Tuesday, February 7, 2012

KISS Steak, Potatoes and a Vegetable

I have a great job.  I get to look at over 100 food blog posts each and every day.  You all do AMAZING work, and I drool over all your posts.

But occasionally my chief taste tester asks for something simple.  No reason you can't make it a little better than plain, just...

K eep   I t   S imple   S tupid!

4 simple steps to make a SIMPLE Steak a little better...

  1. PAN SEAR...  HOT pan (I like a cast iron skillet, but anything thick bottom and capable of holding a high heat) with a lid.  Rub the steak and skillet with just a bit of Canola Oil (best oil for searing, as it has a higher burn temperature).  Have the pan preheated to medium high heat, just before the oil on the skillet starts to smoke.  Add steak, cover (to get an oven affect and add a bit of smoke taste), wait 3 minutes, turn steak over, repeat.  If needed, repeat with just 1 minute intervals.  Measure doneness with meat thermometer (see 3rd step), NEVER cut into the meat to see if it is ready.
  2. SEASONINGS... Again, simple.  Just Salt and Pepper.
  3. MEASURE INTERNAL TEMPERATURE TO TEST DONENESS... If you do not already own a remote prob instant read thermometer, Buy One!  Insert the prob into the thickest part of the meat and measure doneness.

    120 to 125 degrees F

    center is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion

    Medium Rare

    130 to 135 degrees F
    center is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion


    140 to 145 degrees F

    center is light pink, outer portion is brown

    Medium Well

    150 to 155 degrees F

    not pink

    Well Done
    160 degrees F and above

    steak is uniformly brown throughout
  4. ALLOW STEAK TO REST BEFORE CUTTING... Just for 5 minutes.  It will allow the juices to rest and be absorbed into the steak.  No bloody plate when you do this.  It also allows the temperature of the meat to even out, insuring a warm center even though it is still pink!
See... I like a Medium rare steak...

While my wife likes a Medium to medium well steak...

Her big thing is that she does not like any blood on her plate.  SO I always allow hers to "rest" as long as possible (at least 10 minutes) before I start slicing.  Me, I like a little drippings, so I cut mine at 5 minutes!

KISS Potatoes are very easy.  I have a wonderful, more complicated recipe (Bacon, Apple fried in bacon grease, cheese, etc.).  But this takes about 10 minutes, simple, fast, basic and pairs perfect with the KISS Steak.  Just cook potatoes until done (microwave or stovetop), season lightly (again, salt, pepper), add 1/2 cup Sour Cream, whatever cheese you have left over (You all have those bits of cheese left over from other projects.  This is a great way to use them up).  For this, I had some Goat Cheese left over.  Add 4 TBS of Butter.  Pop into a Kitchenaid mixer with the dough hook and start blending.  Add milk if needed to get the consistency you like.  Me, I like them lumpy and firm, so I do not add any milk.  Others like them creamy, no lumps.  I also leave the skins on.  Better texture, prettier (to me) and the skins have lots of extra fiber and vitamins.  It is an acquired taste, but I do not like them without the skins now.

And finally, KISS Vegetables.  Again, very simple.  I just melted 1 TBS of butter in a sautee pan.  Chopped half of a red onion, and sauteed until soft.  I drained a can of peas, added them to the onions and cooked until warm (I did that TV chef thing and flipped them a few times so they cooked evenly.  Feel free to stir if you are not showing off.  A little pepper (the can of peas always has plenty of salt, no need to add salt). And that is it.

Next time you have a complicated steak recipe (marinades, chutney, spice rubs, injection, etc.) just consider Keeping it simple instead!


  1. great tutorial for the meat, believe it or not it is my big weakness in the kitchen.

  2. Such great info! I like my steak medium-rare too!

  3. The recipe is just perfect and the gorgeous presentation makes it even more appealing. I am drooling!! very informative too!

  4. Blimey that steak looks divine! I've also saved a copy of the steak chart - very helpful! :)

  5. Don't you know that bloggers have to keep reaching for the next most fancy schnancy dish? ;-) I'd take this KISS meal any day!