Saturday, January 9, 2016

Turkey "Holiday Leftovers" Soup - 52 Soup Recipes

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To quote one of the musical heroes of my youth,

"Turn out the lights, The Party's over"

Merry Christmas, happy holidays if you like, but those days of glorious sumptuous buffets are over and you now have a refrigerator worth of leftovers.  Tupperware has replaced glorious and it is time to move on.

Let's make soup!

One of the best ways to use up leftovers.  Hopefully you have made Stock from the bones of your turkey.... FREE FOOD!  If not, you will need some chicken stock for this.  If needed, water works (and if you want to give water and a bottle of beer a try, that works as well... But I digress).

I used pretty much what was leftover on my fridge for this.  BUT, if you made that ubiquitous green bean casserole and have some of that left... dump it in.  The gravy in the casserole will help flavor and thicken the soup.  I had leftover carrots... They went in.

I had a bit of gravy leftover, went in.

If you bought celery, fresh garlic, onions, peas, sugar snap peas... All of those can be added.  My goal was to have a fridge ready for a new year's worth of grocery buying.

And the bottom line... What a great soup.  Loved the additional mustard flavor.

The party may be over but we have a bowl of heartwarming to remember it by!


 OK... Here's what I did...

"Holiday Leftovers" Soup

  • 4 Cups Cubed (Quarter size) Russet Potatoes
  • 1 CUp Sliced and peeled Carrots
  • Drizzle of Olive Oil
  • 2 Medium Large Onions, sliced and large chopped
  • 4 Cups Fresh made Turkey Stock (can use Chicken Stock)
  • 4 Cups Turkey, rough chopped, quarter size pieces.
  • 2 Cups (more if you have it, makes a thicker soup, Less if you must, soup will be thin) Leftover Turkey Gravy
  • If you do not have any leftover gravy, make a slurry of 4 TBS water and 2 TBS Cornstarch, stirred to dissolve and added to pot.
  • 2 TBS Whole Grain Mustard
  • Season as you like.. Will need a little Pepper, Maybe some Cajun Spice, Fresh herbs (Sage has a Holiday taste).
Cooking Directions
  1. Crock Pot easy, first, Roast your root vegetables until tender with a bit of a crusty coating. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Diced the potatoes and carrots (Note: Can use leftover carrots if you are cleaning your fridge. No need to roast if they are already cooked). Put the potatoes in a bowl, drizzle olive oil over the potataoes and stir to coat. Spread these out on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and bake for 30 minutes. Check to see if the edges of the potatoes are crisping up. Continue to cook and check at 10 minute intervals until potatoes have crisped on the outside.
  2. Meanwhile, soften the onions. Slice the onions . Put in a saute pan with a little drizzle of Olive Oil. Over Medium high heat, saute for about 5 minutes until onions are soft and have turned translucent.
  3. And now, make the soup... In a large soup pot, add the Turkey stock (or Chicken Stock), the Turkey Gravy (or Slurry), the Turkey, the Potatoes and Carrots, the onions and the Mustard. Heat to a simmer and continue to simmer for 10 minutes to allow the flavors to blend and the gravy to thicken. If you want a thicker gravy, add additional cornstarch slurry.
  4. Taste and season with additional seasonings.
  5. Serve HOT with a good solid piece of dipping bread and ENJOY!


So,  I am pleased to list this as one of my Growing list of  "52 Recipes for Soup, Chili or Chowder" (Now more than 52 and still growing)

Soup from Scratch is one of the great kitchen joys.  The house smells amazing and the soup warms to the bone.  From broth to chowder, vegetarian to loaded up chili... Even a great idea for a party (love the Potato Soup Bar idea).  Come take a look, sure to have something you might like to try.  All recipes have been tested and WORK!


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