Thursday, June 14, 2012

AAARRRGGGHHHH 7 guests come for 6 Steaks

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When life gives you lemons, make a sliced rib eye with blue cheese sauteed onions...

Funny story...

Well, more amusing than funny... Actually, at the time, not really all that amusing.  Go ahead and count the people (and add one, I took the photo).  Yeap, as advertised in the title, 7 people dropped by on a night I had 6 steaks.

Now, the vast majority of times, not a problem.  We have a very open door policy and everyone is invited.  I love leftovers, so I always make plenty.  And everyone knows this.  SO when a neighbor who was already planning to come for dinner suddenly had an extra guest in her home, it was assumed (and rightfully so), bringing an extra guest to our back yard would not be a problem.

But the math got tricky.  This night I was planning 6 guests would be eating 6 gorgeous rib-eyes.

So... Here's what I did...

I was planning to serve these with a blue cheese sauce.  I did a quick mental inventory of my pantry... Pondered for a bit and came up with

Sauteed Onions in butter (works great on a grill).
Instead of a blue cheese sauce on the side, I mixed in the blue cheese with the onions.
Then i took the six steaks off the grill and started slicing... Against the grain so they would be more tender.  I had one eater who preferred her steak medium well.  I made sure her slices were from the edges.  In fact, she made it extra easy by not liking onions or blue cheese.  I checked with everyone else and they were excited about the dish.

So, stretching 6 steaks to feed 7 people worked FANTASTIC!  Served them up with some grilled gratin potatoes (come back tomorrow for that post) and some grilled corn with MINT Butter!  We had plenty for all, everyone was THRILLED

And now the good news...

LEFTOVERS!  It's an amazing thing, give someone a steak and they eat it all (no leftovers).  Cut the steak in strips, add onions and blue cheese, toss in a bowl, pass the bowl and I had enough leftovers for a...

Steak/Onion/Blue Cheese Stromboli!

Which, if you want to hear about you will need to come visit today's post on my sister blog, Year on the Grill for those tasty details!

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  1. Great idea, and kuddos for being flexible. I wanna come for dinner, leftovers would be fine with me.