Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Version 2 of Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken 52 Chicken Recipes

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Looks familiar???  Remember way back to ... August 31st???

click the photo to see the original post

It's the same recipe... well, with a few changes.

Click the Photo to see Penny's original recipe
For Crock Pot Teriyaki Chicken
And even more fun for you all...

The picture to the right is the photo of the original post I saw on Penny's Blog, Lake Lure Kitchen.

There were several reasons I wanted to revisit the recipe (besides I remember it tasting REALLY good).

First, in my original version of Penny's recipe, I had a package of boneless/skinless chicken breasts.  While not my favorite (Bones add flavor, skin add flavor, breast meat the least flavorful part of a chicken); I am a sucker for a sale.  And about every three weeks, my underpriced grocery store puts b/s chicken breasts on sale for less than a buck a pound.  What's a cheapskate to do???

But this week, Chicken thighs were on sale!!!  Actually, I can't remember the last time they were on sale, so stock up I did.  Armed with two packages (one for the freezer and one for this), I pondered what to do with the best part of the bird...

And then I remembered this.

AND the second reason I wanted to give these another shot, the Crock Pot.  I am busy right now... Really busy.  eRecipeCards.com is a huge success, but also it is taking up a lot of my day.  As much as I enjoy the site, it has cut into my hobby (cooking) and my pleasure (serving quality meals, just a bit better than I used to make).  This is a "dump everything into a crock pot, forget it and spend another 15 minutes at the end and you have something special" recipe.  If you have a file of company recipes that make you look good, this belongs there.  If you have a file of recipes that take almost no time, again, this is one.  And finally, I think this could make a terrific Thanksgiving eve, Christmas eve meal when the serious cooking is going on, but you still want to wow the company.

My changes are pretty obvious from this photo... Polenta in place of the rice Penny served.  Nothing wrong with rice, but I had a bit of Blue Cheese left over from a different recipe.  Just enough to add a zing to the corn meal (I also add a touch of mustard spice).

I like grilled onions with this.  Just a medium yellow onion, sliced and separated into rings, sauteed in butter for about 10 minutes,

Penny accented with Chives and Parsley (I believe, maybe Cilantro).  I had a bit of Basil to add some color.

And a BIG change I made from the first time I made this was to add the gravy that Penny advised in her original post.  I did not take the time (and it only took 10 minutes) last time I made the recipe and that was a HUGE mistake.  The sweet Teriyaki flavored gravy was terrific on the usually dry polenta.  The chicken was just fall off the bone tender and so easy to grab a fork of that a fork of polenta and slop the gravy before the deliciously sweet, savory taste.

Other than that, this is her recipe and with the busy holidays coming up... 5 minutes to start the crock pot, 15 minutes to add the extras at the end, this is a guaranteed family pleaser that looks like you spent hours but really less than 30 minutes.

Could give you extra time for Christmas shopping, to make ahead holiday meals, cookie baking...  Me, I got to play a bit of on-line poker with my extra time - Won $7.50 in a sit and go tournament, which more than paid for the 24 chicken thighs I bought!!!

For the complete recipe, head over to
You will be glad you did!

And BTW Penny... Kitchen Reveal Day this year???


So,  I am pleased to list this as one of my Growing list of "52 Ways to Cook SLOW COOKER-CROCK POT Easy Recipes"!!!

From meat dishes (Like an AMAZING Root Beer Pulled Pork that will feed a small army), to kitchen staples (FREE Gallon of Chicken Stock anyone?) to a slew of Soup and Stew recipes, these are the dishes that will change the way you cook.  Start in the morning, set and forget and dinner is on the table... Easy Peasy indeed!!!


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  1. You can't go wrong with homemade teriyaki sauce! That updated photo looks awesome!

  2. This recipe looks awesome. I'm definitely gonna try it soon.

  3. What a great recipe.Especialy the home made sauce.It all looks amazingly tasty:)

  4. Like Penny's, you's looks delicious

  5. Hi Dave. That recipe has had more hits than any recipe I have ever posted. Glad you took the time to thicken the gravy. It really does make all of the difference.

    I am still thinking about doing the kitchen reveal post this year. I would love to have more people participate this year and show their kitchens. Will keep you posted.

    Thanks for the shout out and glad that erecipecards is doing so well.