Friday, December 9, 2011

WE HAVE A WINNER! Well, 3 actually!

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The votes are in and the winners are ready to be announced in the O OLIVE OIL Cooking contest!

Voting was a combination of popularity (based on number of fans who added the recipe to their easy to open electronic RECIPEBox, where it is now stored for whenever fans might like to find that particular recipe again.  We also assembled a panel of 5 respected bloggers who looked over the entrees and ranked them.  Finally, the website owner had a voice in who accomplished the task best.

And it was close.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first contest that rewards not only a great recipe, but specifically looks at the quality of the writing for a specific prize.  After all, being a food blogger is much more than just having a recipe; much more than just food styling.  Being a food blogger is also about expressing yourself.  About writing clear easy to follow instructions as well as making the dish (or product) sound just as good as it looks and tastes.

This category was very very close.  The second place entree (it was determined) probably left out a word.  Common enough, but that single error was the difference between 1st and 2nd.

So, congrats to...

Amy from U Try It...

The contest was divided into two parts, Amy wrote a wonderful basic review of the product.  She grasped the difference between infused and pressed, explained what she liked, complimented her writing with just the right amount of photo, well placed and illustrated what she was saying.  You can see her review by clicking HERE.

In addition, she submitted a delicious sounding Chicken Satay with Cucumber Relish and Peanut Dipping Sauce!  Her recipe placed very high in the contest.  Beautifully photographed and sounds just delicious!

Congrats Amy... You deserve the prize for best written submissions!

Next up is the photo styling/food photography category.  Easily any of the entrants had a shot at this prize.  Great care was taken to insure not only the dish looked appealing, but the product was shown in it's best light. 

Shari from The Saucy Gourmet submitted this photo of A Scallop Salad with Fresh Mint and Meyer Lemon Dressing!

The whimsical tilt, the selective focus, the lighting that makes the scallop glow and the product placement were all aspects that set this photo apart from the very competitive field.

Congrats Shari, you deserve the prize for best photography!

And now.... The Grand Prize!  Again, this was anyone's game.  EVERYONE submitted a winning recipe, top notch photos and a great deal of effort went into the story of the dish.  But, in the end, this was the easiest to judge.  While she only placed 5th in the popularity aspect, she received a first place vote from the website owner and the panel of blogger/judges determined that this was the best use of the product.  In the end, the panel also rated this second as the recipe they would most likely try.  So, 2 firsts and a fifth was enough to send her over the top!


Bobbie from Bobbie's Kozy Kitchen...


There were so many little extra that made this dish stand out... From the bottom to the top!

Click the photo of the dish to see Bobbie's original Recipe
For Cilantro Lime Cod with a Sherry Vinegar Reduction
Bobbie's recipe was chosen for several reasons.  By quite a bit, she used more of the product than the other contenders.  She use the Tahitian Lime O Olive Oil as a marinade, gently cooked the fish in a small amount of the oil.  The real extra touch that put her over the top was making the Sherry Vinegar reduction.  As rich and flavorful as the O Olive Oil brand Sherry Vinegar is, by reducing and concentrating the flavors into a sauce she was able to add an extra kick to the couscous she made as a side (and a delicious accent for the fish)!

My sincere thanks to all eight of our finalists (and to the dozens who entered but were not able to be picked). In all aspects, the contest was a huge success which means there will be more.  The contest was very close and easily any of the eight deserve special recognition.  In the end, choices were made to select a prize winner.  But in the end, much like they say in Oscars, I hope you are honored to be chosen, honored to compete and had fun with the challenge.  You are all winners in my book!


  1. WOO HOO!!!! How exciting!!! Thanks Dave!!! Guess my early Christmas present of the new camera really paid off :)

  2. OMG I am speechless LOL and that takes a LOT trust me! I am so honored to have been chosen and to have been competing with such wonderful and talented bloggers!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity Dave and O Olive Oil!!

  3. Congratulations Bobbie and Shari! What an exciting news! Hooray! I'm excited that I've won the best written title. :) It was such a fun contest. Best of all, I get to know an additional 7 talented bloggers out there. I look forward to participating other future contests. Big thank you to Dave and O Olive Oil!

  4. Congratulations to the winners; wish I could have been participating; maybe next time.