Friday, September 30, 2011

Making Flatbread ala Creating With Mom

Cultural diversity.  We really do not get that much Cultural diversity in Kansas.  But on, we get submissions from dozens of nationalities, cultures and religions.  I will admit a big whole in my cooking skills when it comes to many dishes, But I sure do love to look over the recipes and blogs that come through.

One of my favorites to look over is the "Create with Mom" blog.

As the name suggests, "Create with Mom" is a Mommie Blog.  Plenty of non food ideas she shares with her son and daughter.  From making Daisy Chain necklaces from straws and construction paper to fun surprises for her sons lunches, a terrific site.

"Create with Mom" is based in Toronto.  She adapts recipes to fit Islamic dietary restrictions.  Self taught cook, mother of two and wife.  "Create with Mom" is all about cooking with her kids and child friendly events and crafts.  This is the sister blog (mommy blog) to her more adult blog dealing with her cooking for the family and visits around Toronto foodie spots.  "TorViewToronto".

My wife was wanting to add more whole wheat to her diet.  I plugged "whole wheat" into the search engine at eRecipeCards and found this recipe.  Just BEYOND simple (Wheat Flour, Salt and Water... really, that's it). She suggests this as a wonderful recipe to get your kids active in the kitchen. and I could not agree more. In ten minutes, you are set with some whole wheat crackers.

Sure would beat coming home from school and opening a box of over processed, over salted, over chemical-ed snack crackers.

Flatbreads are the most ancient of breads.  Just heat a rock next to a fire, slap the dough and wait till yet have a bread.

Substitute a flat iron skillet for a rock and a stove top for a roaring fire and you are cooking cave man style.

I did add a twist.  I am making "crackers" flatbread to serve with the cheese spread I blogged about yesterday.  Wanted to make a bit more festive so I got out my cookie cutters.

Do you see the ghost???  Relax, It's a friendly ghost!

Click this image to see Create With Mom's
original recipe and post.
I am going to direct you to the "Create with Mom" blog for the details of this recipe.

It is incredibly easy.

The flatbread is best served warm.  Especially with using just whole wheat flour, as it cools it gets crispy.  With the dip, it worked much better as a chewy bread... although the crispy cracker style worked as well!

But especially when cooking with the kids, they want immediate gratification... have some cheese spread, jam or curry dip!

That last shot is the photo from the blog.  Click that or click THESE BLUE LETTERS to see the original post for "MAKING FLOATBREAD"!

So, if I have tweeked your interest in the Create With Mom Blog , head on over and say HI for me!

And for a quick look at what she blogs, click on the logo link image to the left.  You will see all the eRecipeCards that She has submitted to  You can add her recipes to your eRecipeBox (once you have a free account).

See how useful the site is and how easy it is to find new favorite bloggers!

These posts continue to highlight bloggers and recipes that I have found on  ""..


  1. wow, like how you have given them cute shapes :)

  2. Yes creating with mom is showing love through this cute flat bread harts:)Way to go Mom;)