Saturday, May 18, 2013


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Build a better sandwich.  And when I tell ya'll how much effort there was in this you will probably say not me.

BUT, except for the garlic toast, everything was either on the sandwich raw (tomatoes and lettuce) or was made for other dishes.  I just made extra cause I knew I wanted this sandwich to pair with the Bacon Beer Cheese Soup (Monday's post, be sure to come back for that).

There are two specialty types of bacon on this bad boy...

My favorite cousin of my wife's (Cousin in law???), Cousin David is also a smoker, griller, fire cooker.  He likes to stretch the home cooker even further than I do.  He dry roasts his own coffee beans, makes smoked bacon from pork belly and just this month he gifted me with a BIG hunk of Canadian Bacon.  He did all the spicing and massaging and aging so I really can't give his formula.

Canadian Bacon is "back Bacon", made from a loin cut.  It is very lean with almost no fat.  Salting and curing a pork loin into a back bacon is a project that takes several days (no real work, just allowing a salty marinade to penetrate deep into the ham).  The meat is then slow smoked and turns out with a unique taste... slightly salty, sweet and juicy... And delicious.

You can easily find slices of Canadian Bacon at the store.  Just be sure to serve it cold or at room temperature as the more you cook, the more it dries out.  Especially for a sandwich, it is best served juicy!

Of course you can also marry into Cousin David's Family to get your own home made back bacon!

I also had made up a bit of my now world famous Cajun Garlic Aioli (must be famous, nearly 20,000 page views and even more "Pins" on Pinterest and one of my top 10 most viewed recipes).

In simplest terms, an Aioli is flavored mayonnaise.  this is seasoned with Cajun spices, garlic, lemon, mustard and savory spices... It is a wonderful condiment to make up once a month just to add a little zip to a sandwich (Like this one)!

And just yesterday I posted some fantastic complex mix of heat, sweet and salty with a Honey Chipotle spiced Glazed Bacon!  I wanted to use this in my Bacon Beer Cheese Soup (Monday's Post).  It is so easy, I just made extra for this sandwich.

Add all this up and you have my BETTER Double Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich!

Not much of a recipe for the sandwich.

I did crisp up some fresh made slices of bread (using my usual ENG Bread Recipe (Bread Machine Easy)).  Follow the blue lettering link to see a photo instruction if you want to start making your own bread.

I made it garlic bread by slicing a garlic clove and rubbing the exposed side on the bread before toasting.  I then spread a little butter and toasted in the broiler.  I like to only toast one side for a sandwich.  This way I still get the toasty crunch but the inside is still soft and absorbs the mayo and juices from the tomato.

It is off season for raw tomatoes.  General rule of thumb for off season, the smaller the better tasting.  Ignore the vine ripened and hot house tomatoes.  generally speaking they are marketing tricks only.

I have found a brand called Kumato Tomatoes that even off season still has plenty of flavor.  Just a tiny sprinkle of salt will help you get the most from a slice.

And Romaine Lettuce

Add everything together and it is the BETTER BLT Sandwich!  Even the simple classics can get a make over!

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