Friday, September 23, 2011

I'm on a short Vacation - Downtown farmer's Market

What a great idea... Downtown  Minneapolis has a Farmer's Market every Thursday.

Probably 20-25 stalls and PLENTY of choices, low prices and just a great idea!

Oh, and I ate at a very bad BBQ joint.

Having a great time!


  1. I love markets ,farmers Markets:) Wherever I go I am sure to vsiit them.I featured whole series of blogs (on a grous blog) called Market day in..where we had shoots (with help of bloggers around the world)travelling the world markets;)
    The best one (forme) was Nachmarkt in Vienan from Tanja's cooking blog:)

  2. That looks like a fantastic Farmers Market.. I would spend too much money there!! What did ya get besides bad BBQ? Glad your having fun!