Thursday, February 2, 2012

Grilled Cheese Sandwich - Feta, Apple and Caramel Onions

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There is no better grilled cheese sandwich in the world... well, to me anyway.

This was a "Mother of Invention" sandwich.  Not much in the house, not much interest in slogging to the store.  But I had a few things.

Of course I had some bread (Some of my Bread Machine 10 Minute Rosemary Bread).

I also had a Granny Smith Apple as well as a bit of left over Feta Cheese and a Red Onion.  I pondered a cheese and onion sandwich, but then decided to use the tart apple to off set some sweet caramel onions.  The combination works GREAT!

About the only trick to this is to make caramel onions.  Different from caramelized because I actual add a TBS of Brown Sugar and a TBS of Butter to the onions to make actual caramel to coat the onions...

There is still plenty of water in the onions to make the caramel very liquid.just a coating on the onions to bring out their sweetness.  Once you have the onions cooked, just build your sandwich...

Of course, toast your bread, then slice the apples very thin.

Layer of Apple...

Then add the feta Cheese Crumbles

And top with the HOT Onions.  That will melt the cheese.

Add the bread and you are all set with the best Toasted Cheese Sandwich ever.  Certainly one of my top five Sandwiches!


  1. This looks amazing! I've been on a grilled cheese kick and this looks like one I need to have tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds delicious, Dave! The different flavors and the crunch of the apple...really great combination.

  3. Goodness! This looks awesome! What a mouth-watering sandwich! I'm drooling over this and getting hungry just by looking at your pictures! I better go grab lunch soon before I go lick the computer monitor! hahaha...

  4. Wow - I'm pretty sure this will work with the Brie I have in the refrigerator that I was wondering what I could do with it :-)

  5. Really good! I added a roti. chicken and I didn't have the same cheese (subbed for gorgonzola) and it's amazing!