Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rotten Looking Bananas - How to Freeze Them for Later - Small Batch Canning

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This one will be short and sweet since there is really nothing to this.  Kind of a "you have my permission" post.

See the bananas to the right.  You would probably never buy them, but you should.  When the skin gets thin and brown, the inside gets soft and sweet and more... banana tasting.  Just take a sniff and as long as they smell of bananas and not rotten fruit, they are GREAT to cook with.  Just right for banana muffins or banana bread.

The great news is that most people do not think of this.  You have probably seen these in the grocery store and they are probably on sale for a fraction of the original cost.  Grocers want to make room for the pretty fruit.

All you need do is freeze them for another time of your convenience.... So next time you see a bunch of rotten bananas on sale, next time you have a few that you didn't get around to eating yet... You have my permission to do this

OK, just lots of advantages...

  1. Cost, like I said, these are usually on sale
  2. No Wasted Money... If you have a bunch that you do not get around to eating while fresh and pretty looking... Freeze 'em, don;t toss 'em
  3. Once frozen, they last for a long time (I try not to, but year old frozen mashed bananas have come out of my freezer and delicious muffins have been made)
  4. They freeze small, mash them flat and they store upright like books... I usually have a half dozen in my freezer at a time
  5. Easy... there really is NOTHING to this

Frozen Bananas

  • 6 Brown Spotted Bananas
  • 2 Freezer Bags (sandwich size)
Cooking Directions
  1. Peel the bananas
  2. Put three in a bag (3 bananas makes about 2 Cups)
  3. Smash them
  4. Squeeze out the air
  5. Date the bag with a Sharpee
  6. Freeze them
  7. Thaw under running HOT water (only take a couple of minutes)
  8. Use at your convenience and ENJOY!
I added this to my list of Small Batch Canning even though there is no canning involved.  What this is freezing and preserving... which is the spirit of canning (Hey, it's my list!)

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