Saturday, October 1, 2011

52 Ways I made my Food Blog Better - My ABOUT ME Page

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52 Steps to being a better blogger.  Hmmm... That's a goal.

I look at literally hundreds of blogs a day.  Some are simple, some are complicated.  Pretty or confusing, cluttered or organized.  Hopefully we have the type of blogs that we like.  There are thousands of choices for layouts, colors, add-ons, pages, etc.  But, often once we set up our blog, it just gets to be habit.  That's how it is.

But, little changes (sometimes big changes) will make you look better, more professional and more appealing no matter what your personal goals as a blogger are.

For many of us, opening up is a difficult thing.  The internet is anonymous and it is easy to fall into the trap of wanting to preserve that anonymity.  But for me, it's more fun to meet new friends.  And part of meeting new friends is to tell just a little about who you are and why you blog.

It's easy.  Most templates we use offer an option of adding pages.  Those are the pages tabs at the top  that show up on all of your blog posts.  Different from a daily post since they show up as a quick reference, easily opened at any time.

In the past I showed how to set up a RECIPE INDEX.  These pages are easy to set up from your Dashboard (the link is up at the very top, right hand side of your blog).  Just do the same to set up your "About Me" page.

You can be as brief or as rambling as you like.  But know that this is going to be your first impression for lots of folks.  One of the goals many of us have is to be popular.  To find regular readers.  people who look forward to visiting.  The more personal you are in your "About Me" page, the more likely you are to build an identity that people want to get to know.

So, there are some basics I look for in an "About Me" page...

Like some basics... Sex, age, and cooking experience.

In a food blog, I like to know who you cook for.  Are you a professional who cooks for large groups?  Are you single, living in the big city?  Do you have a large family or just a spouse and dog?

What is your experience as a blogger and as a cook?  Professionally trained, addicted to cookbooks, always follow a recipe exact or do you adapt from inspiration?

Any major life experiences that influence how you cook?

How about a photo.

And what can I expect if I keep coming back?  That's basically your mission statement.

Finally, leave contact information.

And that's all you need.  Like everything in a blog, it can be changed as your life changes.

I also have a link to pass on with even more advice...

The Food Blog Alliance is a wonderfully informative blog that gives lots of advice and years of accumulated knowledge.  Spend a minute on one topic and you will be drawn to their previous and related posts.  A lazy Sunday afternoon reading the entire contents will be a day well spent.  If you are setting up your own "About Me" page, please take a quick look at this link...

So, that's it for today.  Hope you take the time to read my page and please feel free to drop me a note with a link to your page!  I LOVE bloggers!


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  3. thanks Dave.. a year of blogging and i'm still figuring out my About page.. this is great help.. thanks again~