Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pizza Party Pizza... Salami and Tomato Slices

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Pizzeria Pizza at Home...

A goal of mine (and an earlier blog post, double click the blue letters).  In that post I go into details about the best way to achieve the goal of a making a seemingly simple flat bread, topped with a sauce and cheese.  I have a never fail yeast pizza dough recipe, a deliciously fresh rich pizza sauce (from scratch) and a bit of history.

Once you learn the tricks of the trade, Pizzeria Pizza at home is simple and addictive.  My dough recipe makes 4 dough balls, so each time I make pizza I have 4 canvasses to create.  Generally I make a pizza Margherita (pictured to the right, sauce, cheese and basil).  The Margherita is recognized by many as the first and original version of the modern pizza.

My wife prefers the classic Pepperoni.

That leaves me two canvasses to create.  SO many options... different sauces, different toppings, different shapes, different... well, different whatever I want to try.

So welcome to the first in a series of my Sunday Pizza... The journey will be to make a different pizza each week... come see what happens!

Tonight my pizza becomes the ultimate use of leftovers.  I had a bit of salami left from an anti pasto.  This was a Red Wine flavored salami, delicious and far different tasting and seasoned than the typical spicy pepperoni found on so many pizzas.

I love how the slices curl up a little to make a cup shape.

The contrasting colors of the tomato slices with the white cheese adds to the rustic beauty.

Of course, it tasted terrific.  The salami was almost sweet from the red wine soaked cured meat.  Far different from the spice generally associated.

As to the recipe... Well, that is not really the point of the series.  It's just a chance to show variety, to make you ponder what you can do and if you have never, try it yourself.  there are plenty of recipes, tricks and techniques to get you started over at the Pizzeria Pizza at Home 101 Post.  Scratch sauce, Scratch Dough, history and LOTS of photo instructions to get started.

But as with most recipes, the basics can be learned in minutes; mastering the art will take a lifetime (or at least 52 tries).  You can achieve success with my Pizzeria 101 Link, a cookie sheet, standard oven and items in most every kitchen.  But... eventually you will want to try the toys of the trade  So if you want to dig deeper, I recommend these books and items...

Enjoy your Pizza making... Let me know what pizzas you are making and be sure to come take a look next Sunday to see what I come up with this week!

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  1. Looks beautiful Dave. I'm still making Sunday pizza with King Arthur Pizza Flour. Last week it was sausage, peppers and onions. Hi to Jackie.