Friday, July 27, 2012

Winner Winner... O Olive Oil Dinners

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Wow What an adventure...

A whopping 24 of the Food Blogiverse's best signed on for a blogger contest using O Olive Oil!

After literally dozens and dozens of hours of analysis by a crack panel of fellow bloggers (with advice from the contest sponsor), we have some outstanding winners to announce.

First, in a very tight race, Glenda from BUSY-AT-HOME is the BIG winner!  If you have never visited BUSY-AT-HOME, you are in for a treat.  Glenda not only posts recipes, but also household tips, gardening advice, sewing and much more!  Her site is very clean and easy to read and follow.  She is also a Mother (of 5), Grandmother, Christian, Home Schooler (20 plus years) busy at home (indeed) 3 year blogging veteran.
 a blog for busy wives and moms. Busy-at-Home ( provides tips to do food, family, & fun on a frugal budget. It includes cooking & baking recipe tutorials, cake decorating tips and ideas, freezer cooking tutorials and recipes, homeschooling experiences, plus a smattering of DIY projects, gardening and more. Reviews & giveaways of products relevant to busy moms and their families are regular features.
Photo originally appeared on the Bust-At-Home Blog
Used only to illustrate the winning style of the blogger

The overall grand prize was awarded for best total approach to the project.   Glenda did a marvelous review and photo series clearly explaining what makes O Olive Oil different than the standard.  Her prose was glowing and really made you want to rush out and be a part of the expanding O Olive Oil family of satisfied customers... Here's a sample of her writing style...
What appealed to me, first, about O Olive Oils, is that they are never infused or blended with extracts and seasonings, after the fact.  The olives are cold-pressed and crushed along with whole fruit (clementines, oranges, Meyer lemons, figs etc.), within 48 hours of picking, to maximize the flavor of the blend being created.  The true flavors of the olives and the fruit are melded in the pressing; and create a unique and powerful taste experience that you won’t get in other olive oils.  The oil I’m reviewing is garlic oil and not citrus, but like all O Olive Oils, the ingredient list is minimally marvelous — Mission olives, kettle-roasted garlic — that’s it!  Flavor and then MORE flavor!  Simple, pure and delicious !
Photo originally appeared on the
Bust-At-Home Blog
Used only to illustrate the
winning style of the blogger 
Glenda also got high marks for her recipe for a Rustic Panzanella Salad.  A Panzanella (Italian bread salad) is hardly a new dish.  In fact, it is thousands of years old.  But Glenda explained what goes in a classic Panzella, while updating the recipe to her family eating habits (diced onions are easily hidden vrs. traditional onion rings).

Her illustrated, printable recipe is a joy to behold.  Absolutely no doubt in anyone's mind about how to make this dish.  Tips and commentary are added throughout the recipe to explain where she varies from the classic: why and what makes her salad unique.  And of course she graciously explained where the O Olive Oil products shined.

The contests at are a bit different from other spots on the web in that we try to reward what makes blogging special... Great visuals, as well as outstanding writing style.  In addition to Glenda's Grand Prize, prizes were awarded for both of these categories.

Photo originally appeared on the Cooking Light Done Right Blog
Used only to illustrate the winning style of the blogger
Kristi from the "Mother Rimmy's Cooking Light Done Right" Blog won the outstanding writing prize.  Kristi's blog features great tasty, easy to follow recipes with a healthful and light approach.  Kristi is certified in nutrition and wellness by the American College of Healthcare Science.  Her well written recipes include Weight Watcher points as well as nutritional values.

Her writing style for the contest was perfect.  She highlighted the product.  While at the same time explaining the difference, how and why these differences were analysed as well as personal commentary...
The timing for this contest was perfect as I had just finished listening to a cooking lecture where the chef recommended taste testing a variety of staples like salts, vinegars and olive oils.
When it came to tasting oils, Chef Flinn suggested using leafy greens along with crusty bread as a vehicle for taste, texture and aroma
Fine by me! After all, oils can be calorie intensive and I’m a bread fanatic – one bite is never enough for me. Note that to get my husband on board, there had to be bread on the table. 
Chef was right on target. When I dipped those leafy greens into the brand of olive oil I have in my cupboard the flavor was flat, and almost acrid. Those same greens dipped into O Clementine olive oil felt fresh and vibrant.
It was a treat to see the timing of the continuing education.  It was also nice to see the comparison with the pressed O Olive Oil products side by side with a pantry olive oil.

And finally, what blogging awards would be complete without a winner for an outstanding photograph...

Photo originally appeared on The Project Table Blog
Used only to illustrate the winning style of the blogger

Photo originally appeared on The Project Table Blog
Used only to illustrate the winning style of the blogger

As you would expect, this was possibly the most difficult category to judge.  Rainey from The Project Table blog stood out for a variety of reasons.  Her product shot, with attention to detail, the use of props and accents (greens in the front as well as behind) really brought out the beauty of the packaging.

A beautiful use of depth of field made her recipe for O Olive Oil Shaved Asparagus Salad showed great mastery of the technique and made the dish POP (and me hungry)!  These two photos combined were enough to edge Rainey ahead of the pack.

Great care was taken to select the winners.  While all of the bloggers did an outstanding job, I do hope that the bloggers not selected to be shown off will accept apologies for a difficult task and know that in my book (and the good folks at O Olive Oil) thought all were deserving.  In addition to the $100 plus valued gifts awarded to these three winners, more than $500 in second and additional prizes were awarded.

Thanks to everyone and a HUGE Thanks to O Olive Oil!