photo).  They are basically the same and I worked hard on the details so that indeed, "Anyone can cook" these if they read over the blog post.  The Fritatta really is the easiest of all the omelette recipes to make.  No vigorous shaking (the French), no Folding (This might be an American invention, certainly popularized in American cuisine).

Well, making a Firtatta has become a way of life for me.  Aside from the two blog posts mentioned above, I stopped even looking at a recipe *they are simple, eggs, a little cream, butter for the pan and whatever extra you want to use).  The technique is important, so do take a look at the Fritatta 101 post to see what I am talking about.  I stopped asking permission to change the recipe long ago.  Mostly I make fritattas from whatever I had for dinner last night.  Fish, beef, pork, vegetables, cheese, salami... Everything but soup.

So, here's my new series... Once a week for a year I am going to give you permission to try something yourself... The Whatever I had for dinner last night Fritatta!

So, what I had for dinner last night was Curried Chicken Thighs.  Pretty spicy actually  So, I cooled the flavors down a bit by adding a tomato to the omelette and served some sweet pineapple as a side.

It really was simple enough...

4 Eggs
1 TBS Heavy Cream
1 Cup Leftover chicken from a Grilled Curry Chicken Thigh
1 small Tomato, diced
2 Green Onions, diced, half in the omelette, half to use as garnish

  1. Dice up the chicken once it has been deboned, dice the tomato, slice the green onions.
  2. Preheat the oven to Broil setting
  3. In a Non Stick oven safe saute Pan, over medium high heat melt a TBS of Butter
  4. Whisk together 4 Eggs and a TBS of Heavy Cream (sure,milk will work)
  5. Add the chicken and 1/2 of the green onions and the tomato
  6. Add the eggs gently over the chicken and vegetables
  7. heat for 4 minutes on the stove top, until the eggs around the edge are set but the center is still jiggly wet.
  8. Move the pan to the oven and broil for 2 minutes.  Check to see if the top is set and is just starting to brown.
  9. Repeat if needed
  10. Flip the fritatta onto a preheated plate.  This may take practice, but by the time you do a couple of weeks' worth you will have it down perfect, place a plate upside down over the saute pan, hold the bottom of the plate (now n top) solidly with the palm of your hand and holding the handle of the pan, quickly and smoothly, FLIP
  11. Serve HOT and ENJOY!  Serves two.
Now, what's your idea for a Whatever I had for dinner last night Fritatta?

Last week I had a rare plate of take out food, Sweet and Sour Chicken from my local Asian take out place.

Turned into a FANTASTIC Sweet and Sour Chicken Fritatta!

Two great ideas for you... the ultimate use for leftovers, the Fritatta!!!

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