Monday, August 1, 2011

Zucchini Cakes ala Just Putzing Around the Kitchen

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Hello again my friends, old and new...

Old friends will know me as Dave from my blog "My Year on the Grill".  You new folks probably found this blog while looking around the website,  "".  Either way, I am the driving force behind both.  Welcome to my series of posts highlighting recipes that I personally have cooked (with a few adaptations, I am one of those cooks that just can not follow a recipe word for word, but I always find inspiration).  All of the recipes featured on this blog have appeared on  The site dedicated to bloggers as a place to see and to be seen.  One of the many features on eRecipeCards is an electronic recipe box set up for each individual user.  This eRecipeBox holds whichever of the submitted recipes on the site for easy access.  Easy to find whenever it clicks your memory. This particular recipe was added Just last week.  I knew I wanted to give it a try, so I saved it in my eRecipeBOX, and fast as you can say, "Bob's your Uncle", it was only two clicks away from being found.  If you are not making use of the eRecipeBox on the site, bet your system of finding a recipe again is more complicated.... But I digress...

This post came from a new blogger buddy I met through, Tina from JUST PUTZING AROUND THE KITCHEN.  I had to laugh when I read Tina's bio saying she is a Sci-fi dork.  I am watching Star Trek: Voyager reruns as I am writing this recipe up.  There is a little geek in all of us, but some more than others.

Tina is an attorney (I won't hold that against her, but my wife the paralegal might... actually, at least once a week she comes home in a mood that would hold that against Tina... but I digress).  She also cooks for her husband and a pair of cats (as owners of cats, that more than makes up for the lawyer thing).

She has been blogging for about a year and a half, just recently passing the 100 post mark (great job!).  She has wonderful posts, with very detailed recipes and lots of how to comments added to her recipes.  And speaking of her photographs, they are amazing.  A perfect example is this shot to the left (hers), compared to my attempt above.  I did what I could to pretty mine up, but hers looks so much better.  Her entire site is filled with wonderful shots of stylized food.  Lots to learn "putzing" around her site.

I really did enjoy this recipe.  I happened to have my very first zucchini from my garden just waiting for something special...

Here's what I did (inspired from a recipe from Tina from JUST PUTZING AROUND THE KITCHEN.  Which you can see by clicking HERE.

1 large Zucchini
1 large Egg
1 cup Panko Bread Crumbs (I believe mine are more dense and flat than hers because I was out of Panko crumbs and used Italian seasoned bread crumbs instead)
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 TBS Adobo Sauce (I had Chipotle chilies in Adobo sauce, I just pureed them to make my sauace)
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese, freshly grated

I urge you to head over to Tina's post, Zucchini Cakes
She goes into details about some of the pit falls and some suggestions to make them either finished in the oven and to take a look at her photos.  Mine came out much darker since I used a darker sauce.

But, what I did do...

  • As she advises, zucchini has a lot of water in it.  So be sure to squeeze out the liquid.  I measured and got nearly 3/4 of a cup from my lone zuccini.
  • Then I combined all the ingredients.
  • I sprayed a frying pan with PAM and heated it up over a medium high heat
  • And after forming into 2 inch patties, I fried away until both sides were nicely golden brown and

Thanks Tina, Blog long and prosper... A wonderful recipe and I just love your blog!

 Comeback tomorrow for another dish inspired from something posted on...


  1. Thanks, Dave! What a nice shout-out post :) I'm glad you liked the zucchini cakes. My dad loves spicy food so the next time I make these for him, I'll have to steal your idea to use pureed chipotle chilis in adobo sauce.

  2. Got the dates on my calender! Can't wait! See you then! In the mean time... enjoy those burritos! When I make those they last Hubby and I a long time cause I freeze them.

    I just saw a recipe on Diners-Drive-ins&Dives that used an adobo sauce on wings! It looks amazing and I was going to try it! Perhaps I'll wait till you guys get here!?
    Really Rainey

  3. great job with those delicious zucchini cakes! The added heat from the chiles was a nice addition!

  4. Wow, these zucchini cakes looks super delicious! Can't wait to try the recipe.

    Also, thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment. Hope you'll visit again soon. :) Have a wonderful day.


  5. They look AMAZING! Lovely cakes and photo!

  6. These look wonderful! And I always wonder what to do with zucchini. Great answer, here!

  7. looks super delcious.

    Thank you for stopping by and dropping such a nice comment, thanks for letting me know about eRecipeCards, it's my pleasure to post there.


  8. this is an excellent and very yummy recipe with zucchini - believe me when I say this summer has been a Zucchini summer with them growing in my garden - I have posted a bunch of recipes with them and this will be a great addition to those - thank you - following you and I hope you will do the same :) cheers,priya