Friday, January 25, 2013

Potatoes in a Pouch with Bacon and Rosemary (Patate al forno in un sacchetto)

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This is quickly becoming one of my favorite ways to make potatoes.  Especially for a party.  As a recap, I am continuing to post my party recipes and the thought processes that went into their selection and execution. Recapping, I have already covered the Antipasto course (2 "party" Trays (Cured meats and Cheeses) and a plate of Bruschetta) ... Italian antipasto - Antipasto all'italiana. Then yesterday I posted the first of two Primo courses (the first course, appetizer, starter course), a wonderfully unique Fennel and Blood Orange Salad. All of that was especially easy as there was no cooking involved, The Antipasto was set up before the guests arrived. The salad was simply brought out of the marinade and put into a serving platter to pass.  I did start to cook a bit when i made pasta, cooked it, made a sauce and mixed the pasta in the sauce (not as hard or time consuming as it sounds, as it took less than 10 minutes to make the Pepper Pasta With Brown Butter Sage Sauce!  Remember, Mise en Place and prep work is your friend as you want everything to run like clock work.

Well, to day we start explaining the 2 different Contorni (Side dishes or the vegetable course) that I chose to make.  Once again, it is rarely a good idea to make something for the very first time for a party.  So I chose to make a very easy dish, Potatoes in a Pouch (Patate al forno in un sacchetto).  I made these first just a few weeks ago.  They have several advantages for a party platter.  First, they are very tasty.  Simply baked in a pouch with sage and olive oil.  The extra kick is the raw bacon that cooks and seeps bacon fat into the potatoes as they cook.  But the big advantage is that they are another no mess no fuss dish.  All you have to do is open the foil, pour them in a serving platter and enjoy.

This freed me up to actually cook the second Contorni course of quick sauteed tomatoes, Swiss chard and more.  I was also serving a main course of a braised pork loin.  Again, all this had already been set in motion.  So I only needed to remove the pork loin, allow it to "rest" for 5-10 minutes before slicing, work the Swiss chard dish, make a gravy for the pork and plate this potato dish.  Again, sounds like a lot, but it all only took another 10 minutes.

remember, it's an Italian dinner... No rush, enjoy the meal and relax... Everyone will get fed, everyone will enjoy the evening

So, here we go again with the potato recipe...

Potatoes in a Pouch 
(Patate al forno in un sacchetto)

  • 1-2 Medium Red Potatoes per serving, quartered and sliced,
  • 1 TBS Olive Oil drizzle per serving
  • 1 Thick sliced Pancetta (bacon) per serving, chopped
  • 1 Leaf Sage per serving, rough chopped
  • 1 Pinch Salt
  • Several turns of a Pepper Grinder
Cooking Directions
  1. OK, this recipe is easily adapted for 2 people to many many more. A wonderful side dish, but also could be an easy lunch.
  2. Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  3. Take a large sheet of Aluminum Foil and form a pouch.
  4. Add the potatoes
  5. Drizzle Olive Oil and sprinkle the chopped sage
  6. Top with the bacon bits
  7. Seal the pouch
  8. Bake in the oven for 1 hour
  9. Check to make sure the potatoes are done, Remove from the pouch, mix to mingle the bacon bits
  10. Serve HOT and ENJOY!
And wonderful they are!

Potato flavors, mixed with bacon, sage and olive oil.  Salt and pepper and delicious!


So,  I am pleased to list this as one of my Growing list of  "52 Authentic Italian Recipes"!!!

Well over 52 recipes actually as I just can't stop. The world's most popular cuisine, authentic, natural, organic, Farm to Table... the Italians started, perfected or embraced it before it became a fad. This page is a guide to Italian Cooking... For the home cook!  So, Cin Cin (toast) and Buon Appetito (Enjoy your Meal) to you all and let's Cook authentic Italian!


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