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Pizza Party Pizza... Hot Italian Sausage

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Pizzeria Pizza at Home...

A goal of mine (and an earlier blog post, double click the blue letters).  In that post I go into details about the best way to achieve the goal of a making a seemingly simple flat bread, topped with a sauce and cheese.  I have a never fail yeast pizza dough recipe, a deliciously fresh rich pizza sauce (from scratch) and a bit of history.

Once you learn the tricks of the trade, Pizzeria Pizza at home is simple and addictive.  My dough recipe makes 4 dough balls, so each time I make pizza I have 4 canvasses to create.  Generally I make a pizza Margherita (pictured to the right, sauce, cheese and basil).  The Margherita is recognized by many as the first and original version of the modern pizza.

Another trick that the Italians know is that less is indeed more.  Those loaded up pizzas with half a dozen or more toppings does not allow the great ingredients to shine.  better to find something a little special (like a terrific spiced Italian sausage) and not hide the taste with lots of extras.

There is a trick to making meatball looking sausage pizza.  I do form the sausage into a small ball, about half the size of a golf ball.  Then I saute them in a TBS of olive oil just long enough to render out most of the fat, only a couple minutes but it keeps the pizza from getting soggy with sausage fat drippings.

As to the recipe... Well, that is not really the point of the series.  It's just a chance to show variety, to make you ponder what you can do and if you have never, try it yourself.  there are plenty of recipes, tricks and techniques to get you started over at the Pizzeria Pizza at Home 101 Post.  Scratch sauce, Scratch Dough, history and LOTS of photo instructions to get started.

I used about 1/2 a pound of the sausage, mozzarella cheese and my standard sauce and dough (again, that Pizzeria Pizza link).

But as with most recipes, the basics can be learned in minutes; mastering the art will take a lifetime (or at least 52 tries).  You can achieve success with my Pizzeria 101 Link, a cookie sheet, standard oven and items in most every kitchen.  But... eventually you will want to try the toys of the trade  So if you want to dig deeper, I recommend these books and items...

Enjoy your Pizza making... Let me know what pizzas you are making and be sure to come take a look next Sunday to see what I come up with this week!

This Sausage pizza is Pizza #2 in my list of 52 Pizza Party Pizzas...

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I already have plans for next weeks' Za!

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