Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Salmon Summer Salad and update on O Olive Oil cooking contest


What a time for summer salads!  My garden is still going great.  Almost ready to harvest a few full size tomatoes.  But my peppers and especially my cherry tomatoes are really coming along.  I've been able to pick a fresh pepper about every other day and my cherry tomato plants are yielding at least a half a dozen every day.  A nice little reward snack when I water.

So with a purple beauty Pepper, Tomatoes and the greens (arugula and  Lettuce), all I had to add was a few onions, some Parmesan cheese and this little diced up piece of grilled marinated Salmon...

I made a simple mustard vinaigrette using ...
1 TBS of Dijon Mustard,
1 TBS of O Olive Oil brand barrel aged artisan Champagne Vinegar
2 TBS O Olive Oil brand Blood Orange Pressed Artisan Olive Oil
and a bit of Salt & Pepper

mixed well.

I drizzled about a TBS of this on the salmon, wrapped in plastic and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

Then just grilled the fish normally (about 5 minutes each side), made my salad and enjoyed a light delightful treat!

And finally, after many false starts, we are set for our Rites of Spring Cooking Contest!!!

The oils and Vinegars are winging their ways across the country (and a couple are shipping internationally as O Olive Oil ships to Canada).  Here is a quick list of the participants (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER)...

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Of course, good luck to all, cook well and the rest of you... Stay tuned...

All recipe posts will be in on or before June 18th!

We will post the links here